5 Reasons to use the 20. Birthday big to celebrate

Celebrate 20th birthday

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A reason to celebrate is quickly found in youth anyway. Why the 20. Here you can find out how a round birthday is a particularly good occasion for a lively party.

Organizing a big birthday party is no mere birthday cake feast. Here are five good reasons why making the effort to celebrate your 20th birthday is worth it. Birthday is always worth it.

1. Round birthday – coming of age for the first time

Not born in the USA: Take advantage of the fact that in this country you are not of age until you are 21.

The 20. Birthday is the first round birthday, which can be celebrated so really exuberant. This is to avoid the spectacular pot banging battle or karaoke party for the 10. Of course, the twentieth birthday in no way devalue, but the coming of age allows the birthday boy and his guests but one or the other party upgrade – from delicious drinks and party cocktails to the breathtaking performance of a belly dancer, a burlesque dancer, an erotic dancer or a party stripper. The best in comparison to the "first round": None of the party guests must go to bed early and you can carefree make the night the day.

2. The round birthday as a revival party

At 18, you had your high school diploma in the bag, after which your friends headed off to new places of study or strapped their backpacks on their backs to explore the world on their own for the first time. Two years later most have arrived in the new life, but often still far away from home. The result: you no longer see each other every day in the schoolyard, but at most at Christmas. What could be more natural than to celebrate a big birthday party, where all friends, old classmates and cliques finally come together again?? So at your party you can finally all philosophize together again about who will be the first to drop out of university to become a yoga instructor in India – and in addition to the 20th birthday, who will also be the first to be a yoga instructor in India. Birthday celebrate the almost as old friendships.

3. Twentieth birthday: from teenie to tweenie

The end of an era: With the 20. Birthday the teenage times are officially over and the age of the "Twenty-Somethings" (short: Tweenies) is rung in. Even if these English terms do not have much meaning in German, they are accompanied by something significant. After all, turning 20 also means growing up a bit, developing a sense of responsibility and the good old "seriousness of life" get to know. Does not sound so fun? Then you make an impact with your fun and frolicsome 20. Birthday party successfully counter. After all, there is still enough time for the serious side of life during the big clean-up afterwards.

4. Your own party on your own feet

Perhaps the celebration of the 20. If it’s not your first big party on your 20th birthday and you were already considered the best house party organizer around. But on your 20. Now, for your first birthday party, you no longer have to rely on being "storm-free" at your parents’ home and also the party equipment is no longer owed to a generous birthday donation. You can now celebrate your birthday in your first own apartment or shared apartment and spoil your guests with self-bought snacks and drinks thanks to your training or student job. As a highlight, you can also book a guitarist, a saxophonist or an acoustic band for an in-house living room concert or make your celebration something very special with the appearance of a magician or other walk acts. In case of doubt, the relatives will certainly increase the budget for this as a birthday present – because, quite honestly, who stands completely on his own two feet at the age of 20??

5. If you can (celebrate), you can

Simple, but not less true: You should celebrate the celebrations as they fall – and that while you still can. Even if the 20-year-old youngster is still defying physical decline, it is scientifically proven that from the age of 25 onwards. A steep downhill slide in the second year of life. So celebrate your 20. Birthday like there’s no tomorrow, hire a singer or a singer with an instrument to add music to your party "like there’s no tomorrow" accompanied by Philipp Poisel, swallow an aspirin the following day and party right on in the evening. So not only will you have an unforgettable birthday celebration, but at the same time something to remember on your 30. birthday and on all "subsequent rounds can remember a quiet but decadent birthday dinner full of joy – before you and your party guests head off to bed early to be fit again the next day. Just like back then, at the very first birthday party.

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