12 Sustainable and heartfelt gift ideas for travel fans!

Hey, I am Melanie. Since more than 10 years I travel meanwhile through the world and love it, foreign countries, cultures and places to get to know. All mine Experiences and Tips I pack for you in detailed travel reports with a lot of practical info, because I would like to talk to Backpack up and away exactly those reliable support be for you, which I also used to look for when starting my traveling life! &

Cool backpack made from recycled canvas – this makes it very robust and durable! And on top of that, it’s really, really nice to look at, don’t you think??

What to give as a gift? As every year, we want to provide again this year with great, meaningful, joy-making gift ideas for surprise and shining eyes under the Christmas tree. Since for me personally the topic of sustainability (also when traveling) plays an increasingly important role, I would like to show you in this article 12 great gift ideas for travel fans and globetrotters, which are not only practical, but also come from the heart and have a heart for the environment. My personal favorite is the incredibly cool backpack made from recycled canvas by the Hamburg-based bag manufacturer – It’s a real one-of-a-kind and is suitable for women and men alike!

Like every year Christmas comes way too fast and probably like every year you are faced with the question: What should I give as a present??

My following gift ideas for travel fans and globetrotters and gift recommendations for loved ones are of course not only suitable for on the road and while traveling, but also for at home!

So with these gift ideas for backpackers and globetrotters, you’ll also make dear family members or friends happy, as they are all sustainable and eco-friendly!

And what better way to give a Christmas gift than one that comes from the heart and is also environmentally friendly? Just!

Have fun browsing and choosing!

Gift ideas for travel fans: For him and her.

Reusable glass drinking bottle

The glass drinking bottle from Soulbottles is produced entirely in Germany, is free of plastic and thus protects the environment!

Drinking is the be-all and end-all. Not only for traveling. That’s why we always have a reusable drinking bottle with us: on a stroll through town, on a day trip, on the onward journey.

Highly recommended are the glass drinking bottles from Soulbottles. Why? Because you are produced under fair conditions climate neutral, pollutant and plastic free! They are tasteless, 100% vegan, dishwasher safe and leak proof (even with carbonated beverages!), which makes them an ideal companion! Yay!

They are therefore a really great, sustainable and durable gift and a clear statement against plastic and disposable bottles. By the way, the company donates 1€ per bottle to drinking water projects and is committed to fair working conditions.

Sustainable Coffe2Go cup

Declare war on disposable cups and plastic waste with this cool Coffee2Go cup made from natural rice husks!

Glaring fact: 320.000 disposable cups are thrown away in Germany alone – every single hour!

The magic word here is definitely reusable Coffee2Go cup. So you don’t have to give up your beloved coffee, but you do something good for nature and actively help to decimate this incredible mountain of waste and avoid it in the long run. Because every single one of us can do something!

While "regular" Coffee2Go cups are also sometimes made of hard plastic, the company Avoid Waste uses rice husks, a completely natural product that is a byproduct of the rice harvest, in their Coffee2Go cups. The cup is pressed into shape and therefore contains no glue (melamine). Melamine is suspected of dissolving harmful substances when heated to over 70 degrees (which is a.B. can be the case with cups made of bamboo).

By the way, the 400 ml mug is also dishwasher safe! Ideal.

Reusable straws

Around 40 billion straws are used annually in Germany alone. Average usage time is just 15 minutes before it ends up in the trash. Straws are one of the most common plastic waste found on the beach after plastic bottles and plastic bags. Hooray, plastic waste! (← Irony).

If you (or the person you want to give a gift to) likes to drink latte macchiato, smoothies, shakes, cocktails, but also water or other soft drinks from straws, then reusable straws would be a great gift, don’t you think??

Timeless and simple: stainless steel straws are a no-no to plastic straws and are great to take along – whether for everyday use or travel.

If they are a gift to a traveler, they should be stainless steel straws, because they can not break and can therefore be taken on trips without any problems. Is z.B. top in Asia, as you can ALWAYS get plastic straws there (and always find them on the beach…). If you have your own one with you, you can demonstratively pull it out, wave it in front of your nose and make one or the other think about it!

We recommend the stainless steel straws from Eco Brotbox. The straws are completely free of plastic and pollutants, are made of 100% 18/8 stainless steel (suitable for food) and have no inherent taste.

The German company has production in India and China under fair and responsible conditions and is in close personal contact with the local manufacturers.

Stylish, cool and eco-friendly: glass straws are a great alternative to plastic straws!

If the gift goes to someone who is currently or mostly at home, I can recommend you reusable glass straws, z.B. from HALM.

By the way, HALM produces the straws made of sturdy and heat-resistant quality glass completely in Germany. Over 70% of the energy used comes from solar power! All materials are mineral oil free and the cleaning brush is 100% natural bristles. No plastic far and wide and 100% recyclable&

By the way, 50% of the proceeds go to sustainable projects and to education and research around plastic waste.

Cookbook: Backpacker recipes

For all those on the road – and at home – do not want to miss out on delicious, vegan dishes, I have what: The new backpack up and away eBook around simple, quick backpacker recipes!

In 16 main dishes, you’ll find my personal favorite recipes that are easy to recreate while traveling. From salads, to rice and pasta dishes, to stews and sandwiches – go for it!

Backpack made of recycled canvas

Cool backpack made from recycled canvas – making it very sturdy and durable! And on top of that, it’s also really, really nice to look at, don’t you think??

Waste avoidance and reuse is the keyword: the Hamburg bag manufacturer has been producing high-quality bags by hand since the end of the nineties.

The material: canvas. Upcycling so to speak. The sails are bought directly from yacht owners. They are very stable, UV-resistant and tear-proof, making them perfect for handmade unique items such as backpacks and bags that are durable and robust!

Besides backpacks, there are also stylish duffle bags, shoulder bags and shopping bags – all made from used sails into different models for women, men and children.

If you are looking for a great unique piece, you should have a look at the Hamburger Taschenmanufaktur!

Bamboo microfiber towel

The microfiber travel towel from padoo not only feels good, but is also made of bamboo activated carbon fibers, making it more eco-friendly and sustainable.

I recently stumbled across the microfiber towels from pandoo. They are made of bamboo activated carbon fibers and are therefore much more environmentally friendly and sustainable than conventional microfiber towels, because bamboo is an ultra-fast renewable resource that even does without pesticides.

The company pandoo is based in Germany and sources the raw materials from China, Vietnam and Taiwan. We only work with certified suppliers and the production runs under fair working conditions. Pandoo regularly visits suppliers and producers to verify and further guarantee this.

Bamboo toothbrush

Water-neutral, vegan, biodegradable and free of any chemicals: the bamboo toothbrushes from Hydrophil.

There are now a variety of manufacturers for bamboo toothbrushes. Since the choice is not easy. While I go for the toothbrush by Hydrophil, others are rather fans of the bamboo brushes by pandoo or the Avoid Waste bamboo toothbrushes.

You can’t go wrong with any of them, because they are all made from 100% bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource. Also, all toothbrushes have natural bristles, which makes them plastic-free and vegan!

Tip: I always boil the bamboo toothbrush after two to three months to get rid of bacteria, because as long as the bristles are in tact, you can safely keep using it!

Christmas gifts for women

ecolution: Sustainable clothing for women

Sustainable, ecologically, fairly produced clothing doesn’t have to be boring and bland! This proves for example the company recolution.

How about a stylish hoodie or sweater? Or maybe you prefer a cool shirt? Alternatively, there are also chic blouses, casual dresses and skirts and jeans pants made from organic cotton. All sustainable and even vegan!

The eco-fashion label recolution exists since 2010 and is located in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Produced in Portugal and Turkey under fair production conditions.

Ladies purse made of paper imitation leather

Beautiful handmade purse for women made of paper faux leather. Ideal for everyday use and travel thanks to RFID protection and ample space for a cell phone or passport.

Minimalist, sustainable, practical, that’s how founder Martin Eckardt describes the purses.

Not only are they really stylish, but they are also completely animal and environmentally friendly!

Fritzvold is based in Hamburg, has its production in China and works together with BSCI certified companies and carries out its own on-site inspections at regular intervals. Ensuring fair wages and good working conditions.

The basic idea behind Fritzvold purses is to create a compact, practical purse that’s chic and eco-friendly – and they’ve really succeeded with this women’s purse, don’t you think??

The material is made of animal-free, vegan paper imitation leather, is manufactured in Germany, is completely recyclable, light and thin, washable and virtually wear-free. Ideal to enjoy for a long time!

By the way, this paper faux leather (just like real leather) gets softer and more beautiful over time!

Menstrual Cup

A reliable companion at home, on the road and while traveling: The Lunette menstrual cup.

I admit, a somewhat special gift, but it is worth it – I speak from personal experience!

Not only does it give us women much more freedom during "the days", but we also do something good for the environment, because the menstrual cup (I rely on Lunette for this) can be used again and again!

Every year, around 45 million tampons and pads end up in the trash worldwide. This is incredible, isn’t it? And hard to imagine. What isn’t hard at all, however, is to start saving the environment with a switch to the menstrual cup from now on. Because each and every one of us can make a positive difference!

Gift ideas for men

Wristwatch made of wood

An exceptionally beautiful wooden wristwatch comes from 2nd Liar. The company produces under fair working conditions and completely free of animal suffering.

Even wristwatches don’t have to be made with leather to be classy, chic and suitable for everyday wear! Here’s what the 2nd Liar company proves. All watches are made by hand under fair working conditions and are made from the renewable resource wood.

Since August 2016, the company is also certified by PETA approved vegan – that is, the watches are completely free of animal suffering!

By the way, by buying a watch from 2nd Liar, you are helping a new little tree to see the light of day!

Men’s wallet with RFID protection made of paper faux leather

RFID-safe wallet for men made of beautiful paper leatherette. Perfect for travel and everyday life!

Simple, sleek and functional: these are the stylish paper faux leather purses from Fritzvold.

Not only do they look good, but their inner values are also convincing: completely vegan, produced under fair working conditions and durable – so you’ll get something out of these chic purses for a long time to come!

By the way, the material comes from Germany and is not only very thin and light, but also washable, durable and RFID-safe! Perfect for on the go!

ecolution: sustainable clothing for men

Sustainable, fair produced, vegan fashion for men by recolution – and not boring or stuffy, but really cool!

In addition to t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, you’ll also find denim pants, shorts, sweaters, shirts, jackets.. Co. Best take a look right now: recolution.

Sustainable gifts – summary

No matter if you give away sustainable, recycled or zero waste – the important thing is the gesture, the intention behind it. And the most important thing we can still give away is time. Spending time together with the people we care about!

  • So why not Get a Coffee2Go together (in your own cup, of course) and walk along the river?
  • Why not a plan a cool cocktail evening, to inaugurate the straws?
  • Or how about cooking evening together, where you re-cook recipes from a cookbook?
  • And also one virtual shopping tour working together in a sustainable company is a lot more fun!

Of course, buying any of the above products also requires resources, but in contrast to conventional manufacturing or production processes, these are much more resource-efficient and some are even climate-neutral, which is an enormous step in the right direction!

And maybe in closing I may also wish for a little something from you? Yes?

Then I wish that we in the future Be more conscious of our environment and with durable, reusable products make a statement. I would like to see us move from a throwaway society to sustainability – when traveling and at home!

Were good gift ideas for travel fans, for a loved one or maybe even for yourself included? And do you have if necessary. Even more cool, sustainable gift tips for Christmas? Then post it in the comments – I’m looking forward to it!

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