13 Ways how winners multiply your money

Who has not asked himself this question? How can I earn money on the side? No matter if you want to increase little money or if you have a higher amount available. If you dream of not having to work until you’re over 60, or of significantly raising your standard of living, then you should consider best to increase your existing money. We give you on this side Tipps, which can help you to realize your dreams.

Cleverly increase money with system

Do not trust any financial adviser, because by wrong investment tips already so many sourly saved fortune was destroyed. The promised high returns melted away like ice in the sun due to commissions, advisor and custodian fees and also due to the final withholding tax of more than 26. Due to financial crises also the traditional methods, like z.B. Save and multiply money, no longer safe.

Increase capital

Since gold is a fairly rare metal, it is never suffer a total decline in value, however, high price fluctuations are to be expected. As with stocks, the timing of the purchase of gold is crucial to multiply money safely.

In times of crisis, when banknotes lose their value, the price of gold often rises rapidly and when no one wants to accept the worthless banknotes anymore, gold becomes very interesting.

9. Real estate the concrete gold

If you want to increase your money with a real estate, you must already have a large capital to buy the property and evtl. make renovations. your money is best increased if the property is in a good residential area, because then renting is easier and more lucrative. But even a previously good residential area can change negatively after the purchase of real estate, so that the housing demand also turns negative and the purchase price turns out to be overpriced in retrospect.

If you want to buy a property without your own capital, at the moment the low interest rates tempt you to take out a loan. However, the current prices are still too high to invest money in real estate to increase it, because the great demand, due to the low interest rates, affects the price level.

Since the financial security is still best regulated in Germany, many EU neighbors invest your money here and also prefer to buy German real estate to bring their assets in safety. This, of course, also drives up prices.

The upward turning of the price screw lasts however always only a short time and afterwards the prices fall again into the cellar. If you have financed a property at a good price, unfortunately you cannot sell it quickly, because you are bound to the contract for a long time.

9.1. Real estate purchase – please consider these tips

  • You should not use a real estate agent, because he charges a commission of ca. will collect 5% of the purchase price. He also has no interest in negotiating down the purchase price, because that would not be economically justifiable for him. The higher the purchase price, the higher its brokerage commission.
  • After viewing the Immbilie make the seller a binding offer, which should be so high that you outbid other competitors.
  • After the seller has accepted the bid, stall him with house inspections and inquiries about the possible tenants until the seller has turned down the other competitors.
  • Now is the time to renegotiate, in your favor.

If alterations or renovations are necessary, you will incur high costs for the respective craftsmen. Make yourself known on the Internet in construction forums, etc. be smart and do all the work yourself. Anything you can handle yourself, z.B. before the painter and paperhanger arrive, tear off the wallpaper and plaster small holes in the wall. Before the tiler comes, remove the old tiles, etc. The more you work for the craftsman, the fewer hours he can charge and the more money you save.

How to increase money is made easy, in which you keep the craftsmen costs as low as possible. Renting out the property comes to mind when you think about, "How can I increase my money quickly?"Then you should check your future tenants thoroughly, because once you have a so-called Mietnomaden in the house, which does not pay rent and in addition still the dwelling substance destroys, then high costs for the following core reorganization of the dwelling on you to come.

9.2. Tips so your real estate rental business doesn’t end in fiasco:

  • Ask to see the pay slips of your future tenants so that you can see whether they can afford the apartment at all.
  • Ask for the phone number and address of the current landlord and ask them about the payment history and condition of the apartment.
  • Check the rented apartment at least once a year.

10. Income from shareholdings in companies

If you want to increase your money in this way, you should have experience in the industry of the company. To work full time in the management would be an advantage, so that you always have your money in the eye. If this is not possible, you should take a 25% + 1 stake in the company so that you have some influence. You undertake to provide the company with certain amounts of money as a shareholder loan.

Or you can buy even more units if goals you set are met, e.g.B. Revenue and growth goals, etc. Only if these goals are met will you pay more into the company.

11. Investing through crowdfunding

Since banks are currently reluctant or even unwilling to lend to small and medium-sized companies, these companies are increasingly borrowing money from private investors in the form of "crowdfunding" in order to invest in the company and increase sales and thus profits. With this type of money multiplication, which by the way does not require any work, a return of 3% to 15% is possible.

12. Money lending to private individuals

In principle, money lending to private individuals is identical to point 10. Here you also invest in consumer loans, z.B. to renovate the apartment, to enable the purchase of a car, etc. The return on investment is approx. 7% to 15% and making money on the Internet is very easy this way. You can z.B. register at auxmoney and choose a loan object of your choice and invest and collect interest there.

13. Alternative investments

You can invest your money wisely even without earning a return by z.B. attend a language course that makes sense for your job. This kind of money investment does not make itself immediately on your bank account noticeable, but with this further training you are then better qualified and a professional advancement with a salary increase is possible.

Our conclusion:

If you want to get rich quickly, you should never invest all your money in one type of investment. Even if the yield seems so tempting, spread your money in several forms of investment. You should also always be careful to stay solvent, so that you have a reserve for eventual. new lucrative investments to fall back on.

Be suspicious if you are promised a return of 20% to 30%, because these are often dubious offers. With everything what brings in over 5% net yield and more, the risk of a total loss increases.

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