Angling refers to catching fish by means of a fishing rod; in some cases it is equated with fishing. In the past, fishing was as much a part of foraging as hunting and gathering berries, mushrooms and fruits. Today, fewer and fewer fishermen in Germany earn their money by selling their catch; for many people, fishing in the form of different Fishing methods but a popular hobby. Get an overview of the different methods of fishing.

All about various fishing methods

The fishing season regularly begins in the spring. From the beginning of March, many anglers wait eagerly for the first rays of sunshine to warm the waters. Then also the fish shoals become active again. Amateur anglers have different motives for picking up a fishing rod.

There are many ways that your Windows 10 system can lead to a BSOD error. One of them is the commonly occurring NETIO.SYS error. In this article, we will take a closer look at this error, its causes, and most importantly, how you can fix it.

What is NETIO.SYS?

The NETIO error.SYS is a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) error. Various error messages are displayed on a blue screen, causing your system to crash and reboot. Here are some of the messages (also called stop codes) that you may encounter when dealing with a NETIO.SYS errors you may receive:

For centuries man has dreamed of immortality. In fact, life expectancy continues to increase year after year. But can humans age forever or is there a limit?? New studies should shed light.

Can human life be extended forever?? Researchers have found the answer.

In contrast to the years before, Jeanne Calment’s last birthday was a "quiet affair". This is how the AP news agency reported it in February 1997. Calment celebrated it at the retirement home in the small French town of Arles, where she spent her twilight years. The mayor of the city and a government representative came to visit. A television crew was also on site. The turnout was nothing like last year’s, however, when 150 journalists stormed the small retirement home.

Tips for the right time From when to put up Christmas tree?

Every year during Advent, many people ask the question of when to put up the Christmas tree. We give useful tips.

The Christmas tree is for many the centerpiece of the Christmas decoration. Under the green branches are draped the gifts, at night it atmospherically illuminates the living room and also gives off a pleasant aroma.

Energy is a precious commodity these days. This can be seen in the continuously rising global demand for energy and the year-on-year increase in prices for heating energy and electricity. Saving energy is therefore the general credo. But what does saving energy actually mean in concrete terms?? And why is energy saving so important?

Studies have shown that global energy consumption has almost doubled in the last 40 years. Reasons can be found on the one hand in the increase in technical devices that we all use in everyday life, increased mobility, a higher standard of living as well as more living space with fewer people per household at the same time. The latter reason also explains why buildings alone account for 40 percent of total energy consumption in Europe. Buildings have to be heated, no matter how big, no matter how many people live in them. But the good news is that where a lot of energy is consumed, a lot of energy can also be saved. And there are three very good reasons for this.

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Reason 1: Climate protection

Climate change is underway and will be difficult to stop. In order to stop climate change and its consequences for nature, the environment and people, greenhouse gas emissions, above all carbon dioxide (CO2), would have to be drastically reduced.

So both disks are FAT32 – doesn’t it really matter which USB interface (1) is used?.0 or 2.0) one has? is only the speed.

Otherwise, the player also supports many codecs (DivX, Xvid. ) so it should recognize at least some of the movies.

I am desperate :no:

As soon as you know that unemployment is imminent, you must register with your employment office to look for work. In the event that older employees lose their jobs, they are entitled to the insurance benefit unemployment benefit I (ALG I), just like younger employees. Even if you had the option to retire with reductions already in place, it may make sense not to do so. Because older unemployed persons are entitled to a longer receipt of ALG I. And in some circumstances, ALG I is higher than a pension with deductions that remain permanent. And every year of receiving ALG I increases the later pension and reduces deductions.

Older unemployed persons receive about 60 percent of their previous net earnings as ALG I. If you are still entitled to child benefit, you are entitled to 67 percent.

You want to better control who can use which features of your iPhone at what time? We show you how to use the safety feature "Guided Access" determines which apps and features are usable or not usable at what time on your iPhone and iPad.

Guided access is a powerful tool for your iPhone or iPad. With this you can not only temporarily restrict the operation to only one app, but also disable certain screen areas or hardware buttons. All this can even be controlled by predefined intervals.

In our ultimate iOS guide, we take you step by step through Apple’s mobile operating system.

In Germany, the employer’s reference is still considered an important business card for the application. Although the question is always asked about its actual meaning. Because it must be formulated benevolently. It is therefore not surprising that the standard reference has a grade of 2. In order to nevertheless be able to make differences in performance clear, a kind of report card code has become established. Today, I will reveal to you the meaning behind the structure of individual passages and formulations.

Simple vs. Qualified reference

There are two types of job references. The reference can be "simple" on the one hand. This means that it only contains information on the duration and type of activity. However, the second variant is more common: the qualified reference, which also describes the performance and behavior in the employment relationship.

Tip: Have a qualified reference issued, otherwise the potential new employer will almost automatically assume poor work performance. A simple testimonial can be interesting, however, if there is a dispute with the (former) employer and you cannot reach an agreement on the content.

Mining in Upper Franconia

The Upper Franconian mining districts were partly in the Fichtelgebirge, which was under the rule of the Hohenzollerns until around 1800, and partly in the Franconian Forest, which was mostly in the former prince-bishopric of Bamberg. Mining underground is from the middle of the 14. Century proves. It reached its peak in the 15., 16. and 17. Century. Partially revived, individual deposits were still mined until the middle of the 20. Exploited at the end of the nineteenth century. Only in exceptional cases does mining continue to the present day. Important mining centers were Arzberg, Goldkronach, Kupferberg, Weibenstadt, Wunsiedel, Lichtenberg, Fichtelberg and Naila. Gold, silver, copper, iron ore and tin were mined, from the 18. In the nineteenth century also lignite and hard coal.

Table of Contents

Mining in Upper Franconia

Mining for precious metals, iron, tin, copper and minerals was already carried out in the Fichtelgebirge and Franconian Forest in the Middle Ages. The sovereigns in the eastern part of Upper Franconia were the Nuremberg burgraves as heirs of the Andechs-Meranians since 1248/1260 and in the western part the high diocese of Bamberg. The mining industry, especially in the Fichtelgebirge, promoted the acquisition and expansion of the two Franconian territories of the Burgraves. The Hochstift was active in the Franconian Forest; however, the economic focus of Hochstift mining was in its possessions in Carinthia.