5 Things you should always do before selling your iphone

Almost all Apple devices have a large outlet on the second-hand market and it is not too difficult to sell them at a very interesting price. Unlike smartphones with an Android operating system, for example iPhone You do not lose too much market value for reasons that are complicated to explain and difficult to understand.

If you are selling your iPhone, iPad or any Apple device today, we will show you a series of tips that you should definitely follow carefully to avoid problems and issues. Get your device out of Cupertino, read on and get ready for the 5 Things You Should Always Do Before Selling Your iPhone on the Used Market.

Make a backup


First we need to make one Backup all the data and documents we have stored on our iPhone, which in most cases are usually many. For this reason, I recommend that you do this through iTunes, for which you need to connect your device to the computer and open the application. Once you are in it, it is enough to press the option "Create Backup". If you want to keep your back, you should encrypt the backup by enabling the appropriate option and giving it a key that you will need the next time you decrypt the backup.

Some of you are wondering why it is not advisable to backup using another method, and the only reason is that a larger amount of information is stored via iTunes. In addition, we can use this backup to install it quickly and, above all, easily on any device.

Disconnect the iCloud services

The next step will be Disconnect our iCloud account if you have connected to it. Go to "Settings and go to the "iCloud" section To. All you have to do is click on the email or Apple ID and on the option "Close session" to click. You can see under the menu that you should find;


Once we click on "Logout" We will be asked if you want to keep or delete the information on the device. Logically, we need to click on the option to delete the information that appears in red. You should also close the session in all the applications in which you have started.

Disconnect all other iTunes services and the App Store

Before you start selling the iPhone on the used market, it is essential that you unlink our iTunes account and the App Store. The process is quite simple and for this We need to go to the "Settings" application Return to the iTunes Store and "Apple Store access.. Click on your Apple ID and then on the option "Close session".

When moving up, it is also important to disconnect your device from the services Posts y Facetime. We will once again go to the application "Settings go to where we "close" the session for the two applications need, for example, to leave our conversations and our messages safe and secure.

Disconnect the iPhone from our Apple ID

We are nearing the end and the penultimate step should be Unlink the iPhone or any Apple device we want to sell from our Apple ID. This step is important. If you do not do this, the device cannot be recovered without entering the keys of the Apple ID it is associated with.

Perform this step we should go on the web "iCloud.com/settings" and we will login with our Apple ID. Look at the list of the device we want to sell and click on the "Remove" option, if the page is open in English (delete it if it is displayed in Spanish).

Finally, we should delete the device we are going to sell from our purchased products. Access this link and select the device from the list that is displayed.

Reset the iPhone to factory settings

Finally, you have to restore the iPhone so that it will be ready for delivery to the buyer in such a way that you have to worry about absolutely nothing or the device you want to sell to factory settings. To do this, open iTunes on your Mac or PC, although this process can be performed through the device itself, although it is always more advisable to perform it through iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to the computer and confirm that you trust the computer when the message appears. You may also be asked for the code to be able to connect. Enter in this case to continue. In the "Summary" section you must select the "Restore" option select and click twice on it, as we will be asked for a confirmation to perform the restoration.

After waiting for a time that is usually not too long, you’ll see how Your device will reboot and start up as if you took it out of the box on the first day of purchase. Now you can sell it with peace of mind, without having to worry about anything else.

All these things we just reviewed should be performed without exception before you sell your iPhone or any other Apple device. If you do not, you are in constant danger and expose the person who buys it to another problem that may have to return the device in some cases to solve the problems that arise.

Have you managed to execute all the things described in this article before you sell your iPhone or Apple device?. Tell us in the area reserved for comments on this post or through one of the social networks where we are present. If you had any questions or problems at all, you can tell us about them. We will try to help you as much as possible so you can sell your Apple device without exposing yourself to any danger.

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