10 Contact lens mistakes you shouldn’t make – ever!

Proper handling is the be-all and end-all when wearing contact lenses

Glasses are not just a visual aid, but stylish accessories that add that certain something to any outfit. But there are situations where glasses are a nuisance: They constantly slip off the nose during sports, sunscreen marks on the lenses obscure the view at the beach, and anyway – you can simply kiss better without glasses ;-) These are situations where even die-hard glasses fans turn to contact lenses. Wearing times, disinfection or regular eye examinations are not exciting topics, but our 10 contact lens no go’s you should heed and never never never do. So pay attention!

#1 Just try and test contact lenses yourself

One thing is clear: If you want to wear contact lenses for the first time, you have to see an optician first. Contact lens specialists. This will determine for you the appropriate contact lenses and the correct values, because your eyeglass values are not your lens values! Your values will then be transferred to a contact lens passport, which you can use to easily reorder your contact lenses online.

Never choose contact lenses yourself

#2 not having your eyes checked regularly

Another mistake when wearing contact lenses is not doing regular checkups. Because here you can detect the first alarm signals of an infection. Once a year, contact lens wearers should therefore have their prescription and the fit of their lenses checked by an optician. Because visual acuity and tear film change over time.

#3 Don’t wash your hands, because they look clean after all

Putting on and taking off contact lenses should only be done with thoroughly washed hands, otherwise you risk painful eye infections. For on the road you can pack an antibacterial hand wash gel in your handbag in case you have to take the lenses out spontaneously.

Wash your hands before inserting contact lenses

#4 Not cleaning contact lenses or cleaning them incorrectly

Monthly disposable lenses need to be exposed, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in the evening. The care product must always be fresh and the container must be changed monthly. So please don’t put in yesterday’s care product to save a few cents and use the same container for years – that can go badly in the eye!

Coarse soiling does not dissolve by itself with an All-In-One solution. The lens must be rubbed in the palm of your hand in a star shape from both sides. Allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes should use care products without preservatives, z.B. a peroxide system so as not to irritate the eyes unnecessarily.

Cleaning contact lenses properly

By the way: Bacteria love moisture! So if you don’t let your contact lens case dry properly, it’s the perfect home for microorganisms. Therefore, your lens case should be air dried every day and rinsed with a care product or saline solution if dust or lint is present. But be sure to let it dry well before you use it again.

#5 Wear contact lenses longer every day

The recommended wearing times that are written on the lens package must be strictly adhered to for your contact lenses. You risk red and irritated eyes in the short term and contact lens intolerance in the long term. So if you already know that you are going to turn day into night, just start wearing lenses only at noon.

#6 Wearing contact lenses longer than the prescribed wearing interval

Also here applies, stinginess is unfortunately not horny. Daily disposable lenses are not called daily disposable lenses because you can wear them for several days, but only for one day and that’s it! Monthly disposable lenses can be worn for a month – no matter how often you wear them during that time. So please do not keep a tally and wear the monthly lenses 30 times in 6 months. You risk serious eye damage!

This is the right wearing time for contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses only occasionally, you should also check the expiration date of the lens package from time to time. If this has expired, you should no longer use the lenses, as the sterile buffer solution in which the lenses are stored may no longer be 100% sterile. We don’t need to talk about the fact that you shouldn’t use lenses that have been sizzling in the sun for days on the back seat of your car, nor have they been given a spin in the washing machine in your pants pocket.

#7 wearing contact lenses despite irritated, red eyes

I hear there are people who won’t even go to the bakery without lenses, despite the huge selection of great glasses available. But when it comes to eye health, your vanity should stop. If your eyes itch, scratch or hurt, you should take off your contact lenses immediately. If you find the cause like bspw. can not find an eyelash under the lens, it is advisable to visit a contact lens specialist.

Do not wear contact lenses if your eyes are irritated

#8 Contact lenses with make-up, hairspray and co. bring into contact

Only when the lens is in place on the eye can you start putting on makeup – after all, then you can see what you’re doing much better! Products you use should be soft and creamy, otherwise foreign objects can get under the lens and that hurts and can damage the even lenses. So please use a soft kohl pencil or eyeliner. The same applies to powder and eye shadow: creamy eye shadow and compact powder are less likely to enter the eye.

Whether with lens or without – kohl must not be applied to the inner edge of the eyelids, the lacrimal gland performs an important service for moistening and MUST be free! False lashes look great, but if an artificial lash gets under the lens or the glue gets on the lens, it’s damaged.

If you’re not sure which products are suitable – there are designated lens cosmetics that are guaranteed not to crumble, smear or irritate. If, despite all caution, a cosmetic crumb should get into your eye, the following applies: Don’t leave it there! Just take the lens out and clean it.

Correct make-up with contact lenses

#9 Bathe contact lenses in any kind of water

Whether it’s a pool, lake or bathtub, contact lenses should not have contact with any type of water, even tap water. It contains chlorine, germs and lime. And they settle in the material of the contact lenses and damage the eyes from there. The most dangerous germ is the Akantha amoeba. So for swimming it’s best to wear day lenses and dispose of them afterwards or swim goggles that protect your contact lenses.

And please never, but also really never remove foreign bodies from the lens with saliva or put contact lenses overnight in tap water, because you have no care product with you.

#10 Get out of the house without glasses

It can always happen that you suddenly have to take off your lenses – because they dry out too much in the air-conditioned shopping center, suddenly hurt or an eyelash has slipped under them. For this case, you should always have small emergency kit consisting of a container and a mini cleaning solution and glasses with you!

Contact lens wearers should always have glasses with them

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