Ash, lilia and diaz: there were only three left!

Ash, Lilia and Diaz: There were only three left! is the 92. episode of Best Wishes! and the 751. Episode of the Pokemon anime.

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Important events

    Evolves into Rabigator and learns Dragon Claw. defeats Lilia and reaches the final.
  • Ash loses to Diaz, who is the winner of the tournament.


Ash, Lilia and Diaz: there were only three left!

The semi-final match in the Junior Cup tournament between Lilia and Ash begins. Ash sends his Rokkaiman into battle, Lilia her Dragoran. Ash orders the use of crunch, whereupon Lilia asks Dragoran to dodge. To her surprise, Dragoran follows the instruction and dodges, so she praises it. Rokkaiman now uses Stone Edge, which causes Lilia to dodge her Pokemon again. Dragoran flies away from the stones that appeared and, at the command of her trainer, uses Flame Throw, with which it hits its opponent. Benny says that Lilia and Dragoran would finally get along and Ash would now have a hard time, while Cynthia thinks that Dragoran would not follow Lilia’s orders at all, but would just do what suits him. Lilia tells the Dragon Pokemon to use Ice Beam, which Rokkaiman dodges with Shoveler. Before Ash’s partner can hit with the attack, Dragoran flies up and manages to escape before hitting back with Flame Throw, but also dodges the Rokkaiman. Lilia continues to praise Dragoran for obeying her, while Georgina wonders if Lilia really has the qualities to be a Dragon Master.

Lilia makes Dragoran dodge Flame Throw again, which Rokkaiman dodges once more. Then Dragoran flies into the sky and lands a hit with the following flame throw. As it repeats the attack, Rokkaiman digs in and dodges it. It lands a hit and does a considerable amount of damage to Dragoran. It shakes and then uses ice beam, but Rokkaiman once again dodges and strikes back with stone edge, hitting its opponent with it as well. Knowing it’s now his chance to strike, Ash again orders the use of crunch, but Dragoran again dodges and counters with Flame Throw. Rokkaiman tries to use the attack anyway, but is stopped by Flame Throw and frozen with the following Ice Beam. With the next flame throw it is flung away.

Ash, Lilia and Diaz: there were only three left!

Ash encourages Rokkaiman to stand up, which he succeeds in doing. It begins to glow and evolves into Rabigator to everyone’s surprise. Lilia and Dragoran seem intimidated. Rabigator races towards his opponent, using his newly learned dragon claw attack. Dragoran seems immobilized and is flung across the battlefield with the attack. Pikachu and Meloetta cheer on Ash and Rabigator while Milza is surprised. After regaining its composure, Dragoran looks mischievous and uses indiscriminate attacks to destroy the battlefield. Georgina concludes that Lilia doesn’t have what it takes to be a dragon master after all.

Lilia tries to calm Dragoran down, but is completely ignored. The Dragon Pokemon continues to attack the battlefield. Ash is worried about Lilia, but remembers that this is still a fight. He commands crunch. Lilia asks Dragoran to dodge, but it takes the hit willingly, so its trainer criticizes it. Dragoran shakes off its opponent and attacks it with Dragon Strike, but its timing is so bad that Rabigator has enough time to dodge with Shoveler, causing Dragoran to hit the ground. After Rabigator reappears, Ash commands Stone Edge and his partner lands a direct hit that incapacitates Dragoran and eliminates Lilia from the tournament.

On the big screen, you can see that the final matchup is Ash vs. Diaz. Lilia and her friends are outside the stadium and Dragoran is disappointed due to his defeat. Lilia asks it why it refuses to listen to her orders and Cynthia joins in. The champ explains that Dragoran does not trust her completely yet. It was only recently caught by him and still needs time to warm up to it. She thinks the two could become perfect partners. Lilia thanks her for her words, while Ash is called to the fight. The boy runs off, looking forward to the fight.

Ash, Lilia and Diaz: there were only three left!

When Ash enters the battlefield, his friends watch from the stands. As expected, Diaz sends Serpiroyal into battle. Ash responds by facing the plant Pokemon with Piglet. Lilia emphasizes his type advantage, whereas Benny emphasizes Serpiroyal’s speed and strength.

Ash starts by ordering the use of Tackle, but Serpiroyal dodges it. Verkoken then uses flame throw, but again Serpiroyal is able to dodge it. Ash now has an idea and increases Ferkokel’s speed by having him use Nitro Charge. Nevertheless Serpiroyal manages to dodge. Everyone is impressed by its speed, but Ash’s friends cheer him and his partner on.

Diaz orders solar beam, but Ferkokel also dodges it. The boy then has his partner attack with dragon rod, with which it hits Ferkokel. The latter fights back with Nitro Charge, but Serpiroyal dodges before also escaping Tackle and the following Flame Throw. Finally, Serpiroyal uses Silver Gaze and attacks his opponent with Dragon Rod after the latter’s dodge, but Ferkokel is able to dodge it as well. The next use of Nitro Charge shows the effect of the previous attacks, as Ferkokel is now a lot faster. However, the speed is still not enough to hit Serpiroyal. Ferkokel is exhausted, but attacks again with Nitro Charge, which Serpiroyal dodges one more time. When the plant Pokemon uses Silver Sight again, Ash has his partner dodge it with a leap into the air. Now, however, Ferkokel is defenseless and is hit with Solar Beam, causing it to fall to the ground. While Ferkokel seems to be having a lot of trouble, it is cheered on by the whole group.

Ferkokel gets back up and Ash tells it to stay strong if it wants to beat Serpiroyal. When it’s back in fighting position, Ash suspects Serpiroyal can’t dodge an attack that completely surrounds it, so he orders the use of fire pillars. However, Serpiroyal moves so fast that it practically vanishes into thin air, bypassing the pillars before finally using Flora Statue. The attack hits its target and Ferkokel is defeated, leaving Diaz to win the fight and be eliminated from the tournament as the runner-up.

Ash calls his partner back and falls to the ground, having lost again to Diaz. After talking to his friends about the defeat, he regains his confidence and promises that he will beat Diaz next time. Lauro presents Diaz with the winner’s trophy. The boy declares that he will defeat Lauro with ease and replace him as champ. Both enter the battlefield and Lauro calls Bisofank into battle, who also faces Serpiroyal. The boy begins by commanding Solar Beam, which ends the episode.


No important characters or Pokemon make their first appearance in this episode.




  • Pikachu (Ash)
  • Milza (Lilia)
  • Ferkokel (Ash)
  • Rokkaiman → Rabigator (Ash’s; evolution)
  • Dragoran (Lilia)
  • Plinfa (Lucia)
  • Serpiroyal (Diaz)
  • Bisofank (Lauro)
  • Nagelotz (Spectator)
  • Dusselgurr (Spectator; multiple)
  • Sesokitz (spectator)
  • Meloetta (recurring)
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