Am i in love? 13 signs of butterflies in your stomach + self-test

Am I in love? – This question is not always easy to answer and causes confusion in our emotional world. We’ll inform you about the different gradations of love and help you figure out if you’re in love with 13 sure signs. Finally create clarity and do the self-test.

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Am I in love? – I am in love! – Or not?

Am I in love? – I am in love! – Or not?

Our emotions often play tricks on us and can be influenced by a wide variety of factors. That’s why it can be difficult for us to interpret or name them clearly. In particular, the subject of love does not make it easy for us. Knowing you’re in love can turn your whole world upside down.

You might suddenly feel the need to get into a relationship or you might try to suppress your feelings because you know that a relationship could never work out and you would suffer from heartbreak. In either case, you probably want to know if the other person feels the same way you do. Such strong emotions are hard to keep in check and will bring some changes in your life.

Being in love can be expressed in different nuances and everyone defines being in love a bit differently. Maybe you find yourself in one of the statements and they help you to better define or delimit your feelings. Possible answers to the question of whether you are in love could be:

  • The other person means an incredible amount to me, but I don’t know if I’m in love or not. How does it feel?
  • I’m just having a crush, there are no real feelings involved. Maybe I was more impressed than in love.
  • I have a crush and it tingles a little, but you can’t call it love.
  • I can’t get the person out of my mind and I want a relationship.
  • I am in love, but I cannot imagine a relationship with the other person.
  • I am more than in love. I love everything about this person.

If you are still having a hard time describing and putting your feelings into words, maybe some of our love sayings or love quotes can help you out.

The difference between infatuation and love

The difference between being in love and being in love

What is the difference between infatuation and love and can you feel both at the same time?? Infatuation can definitely be considered a precursor to love, but it can always blossom within a relationship as well. In the first phase of infatuation, you see everything through rose-colored glasses and your feelings go crazy. You feel a tingling in your stomach and could embrace the whole world. This phase can fade away with slight crushes and is mainly physical. It is primarily about the attraction and desire that you feel for the other person.

The other possibility is that being in love develops into true love. Now it is not only the physical that counts, but a true bond is formed. Friendship and trust develop – the most important prerequisites for a happy relationship.

Infatuation and love in a relationship

When infatuation dies down in a relationship and it is time for love to emerge, it can be a test of endurance. Once the rose-colored glasses have come off and you are dealing with the problems of everyday life together, you no longer notice only the positive qualities in the other person. When love has developed and it is strong enough, it is possible to overlook the other person’s negative qualities.

The feeling of being in love does not have to be limited to the first phase of a relationship. Although it is the most intense phase, springtime feelings can always come back later on. Especially certain external circumstances can cause this feeling. This could be, for example, a vacation together or the decision to move in together or to get married. You feel freshly in love again, even though you’ve known each other for so long. Also in this phase the small whims of the other person move into the background. Bad times or quarrels are forgotten. The focus is on the qualities of the other person and the good times in the relationship.

You are in love: 13 sure signs

Women and men behave surprisingly similar when they are in love. For this reason, we could find a variety of signs that apply to both sexes. You can finally be sure if you are really in love or if it is just a little crush that will quickly fade away.

Good mood and satisfaction

You’re always in a good mood when you’re around the other person? And you are generally quite happy and content with your life lately? This is a clear sign that you are in love. When we spend time with a person we have strong feelings for, our mood automatically improves. Just think about how happy you are to see a good friend again. When you are in love, the feeling intensifies many times over. You can express yourself with the statement "I could embrace the whole world!" identify? You are clearly in love.

Exuberance and drive

Lovers are highly enterprising

You are in love when you suddenly feel like doing new things and the drive overcomes you. You have much more energy than usual and feel like doing physical activities. You’re also much more spontaneous compared to usual and also have more self-confidence. You may even want to look your best on the outside to impress your crush. Even exuberant emotional reactions to ordinary things, are a sign of infatuation. When you are in love, life is just more fun for you.

The other influences your planning

You catch yourself canceling dates or appointments to be with the other person? You also make sure that you schedule certain days off to spend time with the other person? You are most likely in love. Of course, you sometimes postpone appointments for a good friend, but as a rule you don’t align all your planning with him or her. When you are in love, the other person has priority over everything else.

Little appetite

This sign does not have to apply to every single person, but for many it can be interpreted as a clear sign of being in love: Little appetite. The saying "to be able to live on air and love" describes it aptly: people in love are often so happy and content that they no longer have any need for food at all. You draw enough energy for the day from your state of mind.

Lack of concentration

The Latin proverb "Amantes amentes" is a good one.", in German: "Lovers are out of their minds.", respectively "Lovers, crazy people." illustrates your mental state. You act against reason and are guided by your emotions. Often accompanied by lack of concentration and confusion. With the body going crazy, the mind can’t think straight either. Everything revolves around feelings and the one person who triggers them. On the one hand, this is a nice feeling, but on the other hand, it is less easy to cope with everyday life, since concentration and focus are required for school or university as well as for the job. Here you can find tips and exercises for more concentration.

Singing and humming

This symptom of infatuation need not apply to everyone. Nevertheless, the sudden desire to sing or hum is definitely an expression of cheerfulness and happiness. Especially with people who are otherwise rather reserved with vocal expression, singing is a conspicuous characteristic for being in love. It serves as an outlet for the good mood and the surplus of energy.

Your taste in music changes

Romantic love songs have been a no-go for you so far? Well, if you’re in love, that can change pretty quickly. Kitschy ballads suddenly trigger something in you that you can identify with and you may even feel the urge to sing along with them.

Just one more thought

When you are in love with someone, you are constantly thinking about that person. Everything somehow reminds you of her and every sensible thought is thwarted by her. Thus also your topics of conversation shift again and again to this one person. When another subject comes into focus, you look for reasons to talk about her again. How could you do otherwise when she is the only thing on your mind at the moment??

Permanent smile

You are in love when you find yourself smiling more often than not. When people smile and laugh, the happiness hormones endorphin and serotonin are released. Just the movement of the corners of your mouth upwards signals to our brain that we are happy. People in love smile unusually much, especially when they talk about their crush, get a message from him or think about him.

An angel’s patience

Since the world shines in a new light for you and you are all-around happy when you are in love, it also affects those around you. You are friendlier with your fellow men and have much more patience with them. Even on bad days and with difficult tasks, no one can spoil your mood so quickly. Being in love makes it easier for you to put up with unpleasant things.

Sleepless nights

You are clearly in love if you lie awake in bed at night and can only think about the one person. You dream about what could become of you and reminisce about your experiences together. Also, you are way too excited to sleep right now and your thoughts don’t want to let you go. It’s similar to appetite: people in love draw so much energy from their emotions that they not only need less food, but also less sleep.

You often look at your cell phone

You often look at your cell phone

People in love find it hard to bear being away from their crushes. You would prefer to be in constant contact with him/her and always want to know what the other person is doing at the moment. Infatuation could also be described as fascination for the other person. Everything he does is interesting and every word he writes is like music to your ears. When you’re in love, you’ll look at your phone much more often than usual – constantly expecting to receive a new message or call.

No more flirting and dating

When you are really in love, you lose interest in other potential partners. You want only one person anyway and he is the best choice for you. No one can hold a candle to her, and you turn other interested parties away as quickly as possible. Your heart is already given away and you don’t want to risk the future with your crush, so for you it means: no more flirting and no more dating.

The self-test: Am I in love??

Now that we have shown you in detail the clear signs of being in love, you can create final clarity here with a small self-test: Are you in love or not? Try to give clear answers, i.e. "yes" or "no". Always reflect on your behavior in relation to your usual behavior. Just because you generally like to sing a lot, doesn’t mean you’re in love. Only when it has become more frequent by your standards, it can be a sign of being in love.

If you can answer more than five questions from the test with "yes", you are probably in love. If it’s more than five or even all of the questions, you’re clearly in love. If it’s less than five, it’s probably (still) a crush that you shouldn’t take so seriously – at least at this point – that it has noticeable effects on your whole life and your everyday life. This does not mean that you should suppress your feelings. Just let time take its course and see how your feelings develop. You can repeat the test at any time.

  1. Do I smile when the other person writes me a message??
  2. Do I look at my cell phone more often, expecting to have a message from the other person??
  3. Sing more often than usual?
  4. Do I feel different for a moment or have a nervous feeling in my stomach when the other person writes to me, calls me or we meet??
  5. Do I have less appetite than usual?
  6. Don’t feel like dating or flirting anymore?
  7. Do I make myself beautiful when we see each other?
  8. Do I have trouble falling asleep because I think about the other person??
  9. Do I smile more often than usual?
  10. Has my taste in music become cheesier?
  11. Have more patience than usual?
  12. Do I suddenly have problems concentrating?
  13. Am I in a better mood than usual or do I smile more often??

You have found out through the test that you are in love with a good friend? Here are some tips on how to get out of the friend zone.

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