6 Signs that you are better than you think you are

Poor performance is often perceived to outweigh good results. The boss criticizes mistakes more often than he praises and appreciates good performance. It is often the same with customers: those who meet or exceed expectations rarely hear a thank you. To ourselves we are no different: our harshest critic – that is ourselves. Our failures are more present than our successes. And that then shapes our self-image. Stop it! Today, we’re going to show you at least 6 signs that you’re performing better than you think you are…

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6 signs that your performance is better than you think it is

The profession takes a central role for many people. Not least because we spend a large part of the day with our jobs, colleagues and business partners. Most pursue personal as well as professional goals. So it’s no wonder that recognition and appreciation by the boss, colleagues, friends and family are so important and closely linked to performance at work.

If you perform well, you are rightly proud of it, Likes to report it and draws energy and self-confidence from it. Unfortunately, some people also become mentally dependent on them and thus fall into a kind of recognition trap. Effect: If achievements are not recognized or praise for them fails to materialize, self-doubt grows. It is all the more important that we regularly remind ourselves that we are better than we think about ourselves…

You take feedback to heart

Feedback is not always positive. Even if it is constructive feedback. In the end, the bland aftertaste remains that someone has not assessed one’s own performance perfectly, wants to make improvements or is of the opinion that they can do it better themselves. We can and should learn from constructive criticism – but we don’t have to take it to heart – in the sense of: "Everything was bad."

On the contrary: Don’t overhear the praise that is in all feedback. Last but not least, the belief in you that you can do better. Otherwise, your counterpart would not want to work with you. There is always a leap of faith in instructive criticism. You should give the same to yourself.

You make mistakes

Mistakes are "helpers" – if only by rearranging the letters. We learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. For they happen where we have stepped out of our comfort zone and dared to do something new. Well, that didn’t work out. But now we have learned something valuable. Mistakes and setbacks are an unmistakable sign of growth – as contradictory as that may sound. The decisive factor is how we deal with it.

A mistake may represent poor performance in the short term. In the long run, however, this will make your work better – as long as you don’t make the same mistakes more than once and learn from them. So don’t let the frustration and anger about it distract you: get up, learn, move on – do better!

You believe in your own abilities

Believe that you basically perform well? Sure, you do! Why else not give up, learn from your mistakes (see above), and don’t quit??! In essence you are convinced that you can do it. And that is also the truth! Self-belief and discipline make us persevere and arrive. Self-doubt gnaws away. But it’s like the parable of the two dogs: whichever one we feed grows stronger…

Never underestimate the power of thought. You can strengthen or weaken our self-confidence. The positive seed is already in you: you are convinced of your abilities, otherwise you would not compete. Maybe it’s just not yet visible to the others how good your performance is. But that too can be changed. But they are always there.

You set yourself challenges

The bigger the challenge at the beginning, the slower you move forward. And the worse your performance can appear. However, you should not be put off by the initial results. All beginnings are difficult – and often even associated with hardships. Often we have to leave our comfort zone – and that doesn’t feel comfortable.

But you will grow with every challenge. Personal and professional. Sometimes the road takes some time. But that just proves: you have stamina, willingness to take risks and courage – and all these are great achievements you can be proud of.

You do not give up

When the going gets tough, many people think about giving up or taking the path of least resistance. Not you – you keep going. Because you believe in your goals, because they are your goals. Class!

To bite through and not give up also means, That you are fully focused and committed to a task. You may not even be aware of it: but this means that your efforts and performance are already at a high level. Moreover, you possess a quality that many consider to be an essential key to success: Volition.

You follow your passion

Signs achievements passion

Every person has a passion. Something that his heart beats for, that he does with love and that fulfills him. Follow your passion, it will be reflected in your achievements. Colloquially, we speak of someone being "on fire" for one, his or her cause. How’s that for you? Have you already found what you burn for – follow your passion?

If the answer is "yes", you can believe in yourself more. As said at the beginning: What others think about it is secondary. Just because others don’t notice what you accomplish, create, achieve, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Have patience. Quality will prevail sooner or later and it will be noticed. From the right ones anyway. But the beginning is always up to you: Keep going!

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