10 Tips for more security against burglars

With the onset of the dark season, experience shows that the number of burglaries increases. Thieves strike especially often in the winter months from October to February, because the days are short and darkness protects the perpetrators at work. You can effectively prevent burglaries by following simple rules of conduct and making targeted investments in security technology; after all, 44% of all theft attempts fail because of technical security precautions. Therefore it is advisable to look at your own home with the eyes of a potential burglar. In order not to fall an easy victim to them, you can take some preventive measures with our tips against burglary:

Tip 1: Feign presence

When you are absent, simulate that someone is in the apartment. Most burglaries take place between 10 and 18 o’clock instead of, When most of the household is at work. By installing for example Timers or TV simulators Pretend to be present. Even the switching on and off of light simulators, shutters, televisions and radios can usually be turned into electronically determined Timing define and contribute to.

However, be careful not to set possible automations at recurring times and instead set them via Random principle to be effective, as burglars could quickly recognize patterns.

Tip 2: Close windows and patio doors

The known Main entry openings in case of burglary are windows and patio doors. Especially in the warmer season, we often tend to leave the doors and windows open. Consequently, closing them before leaving the house is the measure no. 1 against theft.

A special Security Risk embody Tilted windows, as these can be effortlessly levered out by thieves in a matter of seconds, but even standard windows are usually no obstacle for thieves, as they can be very easily lifted out of their anchors. For such cases there are special door and window devices.

Tip 3: Illuminate outdoor areas

By strategically placed lights with Motion detectors and headlights take you give burglars the protection of darkness. "Making lights" thus plays an essential role in protecting a property. Especially access ways should be illuminated, because this makes many burglars disappear. After all, thieves only take the opportunity when they think that no one is active in the house.

Motion detectors are now available very cheaply and are an effective means against burglars.

Tip 4:
Take precautions when you are absent

If you are not at home for a longer period of time, ask a neighbor you trust to come to your home Mailbox regularly to empty, because nothing indicates vacation as much as an overflowing mailbox. Also Untamed lawn and withered flowers are signs that indicate absence.

Ask friends or relatives to take care of your garden a bit or to empty the mailbox. Ideally, these can be located in the apartment or. Look around the house from time to time in order to feign presence.

Tip 5: Alarm systems help

Alarm systems offer Comfort and security, as they can be controlled on the move. Often, burglars are deterred by the presence of a visible flashing light and siren. However it should not replace mechanical prevention, but only underline.

In addition to dummies and alarm system stickers, they have, of course, the possibility to resort to full-fledged and functional alarm systems. In terms of prices and range of functions, here too there are many different models and designs. With regard to the Burglary protection However, this is also an extremely effective method.

Tip 6: Be vigilant during the day!

How often have you seen reports through various media describing such a horrific scenario. A burglary during the day and even worse: while you are lying in the garden and comfortably reading a book.

statistics show that burglars often day to come, when there are no people in the house. Burglars observe residential areas and individual houses over a longer period of time, they roam through settlements and inspect at which house there is an opportunity to break in and enough to get in.

So: Be at least as wary of thieves during the day as you are at night!

Tip 7: Reinforce windows and doors.

Investing in technology can literally pay for itself. Carefully upgrade your windows and doors. Whether it’s with security locks or reinforced window frames. It will give your family peace of mind again.

Because more than 40% of burglary attempts fail at specifically secured windows and doors. These retrofit products for windows and doors make it much more difficult for thieves to break in. Thanks to this delay, thieves usually abort the intrusion attempt.

In the following video we would like to illustrate the situation for you.

Tip 8: Get advice from a professional

You don’t know which products are right for your needs? You only have a limited budget?

Professional advice can significantly help you in making a decision!

But you want an independent professional? Call the police, because who knows better how to prevent a burglary than those who investigate a crime scene?

The police have an extra department to assist you with matters for effective burglary protection.

Security in the home needs Expertise and should always be installed by experts become. During such a consultation, you will be given tips on how to equip yourself technically against burglars and how to behave in a security-conscious manner.

Tip 9: Security with a clear view

The general belief is that the more difficult the property is to view, the more difficult it is for burglars to.

Wrongly thought, because burglars have an easy time with overgrown properties. High hedges and walls may give the feeling of security, but in reality they are setting in great risk dar.

Because no wall or hedge is so high that burglars could not climb over it and work there unseen and undisturbed.

So you create Clarity, in the places of your house that are particularly easily accessible to potential perpetrators, because this reduces the risk of burglary.

Tip 10: Watch what you share on social media

Masked burglar with crowbar

© Police North Rhine-Westphalia Hagen

Who has not yet seen it in his timeline z.B. seen on Facebook? An acquaintance or good friend posts how they are packing their bags or at the airport saying goodbye for the next two weeks. Some add a location to their post.

This is a warm invitation to every burglar!

That is why we recommend vacation photos and vacation posts first according to upload online before returning home to avoid this security risk.

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