Astro: the dream partners of the scorpions

Astro: The dream partners of the scorpions

Cancer: If the Scorpio has a kindred spirit, it is Cancer – keyword: love at first sight. And so, faster than they can think, the two become emotionally dependent on each other. Fidelity and discretion are very important to both partners. Now it’s just the two of them! The fact that the Scorpio likes to set the tone does not easily upset the introverted Cancer. The fact that the latter trustingly sticks to the heels of the other awakens undreamt-of protective instincts in Scorpio. Together they go through thick and thin and prefer to hide away from the noisy outside world in their common oasis. As sustainable as this connection is, it has potential for a lifetime. What can muddy the waters? As unconditionally as they love each other, things can get very heated when they start to argue. Then the scorpion sting meets the crab scissors – there the shreds fly! Only if the relationship is at the end (which rarely happens), then there is really nothing more, which can putty it.

Virgo: Diligence, thriftiness, composure, humor, practical skill – qualities that the Scorpio values above all else and finds concentrated here! Agreement between these two signs is quickly established. While the Scorpio is easily overheated emotionally, the Virgo remains in control with her coolness. Scorpio admires how someone can keep his feelings so well under control and go his way so unswervingly. This is what he builds himself up on in difficult times. Virgo, on the other hand, is lured out of her reserve and learns to give free rein to her sensuality lurking behind the facade. Here two have found each other! A challenge: both tend to be opinionated. Difficult when, for once, they just don’t see eye to eye!

Pisces: With Pisces, the Scorpio does not need to fight for his priority position, they leave it to him voluntarily. And they still manage the feat of accepting it as it is. Unconditionally. Before so much loyalty and selflessness, even the most hardened scorpions go down on their knees and, contrary to their usual habit, entrust themselves to the leadership of this partner, who quietly and persistently goes his way without any claim to leadership in the relationship. He talks about his motives almost less than the scorpion itself. It is precisely this inscrutability that exerts a salutary fascination on him, who need not fear being left behind or ignored here. He learns – as with Cancer – to trust. What a feeling! From now on, everything is possible: total fusion that ends in a deep, indissoluble love. Or a relationship in which they never really understood each other. No matter what, you never leave each other cold. And so the encounters between these two signs are usually considered significant.

Difficult, but appealing

Capricorn: Here two meet who give nothing to each other. But once they have found each other, nothing will ever separate them again. Because the Capricorn is similarly resilient as the Scorpio, tough and persevering and strong-willed. At his side, the Scorpio is allowed to show weakness once in a while and is caught and supported by his earthy partner. Since both are good at hiding their true feelings, this connection sometimes lacks the necessary warmth and cordiality. But the attraction is strong and lasting. This also applies physically.

Scorpio: Either they drive each other crazy or find in each other the long desired counterpart. One thing is certain: with their enormous energy and their conflicting feelings fighting a wild battle within them, they like to push each other mentally to the pain threshold and beyond. The danger of sucking each other dry until both are at the end of their rope is great. On the positive side, they can accomplish anything they want with each other. Also sensually they are on the same line. It is helpful if one of the two is able to let the other take the lead in the relationship. Otherwise the permanent fight for dominance and assertion in the partnership becomes grueling.

Taurus: The sensual charisma of the Taurus man, who also knows how to enjoy himself in spite of all professional commitment, draws the Scorpio under the spell of this zodiac sign. The stoic calmness and good-natured composure, which emanates from many of these Venus children, has a soothing effect on the always agitated Scorpio. His partner, in turn, is captivated by the profound passion. But: Taurus, who doesn’t like to be ruffled, feels annoyed in the long run by Scorpio’s erratic, impulsive nature, who in turn feels provoked by Taurus’ imperturbability and stubbornness. Once Taurus loses its infinite patience and clashes with Scorpio, the fun – and usually the chance for reconciliation – is over.

Hotly contested

Gemini: The Gemini is lively, tolerant and full of childlike exuberance – for the brooding Scorpio, who pushes towards the light, a pleasant change, which thaws him and carries him away. For the time being at least. What happens next depends very much on the rest of the astrological line-up of these two unequal partners. Because statistically Scorpios marry next to Pisces most often Gemini, but divorce from no zodiac sign more often than from them. With their busy nature they arouse the jealousy of the Scorpio and usually react to the attempts to take them over by fleeing to the front. The relationship usually ends therefore as quickly as it began.

Leo: When Leo and Scorpio meet, erotic fireworks are as good as guaranteed! As hot as it gets between these two alpha animals, it’s no wonder that they can’t get away from each other so quickly. Even though their relationship is usually anything but simple, but a daily power struggle – by all (sensual) means. When these two passionate natures are done with each other, then it’s done right!

Aries: With its youthful impetuosity and sensual energy, Aries triggers strong feelings in Scorpio. Whether attraction or rejection, here meet – similar to Leo and Scorpio – two passionate characters, for whom compromise is an unword. Because nobody wants to give in to the other one, one tends to hurt the other one purposefully with words. A fight that no one can win in the long run.

Short and sweet

Aquarius: There is hardly a Scorpio who does not have a strong sense of black humor and biting comments. In Aquarius, he has found the right person for intellectual repartee, quick exchanges and intense conversations. While Scorpio is always emotionally involved in everything it does, Aquarius can be sincerely detached in dealing with all of life’s issues and values its independence. The Scorpio feels that he is meeting someone who can neither be taken in nor influenced, and is frustrated. Aquarius feels stressed and overwhelmed by the emotional entanglements of Scorpio in the long run and seeks the distance. Unless other astrological influences balance it out, a connection in which both sides are likely to feel misunderstood.

Libra: At first glance, Libra is made for Scorpio: adaptable and indecisive, she is too happy to submit to partners who take the decisions off her hands and take the lead (and thus responsibility) in the relationship. In need of harmony as she usually is, she will do nothing to provoke or irritate Scorpio unnecessarily. But also nothing to bind him to himself. In Scorpio there are real doubts about the true feelings of this partner, who in turn feels that something is expected from him, which he is not able or willing to give – passionate love and unconditional devotion. The relationship usually ends as it did: undramatically.

Sagittarius: With its quick wit, relentless openness and independence, Sagittarius wrings great admiration from Scorpio. What they have in common is their reluctance to be appropriated and seized and their iron will to choose their own company. And just here lies already the handicap: Sagittarius feels misunderstood if he is not allowed to turn his interest to others besides Scorpio without risking violent jealousy scenes. Scorpio, on the other hand, feels betrayed by the magnanimity and openness that Sagittarius naturally shows to other people as well. Not impossible, but challenging.

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