5 Best baby cradles in test 2022

If you are looking for the best baby cradle, you are spoiled for choice, because the offer is very large. So not only do you have to look at the different types of baby cradles, but of course you can’t ignore criteria such as comfort and safety, as well as the most important quality features, functions and equipment features. However, this makes the search very time-consuming. If you don’t have the time and would rather make a quick but still good buying decision, you’re in the right place, as we’ve already done the research work for you. Thus, we can highly recommend the Roba bassinet, because the model convinces with high-quality workmanship, a very good scope of delivery and a favorable price. Alternatively, the 4-in-1 baby crib set from roba is also highly recommended, as the price-performance ratio is very good thanks to the conversion options and the good scope of delivery.

Comparison table

1. Place

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The solid wood baby cradle from roba is solidly made, equipped with wheels and comes with a canopy, nest, pillow and mattress included. It can be converted from a bassinet to a rocking cradle and is equipped with a temperature compensating climate fiber. The frame also includes a compartment with two boxes for storing small items.

The castors are very simply processed and therefore not very resilient.

The bottom line is that the price-performance ratio for the baby cradle is excellent. It is made of solid wood, functional, solidly made and all the accessories are included.

2. Place

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The cradle set from roba is a 40×90 cm baby cradle that can also be used as a bassinet, side bed and bench. Bedding is included, you can choose between many color options and since it is made of solid wood, the bed is durable and robust.

The bed is only on three sides with bars, which is certainly not ideal for use as a bassinet.

The 4-in-1 bassinet is fully equipped, available in many color variants and convinces with solid workmanship at a fair price. The price-performance ratio is therefore very good.

3.Also interesting

The bassinet we delivered including accessories and is characterized by the large, smooth wheels that are lockable. The basket is neatly crafted from natural willow and the wooden frame is sturdy. It includes a canopy, nest, blanket and pillow, as well as a mattress. All textiles are made of high quality and are available in 14 color variations.

The stability of the bassinet may decrease and screws may need to be tightened.

If you are looking for a bassinet, which was woven from willow, you should definitely look at the complete set. The quality is good and the overall price is fair.

Baby cradle buying advice

If you want to buy a cradle for your baby, before buying it, you should consider some important criteria. So we recommend to first look at the different types and decide on a type of construction. Only then should you consider criteria such as equipment, safety and workmanship and compare the models in question in this regard. To make your purchase decision a little easier, you can also take a look at our final top list for an overview of the best baby cradles of 2022, which we determined in the test.

Types of baby cradles

The range of baby cradles is very large. Therefore, it is advisable to decide on a particular type of construction before buying, because this will allow you to narrow down the range well. We have briefly summarized the most common types for you below.

hanging cradle: This is a rather special form of baby cradle, which can not be pushed, but is tied to a blanket hook. Although you can attach such hooks in several places in the house and thus use the cradle more flexibly, but overall it is more inflexible than a baby cradle with wheels, which is modeled on the bassinet.

Pendulum cradle: We speak of a swinging cradle when there is a fixed frame (usually made of wood or wicker) on which the cradle is mounted. On top then only the cradle can be moved back and forth, while the rollers remain firmly on the floor. Pay particular attention to a high level of stability, which can only be achieved if the frame is of high quality and has an appropriate weight.

Skid Cradle: This type of baby cradle is also often referred to as a rocking cradle. Here, curved runners are attached to the bottom of the frame, similar to what you would find on a rocking horse. This type of cradle is not so flexible to move from A to B, because there are no wheels attached to it. Accordingly, you need to carry such a model when you want to move it to another room. Some cradles made of solid wood have small casters built in to make moving easier.

Safety and comfort

As for the safety aspect, you should always make sure that the cradle is well made and that there are no weak points, which could cause materials to break. Equally important is that there are no sharp edges and no fabrics, cords or accessories that the child can wrap around the neck or where it can sink deep with the face. In addition, you should make sure that there are no narrow and small openings through which the child can put his finger. Now and then there are such weak points in very simply processed bassinets made of wickerwork.

Comfort is mainly provided by the mattress. Our recommendation here is to pay attention to a fairly firm lying comfort. This may seem more uncomfortable at first, but it is important for a baby to lie on a firm base so that it cannot sink in too far. This is especially important when the child is lying on his stomach. Most baby cradles can be equipped with classic bassinet mattresses, so you do not necessarily have to buy a model that already comes with a mattress. But pay attention to the lying surface, if you want to buy a suitable mattress.

However, do not only consider the comfort of the baby while lying, but also pay attention to a comfortable way to transport the cradle from A to B. Ideally, it should have practical (and preferably well-made) wheels and a narrow design so that it fits through doors and can be easily transported to another room without being wobbly or having to be awkwardly turned so that it still fits through the door. Especially oval-shaped models are sometimes too wide for narrow doors. Therefore, pay attention to the exact external dimensions of the bassinet.

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