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The furnishings of your vacation home can make all the difference when it comes to simply welcoming guests or turning travelers into future regulars who will be happy to return to your vacation accommodation again and again. The offered initial equipment of your vacation home and the amenities that your vacation home offers should thereby correspond to the location of your vacation home, the type of accommodation and the type of your guests. When travelers look online at vacation rentals, vacation homes and their amenities, your vacation rental will immediately stand out from the crowd with appealing amenities and make your accommodation a sought-after property.

Even if your guests have chosen a vacation home instead of a hotel, it does not mean that they will miss out on quality service. On the contrary, your guests probably want to feel at home, but without having to give up the longed-for vacation feeling. However, this is only possible if the vacation home is not only inviting at first glance, but provides all the little and big things that make a stay special. In order to meet this requirement, the initial equipment of your vacation home must be correct. But what do I need for a vacation home? To give you an overview of all the things you can offer in your apartment, we have listed here the most important features and amenities.

What do I need for a vacation rental?

The initial furnishings of a vacation rental make your vacation home special. It ensures comfort, an unforgettable stay and simplifies your guests’ time in your apartment enormously. Offering your guests basic amenities (and a little more) in your own vacation rental will correspondingly not only improve the guest experience, but can also quickly increase booking numbers and improve your own ratings.

As an example, a survey commissioned by Airbnb showed that a full 97% of travelers pay attention to the amenities of a vacation rental and believe that the amenities provided have an impact on the travel experience. For example, the initial equipment of a vacation home is particularly important for many guests right after the type of accommodation and plays an immensely important role at the moment of booking. Even more than the actual location of the accommodation, shopping facilities or restaurants nearby.

But how must a vacation home be equipped? We show you. Here, we’ve listed the top ten vacation rental amenities that guests are always looking for:

  • Coffee maker
  • a fully equipped kitchen
  • air conditioning and heating
  • free parking
  • a pool
  • Wine glasses
  • a pet-friendly environment
  • WiFi& TV
  • a washing machine
  • a bathtub

This is how your apartment positively stands out

Whether backpackers, families, single travelers or groups, travelers are becoming more sophisticated and can filter their vacation rental searches on Airbnb and websites of other online travel providers specifically for the amenities they desire. Therefore, it is important that your vacation accommodations offer as many of these desired amenities as possible.

Of course, renovating or converting from a simple kitchenette to a full kitchen or even building a pool is an enormous challenge for the landlord of a vacation accommodation. However, there are numerous ways to make your vacation rental stand out from the competition. Therefore, ask yourself: "What do I need for a vacation rental??" Look at what your competitors are offering and think about what you can improve in your vacation rental to attract more guests and give your guests a particularly enjoyable stay. However, keep your target audience in mind at all times.

Vacation apartment initial equipment for a successful overall experience of your guests

Travelers are not merely looking for free care products, but much more for an unforgettable experience. In order to offer them just that, every single aspect of the stay must be considered. Here’s a list of amenities that will delight your guests and make vacationing in your vacation rental special:

1. 24-hour check-in

Travelers want to be flexible. Thus, fixed times for check-in when choosing a vacation apartment may require a K.O. be a criterion. So individual arrival and departure times, personal preferences and much more need to be considered. Ideally, you give your guests the option to check in at any time around the clock. This is especially important if something doesn’t quite go according to plan upon arrival…

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be available 24 hours a day yourself. Instead, you can simply make sure you have an automated check-in system in place. You can offer your guests z. B. Provide access to your vacation rental at all times through a key box, keyless system or other service. This way you make a good impression right from the start.

2. fast and convenient WLAN

An internet connection is simply essential in a modern vacation home these days and probably the most important feature your guests will expect. Excluded from this are, of course, accommodations that serve exactly the purpose that guests can relax once without Internet and enjoy a retreat, without modern communication technology may.

However, the reality is that many guests won’t even consider your accommodation if you can’t offer a fast, wireless Internet connection. Especially in the age of digital nomads, a functioning Internet is simply part of the initial equipment of a vacation home. So there is also a risk of getting bad reviews for your vacation rental, should you not have explicitly pointed out in advance that there is no corresponding WLAN connection available.

3. Cable TV or streaming service

Even if many guests will probably not spend much time in front of the TV while they are guests in your vacation home, a TV with the appropriate offer is expected as a must-have by default by many guests in the vacation home.

Ideally, cable TV is included; in combination with a smart TV that provides access to providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can earn additional points relatively easily. Also live channels and local news, as well as weather reports are part of the optimal package.

4. Surround Sound System

Depending on your needs, you can install a full surround sound system or a few high-quality speakers (for example, in the living room of your vacation home). So your guests can enjoy movie nights to the fullest or just listen to their favorite music.

5. DVDs and books

If you can’t or don’t want to offer cable TV or a service like Netflix in your vacation rental, it’s a good idea to provide guests with a selection of movies and books as an alternative. Make sure that there is something for all age groups and that even small children can be entertained on rainy afternoons.

Here are some popular classics that you could provide to your guests in your vacation accommodation:

  • Kevin – Home Alone
  • Willy Wonka& the chocolate factory
  • Matilda
  • The Lion King
  • Ratatouille

6. Game console

Above all, families with older children will thank you if you have a Nintendo Switch or a PlayStation in your vacation home. Also, offer a selection of games for the whole family in your vacation rental starter kit to make your vacation rental appealing to travelers of all ages.

7. Games for the whole family

If possible, spare families from having to bring the entire entertainment program from home on vacation themselves. For children you can provide pencils, books and toys for free. Parents will certainly thank you.

A few board and card games for unforgettable game nights with the whole family will also go down very well with your visitors. This includes the classics Memory, Monopoly and Mensch-argere-Dich-Nicht (Man-Again-Don’t-Do). And of course, this does not only apply to guests arriving with children. Couples or friends will also appreciate a few good games in the vacation home for sure.

8. City and country maps, travel guides, and recommendations

Without question, maps of the city and its surroundings are part of any good initial equipment of a vacation home.Therefore, provide your guests with a good selection of information about the region, local attractions and highlights. Also a personal recommendation for restaurants and cafes in the area is always very welcome by vacationers. After all, this can save a long search during the stay.

Accordingly, information material on famous buildings, cultural offerings, nature parks and historical sites is also welcome.

9. Adapters for power outlets and chargers

Regardless of whether you receive mainly local guests or international travelers also vacation in your apartment – charging cables and adapters should not be missing in your apartment. While most guests carry their own adapters for power outlets and chargers, sometimes even the most experienced travelers can forget something. In this case, a small supply of universal adapters and chargers can make you a heroic lifesaver with your visitors.

10. A free welcome package

You will make a particularly good and lasting impression on your guests if a small welcome package is waiting for them on arrival. But this attention does not have to be expensive at all. A successful arrangement of local goodies – such as sweets, coffee, wine and postcards – is an appealing way to welcome and enchant your visitors to the vacation region. Nevertheless, you may of course be creative here. Thus, a welcome package can include local snacks and drinks, practical information about the surrounding area and sightseeing and co. of course also a personalized welcome gift included. If you consider all travelers here, you can score enormously. Gumdrops for the kids, a special chocolate for the adults or even a treat for the four-legged companion will make a good impression.

11. Transfers and excursions

Instead of having your guests book these services elsewhere, you can team up with a local partner yourself and offer a great deal. There are various types of excursions and transfers to choose from, such as:

  • Airport transfer
  • Transfers to nearby cities
  • Chauffeur service
  • Sightseeing tours

12. Landline phone

In times of modern mobile telephony, this point may sound a bit old-fashioned at first, but some guests still appreciate the comfort of a landline phone. Especially on vacation, this can also be particularly useful. Especially international guests, who want to book a table in a local restaurant or a tour, will thank you for it. Because calls with your own cell phone can quickly become particularly expensive. But also for local guests a landline can be helpful. For example, if your home is not connected to the power grid and there is no WiFi available, the good old landline phone can be an important tool for planning trips, ordering food and more. Keep in mind, however, that it may be useful to emphasize in the house rules of your vacation home that only local calls with the landline phone are allowed.

13. Fireplace

Your vacation home does not have a fireplace? Consider this investment anyway? Depending on the location, a fireplace can further enhance an already cozy vacation home. For example, if your vacation rental is located near a ski resort or is a well-known winter destination, a fireplace could be almost essential and actually be part of your vacation rental’s initial decor. For it may be that guests are explicitly looking for accommodation with a fireplace, as they consider it part of the overall experience.

14. Office supplies

For many, traveling is no longer just a vacation. As travel continues to change today, we are finding that many guests are no longer just taking traditional trips. With increasing freedom to work online as well, more and more digital nomads or remote workers are also looking for vacation spots that offer them all the amenities of a vacation rental office. By adding classic office supplies such as sticky notes, pens, paper, notebooks, or even a computer monitor to your initial vacation rental kit, you show your guests that your vacation rental is also suitable for a stay while working and relaxing.

Kitchen equipment

In a vacation rental, equipping the kitchen with the standard utensils is especially important. Dishes, glasses, cups and cutlery should definitely be available in sufficient quantity. If you also offer great extras like wine glasses and bottle openers, you will ensure a perfect stay.

Also, basic spices like salt and pepper should always be on hand. But to really wow your guests, be sure to provide various spices, cooking oils, and a healthy supply of coffee, tea, and sugar. Especially when guests arrive late or can’t or don’t want to shop right at the beginning, this makes a huge difference. With the items listed below from our vacation rental initial equipment checklist, you’ll be well taken care of when it comes to what to stock in a rental kitchen.

15. Small kitchen appliances

For those guests who prefer to be self-sufficient on vacation, cooking utensils, a set of kitchen knives, a kettle, as well as a coffee maker are extremely practical kitchen utensils. Rice stoves, slow stoves and blenders can also be very useful. Beyond that, however, a set of sharp knives, pots, cutlery, serving dishes and co. not missing. You can also score points by including blenders, juicers, food processors and similar items in your vacation home’s initial equipment.

And your vacation rental shouldn’t be without a coffee pot, coffee and filters, a bottle opener and a corkscrew either.

Remember that the vacation season is a good time to expand your offerings and provide an impressive variety of amenities that can be helpful when cooking big family meals. Impress your vacation guests, for example, with the following kitchen equipment:

  • Frying pan
  • Thermometer
  • Sieve
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Shopping bag

16. Complimentary breakfast and an individually stocked fridge

Stock your fridge with a few essential foods ahead of time before guests arrive. This could include cookies, juices and ingredients for breakfast. You can also contact your guests ahead of time and ask them if you can provide certain food items. Especially for vacationers with specific nutritional needs, this is a very helpful service and immediately makes you feel at home.

17. Tupperware

Many guests will certainly want to take day trips during their stay to explore the sights in the region. To make it easy for your guests to carry prepared food and snacks on the go, you can add some Tupperware to your vacation rental initial kit. So offer Tupperware in different sizes, for example, to allow hiking buddies to bring their own food for the day. Since Tupperware often gets lost quickly, you can also offer cling film or aluminum foil as an alternative.

18. Cleaning supplies for the kitchen

If your guests have booked a longer stay, then of course they will want to have a clean kitchen as that is where the food will be prepared. If they are only staying for one night, however, you as the landlord certainly don’t want to be the one washing the dirty dishes before the next guests arrive.

For this reason, enough dishwashing liquid, a sponge or brush, a drying rack for the dishes, and clean dish towels belong on the vacation rental equipment checklist. If your kitchen already has a dishwasher, you only have to worry about dishwasher detergent or dishwasher tabs, and possibly an instruction manual.

19. Child-friendly accessories

Parents traveling with babies or toddlers will be very grateful if they don’t have to take every single accessory with them on vacation. Equip your kitchen with children’s cutlery and dishes, as well as disposable bibs. You could also go a step further and keep a high chair in your accommodation to make your accommodation child-friendly for traveling families. Or you can provide a small child’s cart for free use. So think about what you need for a child-friendly vacation home, which equipment items could be particularly helpful for families with children and create added value.

20. Pet friendly needs

If you allow your guests to bring their dogs to the apartment, you could accommodate them by providing bowls for food and water.

In addition, you could also keep a few treats on hand as a special welcome to the four-legged guests. Dog owners will definitely appreciate it and remember such a thoughtful gesture when they review your accommodation later on!

In addition, it can be worthwhile to include dog towels, a cuddly blanket or similar in the initial equipment of your pet-friendly vacation rental. On the one hand, you make it much easier for guests with pets, because they don’t have to bring everything from home. On the other hand, you can also make sure that the guest towels are not used to dry the paws of the beloved four-legged friend. Finally, it is also worthwhile to prepare a special welcome for travelers with pets, describing exactly which areas of the vacation home the animal is allowed to use, that sofas and beds are off limits for dogs and cats, etc.

Furnishing the bathroom

Even if you don’t offer spa treatments in your vacation rental, you can provide for a luxurious and relaxing stay. Pamper your guests with the following amenities and give your accommodation the touch of a spa:

21. Care products

You can always offer grooming products and they are almost part of the basic equipment in a hotel. If you also provide the vacationers in your vacation rental with grooming products, they will be thrilled and pleased to know that they can enjoy the same amenities here as they would in a hotel.

Soap and shampoo dispensers can be quickly and easily attached to a shower wall. If you also provide hair conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste and mouthwash, you will win over every guest. You could even surprise your guests with bath salts, bath bombs and essential oils.

22. Fresh, fluffy towels

Invest in high-quality towels that will make your bathroom look good and your guests feel completely at ease. Soft, clean towels in a reasonable size are simply part of the initial equipment of a good vacation rental. If you also want to do something extra special for your guests, feel free to provide a few more towels.

However, if your apartment is located near the beach, it may be worthwhile to provide additional beach towels and to explicitly inform the guests that they should not take the guest towels to the beach.

23. Hair dryer

Space counts when traveling. Therefore, your guests will thank you if you offer a hair dryer in the vacation home. This way, guests won’t have to bring extra appliances from home and will benefit from useful comforts that you provide in your vacation home.

24. More products for hair care

If a hairdryer has already been included in your vacation rental’s initial equipment, you can go one step further. For example, how about a hair straightener or curling iron? Why not! Provide also these devices and your visitors will feel very comfortable with you.

25. Body and beauty care products

Besides the basic hygiene accessories, you can also equip the bathroom in your vacation rental with additional beauty items. For example, you could provide disposable razors and shaving gel, makeup remover and face masks. Such small additions will make your guests feel as if you have booked a spa weekend. This will definitely enhance their vacation experience.

26. Personal hygiene kits

If you don’t want to stock your bathrooms with all these toiletries, you can put together simple grooming kits for your guests that include some useful (and affordable) items such as cotton swabs and a small sewing kit.

27. Barrier-free facility

Show with your first aid kit that you welcome each and every guest and that you are ready to meet their special needs. This can be achieved, for example, with a barrier-free bathroom. To do this, attach a handrail next to the toilet, provide a seat that can be placed in the shower, and install low-hanging mirrors and shelves.

Amenities like these will really make your vacation rental stand out for travelers with disabilities and older guests.

28. Enough storage space

This seems like an obvious point, but if your bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space, it can become a real hassle for visitors. Larger families or groups in particular will need space for the hygiene items they bring with them. If this isn’t available, your bathroom will likely be in chaos after the first day.

By purchasing a simple bathroom shelf, you can easily prevent this from happening and also minimize the amount of cleaning required after the fact.

29. Scale for luggage

We all tend to bring home a few extra pounds after enjoying good food on vacation. It is simply proof that you have properly savored your vacation! However, the purpose of providing a bathroom scale as part of your vacation rental’s initial equipment in this case relates to the extra luggage weight your guest may have accumulated at the end of their trip.

After buying all kinds of souvenirs, gifts and new clothes, they can use the bathroom scale to check if their bags and suitcases are still within the booked airline’s weight limit. This practical feature will definitely be appreciated by guests who have made an extensive shopping trip or two.

30. First aid kit

Safety is arguably one of the most important aspects of renting a vacation home. Even though no one expects or hopes it will happen, cuts and bruises are not uncommon on vacation. Instead of letting minor accidents ruin your vacation, you can avoid unpleasant experiences by providing a first aid kit in your vacation home. Place this either directly in the bathroom or in an accessible location in the home.

The first aid kit should contain bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, disposable gloves and medical tweezers. If you want to be extra thorough, you can pack other items as well, z. B. Creams for insect bites, children’s band-aids, painkillers, ice packs, a digital thermometer and saline solution.

31. Heated floors

Have you ever had a wonderful shower or bath and then ended up on ice cold tiles? Remember, when you’re trying to provide a spa experience for your guests, you need to think about every little detail – right down to the flooring. Heated floors, especially in winter accommodations, are a big plus for guests.

If you’ve already planned a bathroom renovation, you can also add heated floors to your vacation rental decor checklist to give your guests the added comfort of a temperature-controlled floor.

32. Bathrobes and slippers

Keeping with the theme of luxury, provide your guests with bathrobes and slippers to enhance the spa feeling. You can hang these in the bathroom or in the bedroom if you have more space there.

But take it a step further and customize the bathrobes with your logo! Have your vacation rental’s logo printed on the bathrobes or the top of the slippers to complete the experience and make your accommodation even more memorable.

Bedroom amenities

As is commonly known, the quality of sleep determines how you feel the following day. So, if you want your guests to be happy and satisfied with and in your vacation rental, you should provide a comfortable night’s rest. Here’s what you can contribute:

33. High quality bedding and fluffed pillows

We know you certainly didn’t want to spend a fortune on bedding, but you should definitely invest in good quality sheets and bedding that are durable and will still look good after many washings. Your guests will thank you. A cozy blanket and fluffy pillows on the bed will also ensure a memorable night’s rest for your visitors.

34. Sleep masks, earplugs and other accessories

For the well-being of your guests and to ensure a healthy sleep of your guests, also sleep masks for one-time use and appropriate earplugs contribute. You can also provide alarm clocks, a music system or other sleep aids to help you slumber gently.

35. Blackout curtains

Many people have difficulty sleeping in a bright environment. You’ll thank them if you add blackout curtains or blinds in the bedrooms of your vacation rental as part of the initial setup. Especially if your bedroom faces the sun, this should definitely be on your vacation rental’s amenities checklist.

36. Air conditioner or fan

If guests arrive during the hot season, being able to cool down the sleeping area will greatly improve their comfort. If there is no air conditioning installed in your accommodation, provide at least one fan per bedroom to provide a cool breeze at night.

37. Sockets next to the bed

Position the beds so that there is an electrical outlet nearby. If that’s not possible, you can also use extension cords that are discreetly routed. This will allow your guests to charge their cell phones at night and keep them nearby in case they use them as an alarm clock.

38. Mosquito repellent

If the bedroom windows in your accommodation allow it, install mosquito nets to protect your guests from annoying noises and bites at night. Alternatively, you could provide a mosquito lamp for guests to plug in before they go to sleep. Or you could provide stylish mosquito nets placed directly over the beds for coziness and added comfort.

Accessories for cleaning and storage

According to TripAdvisor’s 2016 survey on vacation rentals, 67% of travelers believe vacation rentals are better than hotels because you can do your laundry whenever you want (at no extra cost). But what other advantages do these guests see in a vacation apartment?

39. Cleaning supplies

By providing cleaning supplies to your guests and also placing them in easy view, you encourage them to clean. Just make a small set of basic cleaning products of commonly known brands. You can also include a little guide on which cleaning product is suitable for which area, z.B. Shower walls or countertops in the kitchen. It is also important to inform your guests how to use the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher correctly. How to avoid annoyances on both sides.

40. Washing machine and dryer

Ideally, your vacation apartment is equipped with its own washing machine and tumble dryer, which can be used by your guests. Vacationers like to clean their clothes on longer trips and some like to return from vacation with clean clothes.

If your vacation home does not have its own laundry room, you should inform your guests if and where there is a laundromat nearby. Appropriate information is always welcome. A clothesline or clothes rack should also be available to your guests in the accommodation as part of the initial equipment of your vacation home.

41. Iron and storage facilities

Since your guests will arrive with clothes out of their suitcases, which usually wrinkle there, you should offer them an iron and the appropriate ironing board. A suitcase rack in the closet is also particularly practical and avoids the hassle of bending over your suitcase. There should be enough hangers in the closet and a chest of drawers, closet or cupboard will allow your visitors to unpack and arrange all their belongings.

42. Wardrobe and shoe storage

Encourage your guests to keep the interiors clean by providing ample storage space for dirty boots and wet coats right at the entrance. In addition, you can offer your guests slippers or cozy warm socks for use in your vacation home.

43. Fragrance dispenser

In addition, you can buy a room spray and attach a toilet stone. These products may not necessarily improve the hygiene of your vacation home, but a tidy environment that also smells pleasant will further enhance the feeling of cleanliness and comfort and provide added convenience.

44. Locker

It is incredibly important that guests feel safe during their stay. In addition to standard measures to prevent break-ins to the vacation rental, guests also want to make sure their own belongings are safe in your home. With a rental safe in the bedroom or in the closets, guests can lock up what is important to them without fear and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Documents such as your passport, important documents or cash should also be kept safe in a vacation apartment.

Equipment for outdoor activities

To ensure an all-around successful stay and exceed your guests’ expectations, you can consider what else they might need for a great vacation. Again, ask yourself: "What do I need for a vacation rental?"

45. Garden furniture

If you want to fully furnish your outdoor area, you can make it extra cozy with a table, chairs, sun loungers, a couch or a hammock. This equipment allows your guests to completely relax and enjoy their time outside in the fresh air and belongs accordingly on every checklist.

46. Sun protection

In the outdoor area, you should provide your guests with means to protect themselves from direct sunlight. For example, you can put a parasol or even a whole gazebo on the terrace of your accommodation to provide some shade for your guests. Natural shady places under a tree in the garden, in a comfortable beach chair or similar are also conceivable.

47. Equipment for the beach

If your vacation rental is near a beach, it’s a good idea to provide beach towels, folding chairs and a cooler. If available, also bodyboards, inflatable toys for children or air mattresses provide fun in the sea! By putting yourself in your guests’ shoes and thinking carefully about what things you would also like to use during a vacation and don’t necessarily want to bring from home, you create added value and score huge points with your guests.

48. Accessories in case of rain

If it rains regularly in the region where your vacation home is located? If so, umbrellas and a couple of raincoats are especially useful for guests. Alternatively, you can also include rain capes in the initial equipment of your vacation home to make your guests’ stay as pleasant as possible despite wet rainy days.

49. Bicycles and tips for mobility

Put together a small information folder explaining to your guests how best to get from A to B in the city and region. Public transport timetables and maps of the countryside and the surrounding area are also useful. Bicycles are also very popular with most guests, allowing them to explore the area on their own, just like the locals.

However, if you decide to provide your guests with bicycles, don’t forget about safety as well. Bike helmets are therefore just as important as regular bike maintenance. So make sure brakes and gears are working optimally, tires have enough air and an air pump is ready for the road, as well as locks.

50. Outdoor games

There are many games that can be played outdoors by both young and older guests. A soccer ball, frisbee or badminton equipment are fun activities that everyone can participate in! These are the very things you can easily include on your checklist for a vacation rental amenity, making them fun and special.

51. A private swimming pool

This point isn’t feasible for all vacation rentals, of course, but according to a survey by Orlando Vacation Homes 360, 81% of people who rent a vacation rental say a pool is especially important when choosing a property. If you have the option, seriously consider offering a swimming pool or hot tub. This allows you to increase the rental price and immediately increase your rental income!

52. Barbecue

Nothing beats a barbecue on a beautiful summer evening on vacation. Having a barbecue will definitely make your traveler property stand out from the competition. Therefore if only a simple grill should belong to each vacation home Erstausstattung. In addition, it is also a good idea to provide appropriate utensils for the barbecue evening such as a bag of charcoal, barbecue tongs, a cutting board or the like. In addition, you should inform your guests in the house rules that special utensils are available and that under certain circumstances not all kitchen utensils can or should be used for barbecuing.

53. Outdoor lighting

Your guests may want to enjoy the warm summer nights even after the sun has gone down. Make it possible by placing lighting in warm colors in the outdoor area of your accommodation. In addition to electric lighting for the garden, terrace or balcony, you can also provide candles. Regardless of whether you rent out a small city apartment, a bungalow or a cottage on the beach, you will create extra atmosphere in no time with such a vacation home initial equipment.

54. Parking spaces

Many guests will arrive by car to your vacation home. Of course, they will then also need a parking space for their vehicles. If possible, make this option available to them – either on your own property or by directing them to nearby parking lots. Also, inform your guests before they arrive if and where parking is available, the maximum number of vehicles that can fit, and whether this will result in additional fees.

55. Charging stations for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are the future and it’s becoming more common for guests to bring or rent these cars when they’re on vacation. By having an electric car charging station on your property, you are not only leading the way for the future of vacation rentals, but you are also creating a "wow factor" for your guests. Be one of the few who offer such an innovative facility.

You can either measure the cost of the kilowatt hour (kWh) consumed or add a surcharge to the base price of the vacation rental to offset the cost of charging electric vehicles.

Extra: How must a vacation home be equipped?

In the end, the amenities of your vacation home or apartment will depend on the location, the property and the type of guests you have. Additional amenities can also help your vacation home move up from the "good" category to the "perfect" category.

For example, if you’re renting out a beachfront vacation home, be sure to have extra towels, picnic baskets, cooler bags for the beach, or even snorkeling gear, as well as a bucket and shovel ready for the kids. On the other hand, if you rent out a mountain cabin, you can score points with things like water bottles, hiking maps and special hiking equipment.

Of course, you can always provide your guests with basic amenities and still get good reviews. However, if you really want to impress your guests, you need to go the extra mile! A good way to choose the best vacation rental amenities is to look around your property, imagine yourself as a guest, and ask yourself, "What do I need for a vacation rental??" and above all: "What would be great to make my guests feel especially welcome?

If you’re worried that you’re offering too many amenities, you can stay on top of things with an amenities vacation rental checklist and list everything you offer. You can also have the guest sign this list. By doing this, both parties agree that all items will remain in the vacation home and in whatever condition they are in.

Need help creating a suitable checklist for your vacation rental amenities? No problem. We have prepared a free vacation rental amenities checklist for you, which you can download with one click here.

With over 50 amenities, it can be a challenge to keep track of them all. So don’t hesitate and download our vacation rental equipment checklist to make sure your vacation home is equipped with all the essentials that will make the home and vacation special for your guests!

Initial furnishing of a vacation home – Is it possible to write off the costs??

If you’ve read through all the things in this article at your leisure, you may be starting to sweat. Despite all the motivation to make future guests feel particularly welcome in their own four walls, landlords are often faced with enormous acquisition and renovation costs. The positive news, however, is that you probably already own a lot of the things we’ve mentioned above, and can also gradually expand the range in your vacation home. In addition, however, there is also the possibility of renovation costs and acquisition costs for various things tax deductible and depreciate over the years. You can find out in detail what is possible here, among other things, on the applicable AfA lists of the Federal Ministry of Finance. Alternatively, however, it is always advisable to contact an experienced tax consultant and get individual advice.

If you now want to make sure that your vacation home has everything necessary to stand out from the crowd, simply download our equipment checklist for vacation homes! Check on the basis of the various points, how you can further enhance your vacation home and set yourself apart professionally from the competition. However, a professional appearance in the area of vacation rentals is not only ensured by the equipment of your vacation home. Also a proven Vacation home software or a proven Vacation apartment booking system are useful.

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