5 Flirting tips for men from a woman who hates being approached

5 Flirting tips for men from a woman who hates being approached

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You are looking for flirting tips to approach women on the open street? Our editor reveals her top 5 from her own experience.

Looking for flirting tips? Our editor explains how to address a woman respectfully& can address charmingly. Credit: IMAGO / Westend61

There were times when I really enjoyed being approached on the street. I mean, who doesn’t like getting compliments? Today I see this a little more skeptical. Unfortunately, the nice flirting attempts usually give way to catcalling and hitting on pick-up artists. You don’t belong to any of these camps, so don’t whistle at a woman and need a course on how to degrade women? Then I have here five Flirt tips for you, which does not guarantee you a "Yes, I want a date"!“, but certainly won’t turn you into a creep..

These flirting tips we give you here:

No, flirting is not forbidden, but no still means no

Sometimes it seems to me that the #metoo debate has made a great many people, especially men, enormously uncomfortable. What else is allowed? Can I still flirt at all?? Asking yourself such questions and questioning and reflecting on your own behavior and words, is right and important. However, there are still people who, after these considerations, end up with the realization that today nothing is allowed anymore.

That is gross nonsense. Just because we are more sensitive, we do not like to flirt less. We’re also only too happy to be buttered up with compliments. The question is always HOW do I flirt and HOW do I pay compliments?, without crossing a line.

The supreme discipline is without question flirting in the wild, for example, when you approach someone on the street. Should you also be insecure about this, I have here are five flirting tips for you..

1. ÜDo not attack the person

There’s nothing I hate more than running to the train, doing my shopping, or having to deal with a girlfriend on the phone and then being approached. Not for the sake of addressing, but for the sake of politeness. Quite obviously I am busy in these moments. In her column No Means No, our author describes how awkward being caught off guard can be for us women.

My first flirting tip is therefore: Only approach someone who seems to have time for it. Headphones are usually an indication that someone does not want to be addressed. A hasty step as well as a lowered head as well.

And in places like the supermarket or the mall, people are usually busy with something other than flirting as well. Of course you can’t read minds if the other person wants to be approached, but a look at the body language usually helps enormously.

Read more: These tips will help you interpret body language and recognize microexpressions.

To approach this woman? I would leave it alone, because she is obviously busy. Credit: IMAGO / Cavan Images

2. Keep your request short& just under

I was told on the open street already half life stories told by strangers. Only after two minutes did they come to their real concern and asked if they could have my cell phone number. I only stopped because I thought I was about to be asked for directions. I was all the more irritated, When I realized it was an attempt at flirtation.

My flirting tip is therefore: Get to the point. „Hey, you just caught my eye, let’s go for a coffee sometime?“ Short and sweet you will after this polite address received your answer.

3. Don’t be pushy& accept a no

I have already held by the arm, followed and harassed – all this in attempts to flirt with me. Some days I feel like fair game as a woman. Once I’ve been spotted and approached, I’m in the clutches of the man- and in the worst case he won’t even take no for an answer. So a man once asked me incessantly, Why I don’t want to meet him and one of them- clearly a pick-up artist shouted after me: „You are not that pretty anyway!“

My third flirting tip for you: True distance and decency. What I mean by that? Never get too close to the woman when addressing her, purely physically, but also psychologically.

Never touch her, keep at least 1.5 meters distance when approaching her and don’t try any psychological pick-up artist tricks that are supposed to make women insecure, like for example negative compliments. And follow your crisp request with a no, move respectfully away.

Who his request briefly& Keeps it close, stays charming and seems less pushy. Credit: IMAGO/ Westend61

4. charm them, but above all be authentic

„It you look horny, buck to fuck?!“, is an attempt at flirting that has remained vivid in my memory. And no, it didn’t happen in a club, but in broad daylight on the street in Berlin. One thing you have to give the young man credit for, his speech was crisp and made his intention clear. Charming is different.

Another of my flirting tips is therefore: Be friendly, humorous, open minded and easy going. Played-up self-confidence is out of place here. If you’re a little nervous, feel free to admit it openly. Namely, the most important thing in your approach should be comes across authentically.

5. Üthink carefully before, if and where you should approach her

A friend of mine was once approached by a man in a mixed sauna. Wide-legged and stark naked, he asked her if they didn’t want to go jogging together sometime. He had courage, I’ll give him that. Still took a no for an answer. And why? Because this flirt attempt was absolutely inappropriate. The workplace is not the place for flirting in my eyes either.

The last of my flirting tips is therefore: Don’t target everyone who’s out of their mind and match the right situation. If the man from the first example had asked my girlfriend out after the sauna at the drinks machine, this would have been a clearly more appropriate moment.

Flirt tips are not a guarantee for your success in dating

As a woman who has come to hate being approached on the street, I can assure you that you’ll get you’re already doing a lot right with these flirting tips. However, they reflect only my experience and opinion Recall. So don’t blindly rely on them. I am not a trained dating coach- although this can also be an advantage.. In this sense: Good luck with your next flirtation!

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