12 Important things i will do differently with the second cloth diaper baby

Eat healthy, exercise more, spend more time with friends& Family: We all know good intentions – and how they get caught up in reality again. We at the Diaper Knowledge Team also regularly take a few things in stride. Of course especially when it comes to cloth diapers.

Jessica, who runs the Diaper Knowledge Support and is now a mother of two adorable boys, describes in the experience report what she definitely wanted to do differently when diapering her second child, but also during the postpartum period and while holding him. And what could not be implemented in everyday baby life with a newborn and toddler after all.

I am 39+6 pregnant with my second child. All mothers understand this secret code and know the excitement behind it. When do I finally get to cuddle with this little miracle and introduce him to his brother?

Since I unfortunately had a cervix shortening, I actually expected the baby in my arms weeks ago. Now I am sitting here like on hot coals. And wait, wait. Enough time to think about what will be different with the second cloth diaper baby. Because some mistakes you don’t have to make again if you learned from them the first time around.

One thing is certain: Since the big one is now 2.5 years and now dry, our cloth diapers had long enough break. In a few days, they will finally be able to do it again. These are 12 important points I would like to take to heart with my second child:

Resolutions for my cloth diaper baby and me

1. Cloth diapers from the beginning

Let’s start with the most important point: We used disposable diapers for the first 10 months with the big boy. Not this time! Since we have many gauze diapers, prefolds and some small overpants, of course they come into use. Add to that a cute newborn cloth diaper or two – and we’re good to go until the rest of the one-size-fits-all equipment fits.

Although we have tried many cloth diaper systems together with the big one, there is still something to learn. For we have never wrapped with mullis! So I am curious how the first diapering attempts will succeed. On our doll it didn’t look so wrong at all. &

There are also a few other questions still open. You often hear from cloth diaper moms that they used disposable diapers until the baby pee was out. Should I use an additional fleece or just risk stains on the muslin diapers? After all, you can boil the gauze cloths if need be.

2. Diaper-free – already in the first weeks

Together with the cloth diapers we came to part-time diaper-free. That is, we regularly stopped the big one or put him on the potty. After waking up, after breastfeeding, after eating, after a certain period of time – always when I suspected that this might be the time.

I’d like to try that with our baby too. In the beginning I would like to keep our little son from changing diapers in any case. Because with the big one I remember well many wet diaper pads. Unfortunately I didn’t know the concept of diaperfree at that time. Of course, I will approach this minimal diaper-free but quite relaxed and do not stress me.

I don’t assume that I can interpret from the beginning when my baby will feel an urge to excrete. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn to communicate with each other. That’s why I try to introduce my signal sound "Schschsch" early on, when he is kicking naked or. doing the little business.

3. Using the postpartum period for myself

The weeksbed is not called that for nothing. Instead of having to function directly again, I want to pay more attention this time. Of course, I now have a toddler at home who gets bored of cuddling after a while. But besides the relationship time with my children, I don’t want to have to worry about (almost) anything.

My husband supports me. Since he has parental leave, he is z. B. in demand in the household. Among other things, when washing diapers – something he has actually never done until now.

Maybe we will even keep this division? This leads me to the next point:

4. My husband is fully behind cloth diapers!

After switching from disposable diapers to cloth diapers, it took a while for my husband to get used to the new diapers. This has also led to conflicts. As soon as a diaper leaked or smelled, I went into defense mode. Fortunately, today we are all pulling in the same direction when it comes to cloth diapers. So the problem is hopefully out of the world. &

5. Don’t demonize the emergency disposable diaper

My husband is now so convinced that he doesn’t even want to see them anymore: the evil disposable diaper! I, on the other hand, have changed my attitude. The world doesn’t end from a disposable diaper now and then. On the contrary: the environment is happy if this keeps the motivation for cloth diapering alive. While I didn’t want to use the emergency diapers at all at the beginning of cloth time, I found them quite relaxing at the end. Sometimes cloth diapers just don’t fit into our daily routine, z. B. because the laundry is annoying. A little break from Pampers is good for you.

And often all it takes is one night of not worrying about whether your new nighttime diaper combo can keep up with your sudden nighttime continuous nursing.

6. Cloth diapers are commodities

I’m sure you’ve been there too: you buy z. B. an expensive, beautiful dress you dreamed of for a long time. But instead of wearing it, it just hangs in the closet. Not because you don’t like it anymore, but because you are afraid it might wear out or get broken.

That’s how I feel about some cloth diapers.

This time I want to do it differently. I use what is there! Maybe then I can even wash every three days instead of two? If I feel the resale value breathing down my neck, I might just sell them too. After all, cloth diapers are meant to be used and washed, too – no matter how great they look!

7. Don’t develop a cloth diaper addiction

"Such a beautiful cloth, I simply must have it!" If others are magically drawn to electronic toys or handbags, I can’t keep my hands off pretty cloth diapers. Of course, there are worse vices than a cloth diaper addiction. But we have enough at home. Item.

Most of the money saved will probably go unnoticed into everyday expenses. Nevertheless: Should I ever need anything for me I’ve adopted the mantra: "You’re allowed to indulge yourself. You would have spent the money for two cloths in the past."

Cloth diapers are simply diapers. Especially since the most beautiful are hardly seen anyway – in the dirt my child plays of course with a not so great Stoffi. &

8. Wash cloth diapers gently?

When I had my first child, I had to work hard for weeks to learn how to wash the cloth diaper properly. Fortunately I can spare this frustration with the second one.

Fine wash cycle at 30 °C with a pinch of fairy dust as detergent?

Environment and wallet thank me for using cloth diapers, even if I wash at 60 °C instead of 40 °C. Therefore I will wash the diapers now from the beginning with a detergent with oxygen bleach with the program boil/color wash at 60°C. Bacteria are reliably killed and dirt is reliably loosened.

The Stoffis reward this washing behavior with cleanliness and a good smell. Why wash gently at all? To save the diapers? I prefer to protect my baby’s skin, which comes into contact with a clean diaper and not with bacteria.

As mentioned earlier, diapers are not treasures. If a model breaks early, it was not the right one and I don’t buy it anymore.

9. Grandma now also uses cloth diapers

It will probably be a while yet before my baby is changed by grandma. But already today I know that I would like to introduce cloth diapers to my diaper-changing environment. That you feel insecure as a cloth diaper newbie, I can understand though. But their handling is not so complicated.

That’s why I’ve resolved not to just nod when they say: "I bought normal diapers, I’d rather use them when he’s with me." Instead, I would like to make my point more clearly. Maybe we just wrap a few times together?

10. Serenity when the diaper leaks

I now know that diapers leak. This just happens. Especially in the beginning. And most of the time the diaper itself is not to blame at all, no matter if it is to be thrown away or washed. Sometimes it sits incorrectly or the child has taken an awkward position and quite often it is simply full. For example, missing out on diapering. Nobody is perfect!

But at the same time I hope to be able to avoid one or the other accident. Because with cloth diapers I can adjust the suction volume. Besides, by now I know which ones won’t stand up to a long car ride (z. B. the Totsbots Easyfit and many other pocket diapers).

And if a mishap does occur, I console myself with the fact that it can also happen with disposable diapers – and often worse. A body soiled from top to bottom with stool will certainly never happen to me with cloth diapers!

11. Cloth diaper suitable clothing

I learned a lot not only in choosing the right cloth diaper. I have also gained important experience in the choice of practical clothing. Especially when it’s cold, I guess z. B. Bodys very. However, they have made my life at the beginning of our cloth diaper career quite difficult. They were just too tight between the legs and pulled the moisture out of the diaper.

Two things have helped:

  1. bigger bodysuits resp. the use of a bodysuit extension
  2. Do without the bodysuit (because bodysuits are not a must: tops and undershirts in a larger size also cover the back. With diaper-free and regular holding this combination is even much more practical.)

This time I have also resolved to use babylegs, so cuffs, instead of tights. This makes getting dressed and changing diapers much easier.

I also thought of bloomers, as they are supposed to be more comfortable and give the child more freedom of movement than rompers. But I have to test that first.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for me? &

12. The right gifts for the birth

Friends and relatives want to give a gift for the birth and support the new family. This project is even more successful if they know what mom, dad& Child(ren) actually want and need. For us this means: no Pampers. Since we already own many things and do not want to accumulate mountains of diapers, I have noted every now and then what else we might need. Of course, the word "cloth diapers" has come up more often along the way. &

The frightening reality?

Tada, I have (finally) managed to write my conclusion. Not long after my list of resolutions, our little one made his way into the world in crazy heat.

With 4100 g and 58 cm he surprised us quite a bit, but thanks to a competent midwife in the birth center everything went without injuries and tears.

So how does it look now with wish and reality?

1. Cloth diapers from the beginning – done!

Using cloth diapers from day 1

Since the birth took place in the birth center, this point went smoothly. When the little one was supposed to get a Pampers one hour after birth, my husband asked in an exemplary manner if we could not also use a cloth diaper.

Of course that went.

The little one then had a gauze diaper folded into a triangle around the bottom. Without overpants. At some point, he put a huge pile of meconium (child’s saliva) in there. I was so happy not to have to wash this one out. &

After 5 hours we were allowed to leave the birth center. Before that, the child still has a folded gauze diaper with overpants onbebekommen. The construction seemed pretty tight to me. That’s why we put a prefold as an insert in the overpants at home. My husband and I find this totally simple – and we stuck with it.

For three nights there were still disposable diapers. Simply because the navel has stunk very much and I wanted to keep him dry for safety’s sake. In addition, I was much too lazy to change the diaper at night. Because from the beginning the little one only did his big business during the daytime.

During the day there was then of course diligently cloth diapers. In the first few weeks we only used 3 more disposable diapers from a gift diaper cake. But the way to the garbage can was too much work for me and there was also a major accident with the disposable diaper.

2. Relax and hold him

Diaper-free and holding off in the first weeks

We approached the topic of part-time diaper-free in a very relaxed way and without pressure. I always stop when I would also change the diaper – so after 1 or 2 hours. On the road the cloth diapers can be on the butt for 4 hours at a time. Then I use of course thicker Stoffis, which absorb enough.

Our first successes? The little business works from time to time while holding him. The big one went only a few times and rather by chance into the sink. Unfortunately, I can not always wait long enough. My two year old has little patience for this. Unless he’s doing something he’d better not do ..

The clothes are also a reason why I do not hold more often. Since our little one gets cold quickly, we make sure he has two layers on. We use the same clothes as we did with his big brother: bodysuits and rompers. This is of course not so keep-away-friendly.

But I see it quite relaxed. Because I noticed that the topic is not very high on the list of his needs. Breastfeeding, sleeping and farting are important, the rest is for him (still) a minor matter. When he cries, he’s usually hungry or having digestive issues – which are easily solved by a poop. So his happiness does not depend on the diaper or non-diaper.&

My plan for the future is therefore: keep changing diapers. Once the baby is more stable and used to getting dressed and undressed, we will tackle the big business. Even though the stool gets firmer and sharper with first teeth and complementary feeding, it’s certainly worth sticking with the theme.

3. The first days and weeks

In fact, in the first days I lay in bed from time to time. Our son was born on a Monday. First I had to fight with bad afterpains, then on Wednesday I had the not quite pleasant milk shot.

Nevertheless I did the first diaper wash on Friday. But with the good feeling: "Finally cloth diapers again!"

After that the postpartum was over quickly. Since I was doing well and couldn’t stand the summer heat in the bedroom anyway, I left the bed and played with my big one again.

4. Cloth diaper eman(n)zipation

My husband is fully behind the cloth diapers!

Yes, my husband changes with cloth diapers. Even if the details are of little interest to him. It happened that he put on an unsized one size diaper and the diaper ended up hanging between his knees. He also put an empty pocket diaper on him once. You can see that quickly. &

5. Emergency disposable diapers: 6 pieces!

Do not demonize the emergency disposable diaper

Looking at four constantly occupied laundry racks I unpacked the disposable diapers. My plan was to use them for one day after washing to extend the washing interval.

After a total of 6 disposable diapers, this plan had but again settled. Because once the chair has wandered past the non-existent back cuff up to the neck, I remembered why I disliked disposable diapers. This simply does not happen with cloth diapers. And I remain faithful to them now.

Instead, alternative solutions had to be found: a part of the laundry (z. B. Bedding) I outsourced to my parents. And we bought two more toilets for the cat, so he can reach them faster.

6. Also use the nice cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are commodities

I have largely kept this resolution. Although I often save up the reliable AIO. But not because they are too bad for me, but because we use them for traveling and we can not rely on all of them. At home we use prefolds with overpants.

7. Rather a sling addiction

Don’t develop a cloth diaper addiction

The diaper-buying addiction was successfully averted – even if I still flirt with one or the other model. However, the third sling is just on its way to me, although a carrier was easily enough for me with the big one. But they are so nice …&

8. Cloth diapers in the spin cycle

Wash cloth diapers gently? Nothing there!

No cloth diaper is treated tenderly here! Only the overpants are somewhat spared and simply washed along with the color wash. All the rest goes into the washing machine at 60 °C and with oxygen bleach.

By the way, we also spin properly. We have no dryer and otherwise everything takes forever. Since we have enough diapers, I only wash every four days right now. And so far everything is fine.

And because I so often read about terribly smelly night diapers: Ours do not smell! If your nighttime diapers (or even the daytime ones) are smelly, try a different wash routine.

9. Grandma has not yet changed diapers

Grandma also uses cloth diapers, no discussion!

Since my little baby and I are still pretty inseparable, this hasn’t been an issue until now.

10. Now and then it was wet

Seeing leaking diapers relaxed

Diapers run out – even for cloth diaper fans like us. The fault was usually that the leg cuffs were not tight enough, the clothes were too tight or the insert was too full or too loose. has slipped. But a huge mess was not there. No matter which cloth diaper.

11. Without body extensions – without me

Get clothes suitable for cloth diapers

Hurray for the body extension! Without them some bodysuits would not fit for a long time or at least lie very awkwardly at the leg cuffs.

At present 65 cm fit with them even the 56er bodysuits. For the night package I even hang two extensions on each other.

At night two body extensions with the cloth diapers

I would not recommend rompers to cloth diapers because they are hard to extend and they get tight very fast. Still, I like to use them for the night – simply because we already own them. I just take the next sizes now and button in the crotch offset.

If buying new, I would rather invest the money in (pump) pants. They also fit with diaper bottom according to the size.

I don’t use Babylegs that often, despite intentions to do so. For 3 reasons:

  1. Since I’m currently only stopping to change diapers, pantyhose are perfectly viable for us.
  2. Cuffs have now slipped a few times under the leg cuffs and have pulled wetness. Maybe the bacon legs still have to grow a bit until that works better?
  3. Tights have the bonus of socks that can’t be kicked away. Longer pantyhose I simply fold over at the leg.

Initially, I have the little one also simply put on the socks of the big brother, they went then nice and high, but not too far.

12. About Christmas presents

Don’t let them give you crap for the birth

The flood of gifts was honestly much less than with the first child – although we were as happy about the second as we were about the first. &

My hints and wishes were not received everywhere, but we were still happy about everyone who thought of us. By the way, among other things there was a diaper cake. A friend of mine is happy about them now.

And I remain optimistic: Maybe the subtle hints will work out for the next birthday or Christmas! &


What has remained of the good resolutions? Fortunately I can be more relaxed about some things than with the first child. Also diapering. Even if everything doesn’t always run optimally and the new everyday life with two children challenges me from time to time, cloth diapers are above all a benefit for us. From birth!

That’s why come to the end now:

My 7 best tips for newborns and cloth diapers

On our journey, I’ve had some experiences with cloth diapers for newborns that I’m eager to share with you:

  1. Big butt, so that the baby makes a hollow back? That is not necessary! Fold the insert and put it to the front (for boys) resp. in the middle (for girls), then there is much less fabric on the bottom and the suction is only where it needs to be. Often it helps the fit with small babies if you leave out the extra inserts (during the day) or at least put them on the outside of the pant diaper/gauze diaper/prefolds. This also prevents stool from overflowing. With my little one then only the overpants and the panty diaper lie on the back.
  2. Small AIO Are a nice extra, but in my eyes too expensive over the life of the baby. Besides, they make more laundry than hybrid diapers. So rather get a gauze diaper with (growing) overpants or insert + small overpants. Cheaper, more leak-proof, less laundry.
  3. You could try using One-size-fits-all overpants but I liked to use the little overpants and most of them still fit. The big overpants were a bit loose on the leg despite over 4kg starting weight. So you should definitely use a panty diaper/gauze diaper underneath that will hold even the big deal. Liners – alone in a large overpant – don’t seal as well with the little legs.
  4. Although I because of the unstitched cuffs I am a big fan of the Simplex, so such cuffs (the Anavy AIO has them z. B. also) with mother’s milk chair suboptimal, because rather times what runs past.
  5. Smaller bodysuits than Size 56 I would not buy. And before you buy new bodysuits, you should buy the bodysuit extender. With this you make sure that it fits to the bodysuits as well.
  6. The bottom simply wash under running water, works the easiest in my experience. We don’t have wet wipes, not even homemade ones. If I ever want to wipe down, I just use a small washcloth and some coconut oil.
  7. Diaper Fleece Is especially with breast milk stool although not a must, since this is very likely to miss part and it is water soluble anyway. Nevertheless I like it very much. Most of the business I can then just throw away and have to wash out less. I wouldn’t throw fleece down the toilet though, I usually wash it with.

What experiences have you had? What did you change about your diaper routine with the second child or what would you do differently with the next child?

Practical cloth diaper for all situations

The Doodush overpants 2.0 is a flexible, clever cloth diaper with soft flaps in the front and back, into which absorbent inserts can be placed.

Save money:

  • grows with babies and toddlers
  • use ready-made inserts or folded muslin diapers
  • If the absorbent pad is only wet, you can replace it and continue to use the Doodush.


  • Use thick inserts for long diapering intervals
  • When holding off and part-time diaper-free, take thin inserts

This might sound a little crazy, but.

I would like to show you really cheap cloth diapers that will save you some money. Which are great for long diapering intervals as well as for holding and part-time diaper-free. Real multi-talents!

Yes, this both reduces my turnover. But when I became a new mom myself, I would have preferred to get to know these cloth diapers immediately.

If all the diaper waste with disposable diapers bugs you and you are interested in cloth diapers and holding them off, then you might like to look at them.

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