Astrological mate selection: which zodiac signs go together in love?

Astrological partner choice Which zodiac signs fit together?

They exist, the romantics among us, who still believe in the great love. Who do not let themselves be put off by love pessimists and continue their search for the right person undeterred. Asking ourselves the critical question: Who is a good match for me? A question that is not easy to answer. Practical, if we get heavenly support in this process. Because, hard to believe, but our zodiac signs are actually useful indicators in choosing a partner!

Study shows: There are good zodiac sign combinations!

Some zodiac signs complement each other better than others. This has primarily something to do with the respective character traits. With some combinations quarrels are programmed, therefore we should also consider astrology when choosing a partner. Scientists have long since proven that a look at the stars is actually worthwhile. A study conducted by mathematician Gunter Sachs – in cooperation with the Federal Statistical Office in Bern and the German Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden – supports the statement that astrological partner selection based on certain zodiac sign combinations is not far-fetched. The results of the study with over 700.000 couples involved suggest that there are certain zodiac sign combinations that harmonize significantly better than others.

Which zodiac signs fit together? The perfect match!

Which love matches are particularly promising?

These zodiac sign combinations go best together:

  • Capricorn (man) – Pisces (woman)
  • Pisces (man) – Scorpio (woman)
  • Aries (man) – Capricorn (woman)
  • Gemini (man) – Taurus (woman)
  • Libra (man) – Aries (woman)

Your desired pair combination is not there? Never mind! Try your luck again, because according to study suggest these zodiac sign combinations also point to a rosy future in pairs:

  • Capricorn (man) – Capricorn (woman)
  • Aquarius (man) – Aquarius (woman)
  • Aries (man) – Aries (woman)
  • Taurus (man) – Libra (woman)
  • Gemini (man) – Gemini (woman)
  • Leo (male) – Aries (female)
  • Virgo (man) – Virgo (woman)
  • Scorpio (man) – Pisces (woman)
  • Sagittarius (man) – Aries (woman)

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Whether a relationship between two people works, of course, does not depend solely on the signs of the zodiac. In fact, however, you will quickly discover that certain character traits can be assigned to each zodiac sign – and by no means all of them are compatible with each other.

Only Cancer is – in the truest sense of the word – not so easy to calculate. You can now believe in the zodiac influence or not. Fact: In love, it’s not a coincidence whether you fit together.

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