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The cover letter is probably the biggest (and most time-consuming) hurdle for most applicants. An application is not a pure data sheet and especially in the cover letter you will face many new hurdles.Most job seekers will know the problem:

What do I write in an application?

But even if you know exactly what you want to say, you probably still spend some time looking for suitable wording, rearranging sentences, or even discarding entire sections again.

Formulating model-perfect sentences doesn’t come easily to most applicants. Here you will get some templates and inspiration to make it easier for you to write a convincing application letter. In addition, you will learn important information about the structure of a cover letter and much more, so that the writing will be a little easier for you.

How the cover letter is structured?

The ONE right way to build your application does not exist! Nevertheless, a certain pattern has emerged that is common and gives structure to your cover letter. Often, for example, the company reference is already made in the first paragraph. This is also a common method that can be happily used. It’s important that your cover letter has a clear concept after which it is structured – this makes your writing easier and prevents disjointed leaps of thought that make the cover letter more incomprehensible to the reader.

Below you will find a graphic that shows you the typical structure of an application:

Muter sentences and tips from the application coach

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Application Sample:

Never forget that the cover letter must describe your personal situation. It must fit you and reflect your strengths and motivation. In any case, take the job description of the employer to hand. Here you will usually find out exactly which skills the employer values. This refers to both the hard skills (skills and qualifications) and your soft skills (interpersonal and personal skills).

To make your application easier, here are some text modules for the various paragraphs of a job application. If they fit your situation, you can use these sentences in this way – or something similar – for your application:


Avoid the mistake of completely relying on meaningless standard phrases. Try to mention added value to the company right away or make a special connection to the company or industry. If you have already been in telephone contact with a contact person, this is of course also an opportunity to talk about this and to thank them again for the information provided.

"Looking for a new professional challenge, your job posting immediately appealed to me. I would like to introduce myself briefly, as I am sure that I can ideally fill the position of XY."

"Thank you very much for the friendly telephone conversation I had with you today. Our conversation has now made me all the more determined to apply for the position as XY and to contribute to your company in the future, as a dedicated employee."

"For some time now, I have been working intensively on the subject of XY. Through your advertised position, I see the perfect opportunity for me to realize my career in this area. I am a very inquisitive employee and can support your team, already after a short training period, energetically."

You can find more sample sentences for the first paragraph of the cover letter in the article: Introductory sentence job application – convince from the beginning.

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In the body, you should show that you have mastered the hard skills that are required in the job advertisement. Feel free to use specific tasks or projects that prove your qualifications. In addition, the main body also gives you the opportunity to explain your motivations for changing jobs or to explain any gaps in your resume. If you want to fall back on completely prefabricated sample sentences here, too, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you, because the main part in particular is all about shining through individuality.

A little help is still possible. Here you can find some examples for the main part of the application:

" In my current position as a web designer, I am independently responsible for the implementation and design of challenging customer projects. I also take over the communication with the client and implement the wishes as precisely as possible. Since I would like to focus more on XY in the future, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend myself to your company for these tasks."

"In my last employment I worked as a commercial employee for the sample company. Due to the insolvency proceedings I have been looking for a job again since March. Now I would like to Make the best out of my situation and have taken the opportunity to do further training in XY and hope to put this know-how into practice at your company."

"Currently I am working as an assistant to the management at the sample company. There I take over all customer correspondence and can prove my organizational talent and flexibility daily. I take responsibility in various projects – last year, for example, I was the main person responsible for our trade fair appearances, which secured us many new customers."

Company reference:

Sending out a large number of applications is neither unusual nor reprehensible. However, each application should be specific about the employer. Mass applications can easily be identified as such and usually do not leave a very good impression. In addition to the personal salutation, every cover letter should mention the company in at least one or two sentences. This will show the employer that you have also looked into their company and that you have explicitly chosen the company. Here you also have the chance to emphasize the added value you can bring to the table. Here are our text modules:

"As a sales manager, I managed to increase sales revenue by 20% in the last fiscal year at my last employer. Since your company is in a similar line of business, I am sure that you will also be able to increase your sales – after only a short time – and thus make a significant contribution to the success of the business."

"On your homepage you were able to present impressive sales figures from the past business year. This shows me great prospects and offers me the opportunity for an exciting and long-term job. I would like to contribute to the further success of the company with all my commitment."

"As a sales associate, it is especially important for me to be able to stand behind my products. Since your brand stands for high quality and you have great merchandise in your assortment, I am particularly interested in working for you."

motivation& Soft skills:

This paragraph is about your attitude/motivation and soft skills. These are especially important in professions with direct or indirect customer contact, but should not be ignored in any application. Focus on the "soft" skills, i.e. the interpersonal skills. Be sure to focus on the most important attributes. You will find information about the soft skills that are particularly important in the job advertisement. Praising you to the skies in too many areas can quickly come across as unsympathetic and/or untrustworthy.

" I am motivated to start my career with full commitment. My ability to grasp things quickly enables me to familiarize myself with new areas of responsibility and I look forward to taking on responsibility in your department."

"My empathetic nature is of particular benefit to me in this social profession, as I am always able to react sensitively to my patients. I have a lot of experience in dealing directly with more difficult cases, which enables me to react confidently at all times, even in exceptional situations."

"As a leader, good interaction and a good working atmosphere with my colleagues is especially important to me. I am a team player to whom cooperation with internal colleagues is just as important as a cultivated exchange on the customer side. In addition, I am motivated to face new challenges and to achieve and, if possible, exceed the company’s objectives."

Final sentence& Greeting:

In the last paragraph, it is basically just a matter of rounding off the application and bringing it to a successful conclusion. Content here can still be the availability and if necessary. the salary expectations are brought up for discussion. Our sample templates for this:

"Thank you for taking the time to send me your application. If I could convince you, I look forward to an invitation for an interview. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or telephone."

"My application could convince you? Then I look forward to meeting you and your company in person soon. I am very much looking forward to the next career step in your company."

I look forward to hearing from you and eagerly await your response. I can be available after my notice period of four weeks to the end of the month. My salary expectations are XX €.

Sample: Education

To illustrate how your application can look like when finished, you can find here a Sample application for an apprenticeship. This is only one of many ways to formulate an application – nevertheless, it can serve you as a guideline.

Sample: Experienced applicants

If you already have some professional years in your resume, you can – in the main part – already shine with your experience. Perhaps there are special projects or work successes that are worth highlighting. You will also find a application sample:

Application sample: Tips& Tricks

First a "raw version

The cover letter should be easier for you to write if you first think about the content of the sentences without trying to formulate them perfectly. Make sure that your content framework is in place and only then work on the fine tuning. This should save you both time and nerves.

Study the job advertisement thoroughly

The job advertisement usually states quite precisely what your new employer values – be it your qualifications or your soft skills. Also align your cover letter with this and show your new boss that you have these skills and qualities!

All important questions answered?

Your cover letter is ready? Then use the W questions to check that you have answered all the important questions: Who you are? Like you can meet the requirements? What you bring to the new company? Why should the employer choose you? When you are available? (Optional: How much you would like to earn?)

Convince through individuality

To stand out from your competition, you need to trump by standing out from the very same and be remembered. You can achieve this by avoiding standard sentences and phrases and by using language that is as "lively" as possible. But you should also stand out positively in terms of layout and design.

More invitations with professional resume templates!

Make sure you present your application in a visually appealing way. With our templates you will be remembered – download now!

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