13 Tips for the next birthday party: ideas from classic to unusual

The next birthday is just around the corner and you want to celebrate again properly. Unfortunately, you can not think of anything that you have not already done? We show you 13 ideas for your birthday party that are guaranteed to inspire you to great parties. From the classic theme party to the birthday in the air. Even if you’re planning the big day for someone else, you’re sure to find a highlight or two among our birthday party ideas.

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The classic par excellence: The birthday party with motto

Theme parties are generally very popular and also recommended for any age group. From the bad-button party, where everyone appears as badly dressed as possible, to the "white sensation", the imagination of the party planners knows no bounds. The great thing about the theme party is that you have a theme for the whole evening. Not only the guests follow the theme – also the buffet, the decoration, the music and everything else can be planned accordingly.

A few possible theme ideas are these:

  • Pirate partyAhoy! Striped clothes, parrots on the shoulder and a permanently rolling "R" on the tongue.
  • Colors: Pick a color and pull it off. Think food coloring and appropriate decorations.
  • Country specialFrom sushi and rice wine to tortillas and tequila, you’ve got it all. Don’t forget flag tops and flag skewers.
  • Celebrity night: Every guest dresses up as a celebrity. Glitz and glamour are the order of the day.
  • Princess party: Pink and glitter. Especially funny for seasoned guys.

Celebrate an exclusive birthday – ideas for parties with that certain something extra

If you have very special requirements for your party, plan more exclusively. For example in the form of Llama trekking. Here you can do just that: go hiking with a llama. Simple and very special. Who finds that a bit too lame, just celebrate at the Beach. Popular party destinations include Mallorca, Ibiza and Gold Beach (Bulgaria).

Alternatively, for a quiet game night for your birthday, you can book a Log cabin or a Treehouse rent. Birthday parties with a creepy effect can be found in old "Ghost castles". And if you just feel like dancing, of course you can have a club for rent or book a DJ for your birthday through us.

Sporty birthday party ideas

If you want to celebrate a sporty birthday, these ideas are certainly something for you. Why don’t you plan your party in a sports hall, beach hall or in the forest?. Here you can let off steam with your guests. Depending on your preference, volleyball, soccer, badminton, table tennis, basketball, climbing, mountain biking, hiking or skating are suitable. Many more sports can be added to the list. It’s important to keep in mind the sporting preferences of your guests for this exercise-intensive celebration. Here you will find a huge selection of sports activities , which you can organize together with friends in the context of birthday parties.

You can often rent simple sports halls through the city. For many sports, there are also corresponding organizers with their own halls, for example for beach volleyball. By the way, small tournaments are also suitable for your party. For example foosball or bowling.

Fancy ideas for your birthday party

If there is nothing that suits your party so far, it must be a bit more unusual. That is also no problem. How about, for example, a small party in a Hot air balloon? Also on a Yacht or in the Pool it is good to celebrate. If this is not enough action for you, you could also use a Team Escape booking. You have to "escape" from a room as a team by looking for certain clues. If you don’t want to celebrate your birthday in a fixed place, a Party Bus great as a rolling location.


The possibilities for your next birthday are endless. Depending on your taste you can make great classic, sporty or even fancy things. The main thing is that the best friends participate.

What kind of parties do you remember the most, which motto do you recommend?? We look forward to your comments.

My sister has her 25th birthday soon. Birthday and I would like to organize a big party for them. Our parents have a big house with a very big garden, so the location is no problem. In principle, everything is as good as planned, only we need the appropriate music. My friends and I have our own small band, but we lack the event technology for such a big party. Good that you can find quickly on the Internet.

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