3 Tips to move faster and dodge bullets in cod warzone

If you want to survive long or loot properly in the Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone, you’ll have to be quick. We’ll show you some tips to help you get across the map faster while still dodging bullets.

What are these tips? The tips will help you to be faster even without the various vehicles in Warzone. They’re especially about getting you to other places faster on foot without being cut up by enemies.

For the tricks you don’t need any special prerequisites or settings. Anyone can just make it up as they go along. However, the right settings for Warzone can help you to perform them better or react faster.

YouTuber and CoD specialist TheXclusiveAce has packaged and illustrated these tips in a YouTube video. We have embedded the video for you here:

At this point you can find an external content from YouTube, which complements the article.

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Tip 1: Use light weapons

Why should I use light weapons? In Modern Warfare, both in Warzone and in the other multiplayer modes, your movement speed depends on the equipped weapon.

Roughly speaking, the smaller or lighter the gun, the faster you will move. If you sprint, you have 1.3 times the movement speed. With the tactical sprint (double pressing the button) short time even 1.5 times.

The multipliers refer to the basic speed you have with the respective weapon. Only the weapon you have equipped counts here. The weapons in your inventory are ignored.

What weapons are available? You are fastest with any type of gun. It is therefore a good idea to have one of the strongest weapons for Warzone in your main hand and a pistol in your secondary hand. We can recommend here:

  • .50 GS (Desert Eagle) for strong penetration even at longer distances
  • .357 as an alternative to the Desert Eagle
  • X16 – The strongest weapon of its kind in regular multiplayer

If you don’t want to carry a pistol in your side hand, submachine guns (SMGs) are a good alternative. It is best to build a loadout that uses one of the mentioned weapons and buy it as early as possible to be faster.

Tip 2: Sled

How to slither? If you are sprinting and press (or hold, depending on the setting) the "duck" button, you will slither for a short moment. This will cause you to slide over the terrain and interrupt your sprint.

The special thing is that after sledding you can activate tactical sprint again for a short time. It actually has to recharge after use.

However, TheXclusiveAce has found out that you are not faster with it. At a distance of 188 meters (half of a map square), it takes exactly as much time as if you were sprinting normally.

What use is that then? The advantage, however, is that for the time of slithering you shift both your critical hit zone (head) within a fraction of a second and your hitbox changes completely (from vertical to horizontal).

This will cause enemies to be less able to hit you. You are dodging bullets that a sniper is about to fire at you. If you alternate between slithering and sprinting at irregular intervals, it becomes even harder to hit you.

Tip 3: The "pro method

How does the method work? Ace has discovered a method in his video, which he has seen many pros of CoD use as well. In principle it works the same as the sledding from tip 2.

The difference, however, is that you go into aim down sights ("ADS") for a short moment right after slithering. This must be only a short moment. This will cause the delay after sprinting to be interrupted.

This makes you effectively faster. Ace could run 6.6% faster with this trick. If you want to reduce the time for aiming even more, you can find attachments that shorten the ADS time here.

If you don’t use a visor, you can aim faster.

What is the disadvantage? However, the implementation is on the one hand a bit more complicated and on the other hand takes some getting used to. Especially in the beginning you will probably have to concentrate quite a bit just to sprint properly.

In this time it can happen that you miss enemies or run into traps. Until then, it can be frustrating to adjust. After some time, however, the method should go into muscle memory.

These tips should help you to be faster and safer on the road. However, they will only help you if you need them in the current situation. If you just want to reach a new place and are not under fire or time pressure, it is enough to just sprint normally. If you’re going for the win, they’ll help you anyway – like our 10 tips for Warzone.

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