A little boy called santa claus – a little story for advent

Instead of a yearly calendar, a little story from St. Nicholas about Advent

There are many story around St. Nicholas, who was born on 6. December every year fills the boots of children. Red cheeks and beaming faces he conjures up in the faces of young and old alike. But woe betide him if he wields his rod and rebukes the children. Some then seek shelter behind the mother or father. But who was Nicholas?

Instead of a yearly calendar I wrote a little story for you about Santa Claus who wanted to learn to dance and something came in his way.

A few anecdotes

Who actually was Nikolaus?

St. Nicholas was born about between 270 and 286 n. Chr. born in the city of Patara in Lycia. The town is near Myra (now Demre), which was then the bishop’s see and is now Turkey. According to traditions he was ordained priest at the age of 19; later abbot of the monastery of Sion near Myra. In 310, during the persecution of the Christians, he was imprisoned and his inherited fortune was distributed among the needy. Later he was bishop of Myra and was one of the most famous saints.

Why do we celebrate St. Nicholas Day?

In memory of St. Nicholas of Myra we celebrate this day, because Nicholas died on 6. December between 345 and 351 n. Chr. Before the Reformation, which took place between 1571 and 1648, Christmas presents were originally given on St. Nicholas Day. Today it is the 24. December or other Christmas holidays, depending on countries and their traditions. In Germany they kept the 6. December as his name day and it is a day of children. Whether they are good or not, the children receive a small gift and are often told the story of St. Nicholas.

Sometimes you have to,

where one thinks it is the right thing!

The dance of little Nicholas

Long ago there lived a little boy called St. Nicholas. He dreamed of becoming a dancer. Everywhere and everyone he told. At the same time his eyes shone. But his mother was horrified, because little boys could not learn to dance. A pretext that she used again and again during his school years. Nicholas looked sadly into her face and kept dreaming. He would often sneak out of the house at noon and press his nose against the window of the ballet school. After graduating from school, Nikolaus again expressed his desire to become a dancer. However, his father said that boys don’t do that and that he should learn a real profession. He learned in a locksmith’s shop and became a master craftsman. On weekends he bought a theater ticket as often as possible and watched ballet performances longingly. He did not have the courage to fight back.

Then one day just before his wedding he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. His legs were paralyzed and he got a wheelchair. The doctors gave him no hope of ever walking again. Nicholas was infinitely sad because his great dream burst like a soap bubble. Never to learn to dance again? He believed in a miracle. A few weeks later he woke up in the morning, got up and began to practice walking. Three months later, he enrolled in ballet school and learned to dance. Nicholas did not become a great dancer, but he fulfilled a dream. His dream. He danced his way back to life!

Do not postpone your dreams,

because sometime it might be too late!

Dreams are there to be lived

My wish is that you try to realize your dreams and maybe I could put a smile on your face. The MS is not a one-way street, it is not the end of our life. For many it is a new beginning. Therefore listen to yourself, listen to your heart. You have only one life and therefore from today start to realize your dreams. Tell me your dream, even your little ones?

Soon it will be St. Nicholas Day and St. Nicholas was also ill. Whether he had MS I doubt, but our little one from the story had it and started to live his dream anyway.

A reflective and relaxing Advent season I wish you and beautiful dreams!

If it feels good,

that is it the right thing to do!

– trust your intuition.

Wise stories "Dance of life" by © Giesela Rieger Ι modified by me to our life with MS

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