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You would like to bring something vegetarian to the table more often, but your family prefers to eat schnitzel with fries or lasagna? With this book you cook all happy, because we make an end to the colorful vegetable pan! Instead, you’ll find dishes that taste so delicious and hearty that you’ll be amazed to realize only afterwards: How, there was no meat in it? Whether it’s the world’s best potato gratin, cheese spaetzle with an extra helping of fried onions or dumpling grostl with sauerkraut: these family meals don’t give meat jones a chance!

Meat classics without meat

And also the absolute meat classics like schnitzel with fries, cabbage roll and stuffed peppers can be found in this book. Only without meat. With the right seasoning and delicious roasted flavors, they taste almost like the original, but cost less money and consume less CO2. How much less? We have of course calculated recipe by recipe.

Children’s hits on vegetarian

If the children are well, the family is well. You know this, or? With vegetable nuggets, juicy bean burgers, crispy pizza and French fries, you’ll bring absolute kids’ hits to the table, with good mood guaranteed.

Veggie for meat patties: with the right recipes, everyone likes to hit the road

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Protein recipes: Vegetable proteins make you fit!

Protein is an important building block for our body: proteins give our muscles strength and get our metabolism going. If you want to be fit, healthy and slim, you still don’t have to reach for protein powder or a large portion of meat. In "Protein, only green" we reveal delicious, vegetarian protein recipes with lentils, peas, tofu& Co., That will help you lose weight and stay healthy.

Protein recipes with vegetable proteins: The green power

Vegetable proteins: Your book at a glance

These vegetarian protein recipes and information about plant-based proteins await you in the GU book "Protein, only green".

  • Use green protein powerWhich important tasks do proteins fulfill in our body and in which plant foods is there actually a lot of protein?? Why protein-rich recipes are essential for vegetarians, vegans, weight loss enthusiasts and athletes?
  • The protein stars – pulsesSoy, peas, beans, lentils and more – we introduce you to the full protein power of legumes.
  • Green energy – cereals& Sprouts: Spelt, oats, millet – what do these cereals have to do with protein? Here you can find out.
  • Little green giants – pseudo cerealsDid you know that the small grains of amaranth and quinoa are real protein miracles??
  • Nibble protein – nuts& SeedsChia seeds and flax seeds, almonds and pistachios – with these snacks you don’t have to have a guilty conscience when snacking.

Protein recipes to follow: The green protein kitchen

Cook yourself slim – and healthy. With the protein recipes from "Protein, only green" you increase your well-being, actively do something for your health and bring your figure in shape. Because protein recipes are wonderful for weight loss!

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Natural and healthy baking

Clean eating is THE new nutrition trend! More and more people want to eat well and healthily, with as few industrially processed ingredients as possible and without food additives in the food. This applies not only to cooking, but also to baking. Clean baking therefore also focuses on natural, fresh foods that also taste the same. White sugar, artificial sweeteners and white flour are taboo in Clean Baking. Natural sweeteners and a wide variety of whole-grain flours, nuts, high-quality fats and lots of fruits and vegetables are used for this purpose.

Our 50 recipes for fruity cakes, creamy pies, fluffy muffins, crispy pastries and cookies are easy, healthy and delicious, many of them lactose- and gluten-free, some even vegan. You don’t even need an oven for power snacks like energy bars and balls and some cakes. Look forward to a carefree and varied baking experience that is not only fun but also good for you!

– The most important facts about the trendy topic of "Clean Baking": how it works, its effects and baking ingredients suitable for Clean Eating
– 50 delicious, all-natural recipes: cakes, pies, muffins, cookies, and sweets with fruits and vegetables
– Including recipes that do not require an oven
– Each recipe with brilliant photo, information on preparation time and nutritional values

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Vegan cooking for the meat-eating family

– True to life and uncomplicated: This is how vegan with family works

– Simply yummy and without Chichi: This tastes also meat eaters

– Win-win recipes: Save money, do something for animals and eat delicious food

This tastes simply all

You want to cook vegan for you and your family more often? Your sweeties love spaghetti bolognese, burgers, goulash and a piece of cake in the afternoon? This book proves: It can all be done vegan!

You are in the mood for roasted aromas? Crispy au gratin? Hearty street and true soul food? Family meals like lentil burgers, kohlrabi schnitzel, jackfruit goulash and vegan kottbullar don’t give meat jones a chance!

Quick, easy and on the go

Author Christina Wiedemann is a working mother herself and knows what she’s talking about: Vegan with a family only works if the recipes are simple, the ingredients are readily available and a lot of things are quickly available on the table. Whether pasta alla puttanesca, BBQ bean stew or vegan omelet from chickpeas: many recipes are on the table in 30 minutes. Summer rolls, salads in a jar, pide or much-loved stulle are easy to take along and great for office lunches or family outings.

Sweets for Family

Desire for cake, dessert or sweet dish? With Kaiserschmarrn, Mousse au Chocolat, apple pie or berry coconut trifle sweet tooths will be happy and all without egg substitute powder.

Loose and at eye level

Introduction, Tipps and prescriptions do without the raised forefinger and are thereby also for the meat-eating family, which would like to cook now and then vegan, the perfect entrance. And with these delicious recipes, one vegan day a week can quickly turn into a second one!

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A spoonful of turmeric powder – and curries and rice, even milk and ice cream, are transformed into a golden yellow glory. But the trendy power root can do more than just color and aroma. Their inner values have made them Asia’s secret ingredient in cuisine and Ayurvedic healing for thousands of years. Warming, cleansing and invigorating, this spicy all-rounder revs up the immune system and metabolism and strengthens the organs. Very topical: Modern medicine has discovered and recommends the anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin for rheumatism and arthritis, skin diseases and rashes. Even against Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, the tasty natural remedy is said to have a preventive effect. Turmeric is simply the perfect choice for healthy indulgence cuisine. In addition to the exciting basic information, 45 feel-good recipes show the versatility of turmeric, which spices, colors and does good in teas, juicy curries, fortifying soups, colorful bowls and golden ice cream.

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Slim and fit through natural nutrition

If you want to eat a healthy and balanced diet, you can’t do without clean eating! This exciting nutrition trend focuses on naturalness: fresh, untreated foods full of vitamins and nutrients that have been industrially processed as little as possible are served. Ready-made products, fast food, white flour and sugar are eliminated from the menu, and instead there are plenty of vegetables and fruit, whole grains, legumes, high-quality fats and dairy products, eggs, meat and fish in moderation. The Clean Eating concept is therefore completely uncomplicated and can be easily integrated into everyday life.
Our delicious recipes for every day make it easy to get started, and we also have great ideas for experienced clean eaters: delicious ideas for breakfast and for small appetites, filling main dishes with and without fish and meat, and even tempting desserts and pastries. A detailed introduction also provides everything you need to know about Clean Eating.

– The exciting nutrition trend Clean Eating sets on naturalness: In the center fresh food, which was processed as little as possible industrially, stands
– Great ideas for beginners and experienced Clean Eaters: Delicious ideas for breakfast and for small appetites, filling main dishes with and without fish and meat, and tempting desserts and pastries
– A detailed introduction provides all the information you need to know about Clean Eating
– Each recipe with brilliant photo and detailed step-by-step instructions

Author Updates

Author Updates

Good for going nuts!

Already cranked today? From salad to soup, from main course to snack, from spicy to sweet: Turn vegetables and fruits into spaghetti shapes. How to enjoy aromatic delicacies and save calories. In addition, you supply your body with many vital substances.
Whether rutabaga spaghetti with mountain lentils and chestnuts, celery spaghetti flans with chard or persimmon spaghetti with pomegranate and berry sauce – everything is easy to make with a spiral slicer. The beautiful photos make you want to try.
Spiralize it! Expand conventional pasta with the healthy version of vegetables and fruits and crank your dishes to real eye-catchers!

– nice meal with vegetables and fruit in spaghetti form
– THE eBook on the trendy kitchen appliance
– 57 trendy recipes for every occasion: salads, soups, main dishes, snacks and desserts
– With detailed introduction and many tips
– Each recipe with photo

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Simply eat better

More variety in the kitchen? Powergrains are the new, ingenious answer! The small grains are full of energy, provide lots of vital substances and conjure up exciting taste experiences on our plates. No wonder that couscous, quinoa, millet, amaranth& Co. have turned into real lifestyle food.
Avocado Taboule with Pomegranate, Kamut Chickpea Salad with Blueberries, Herbs and Lemon, Millet Vanilla Cream with Cinnamon Cherry Compote – our recipes are excitingly new, convincingly simple, great tasting, beautiful looking, and really healthy to boot. From breakfast to dinner, whether as salad, soup, smoothie, pastry or casserole – with Powergrains you eat better!

– The eBook to the trend topic
– 59 original recipes for every occasion with couscous, quinoa, millet, amaranth& Co.
– Many dishes gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and wholesome
– With detailed introduction and many tips

Author Updates

  • 50 fresh and simple, varied breakfast recipes that can be prepared quickly without much effort
  • Detailed introduction on how to prepare smoothie bowls and valuable tips on enriching the bowls with toppings
  • With clear labeling of lactose-free, vegan and gluten-free recipes

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Not only for vegetarians a colorful grill pleasure – "Yes, I grill! – vegetarian" brings freshness to the plate!

Whether as Side dish or main course: Vegetables give every dish the kick. Grill fans will find in this book 30 sophisticated recipes for vegetarian main dishes and side dishes – from Grilled cheese sandwich with wild mushrooms up to Stuffed beet. Grill fever contagion in vegetables is guaranteed with this book!

  • Grill pleasure from the Beet: 30 recipes for a vegetarian colorful grilling experience
  • Guaranteed to succeed: With Grill lore and pro tips for grilling and preparing vegetables
  • Ingenious barbecue recipes without meat for summer and winter

Grilled vegetables is not only in the vegetarian kitchen in high demand. And therefore each grill master should master grilling with vegetables! And not only in summer. The Winter vegetables does not come here too briefly, because the grill can prepare also in the cold season a warm pleasure. Zucchini bombs, Swabian ravioli with spinach and mushroom filling, colorful cauliflower, grilled summer salad and much more offer a healthy Taste variety. And it’s colorful, too – the eye likes to eat along with the meal!

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The turmeric book with the health plus: valuable info& great recipes

This turmeric book provides you comprehensive info, a Expert interview, answers to the most frequently asked questions and explanatory illustrations on application and effect as well as 45 Turmeric Recipes to cook. Including great Special to the Golden Milk – the number one turmeric drink! This spice and medicinal plant is a true gift of nature: Immune booster, digestive aid, anti-aging miracle weapon and hopeful in the fight against Alzheimer’s, diabetes or cancer. Here you will find everything you need to know about the trendy power root, its importance as a secret ingredient in Ayurvedic healing and its health-promoting ingredients need to know. Discover also the Versatility of turmeric powder or the fresh tuber in the kitchen. Whether turmeric is in tea, curry, soup, bowl, or ice cream, these delicious turmeric recipes add color to your plate, provide you with valuable curcumin, Develop an anti-inflammatory and cell-protective power.

Turmeric book: Healthy from head to toe!

The turmeric tuber is a true all-rounder. In Asia, therefore, it has been used for over 4.000 years a firm component of nationaltypical kitchens. There it is used for example for the relief of liver and gall complaints. In the meantime, turmeric is known worldwide as a magic tuber and is celebrated everywhere as a shooting star. Scientific studies are looking at what preventive or curative effect turmeric might have on cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. There are enough reasons for the investigations, because after all, turmeric contains more than 200 biologically active compounds. You want to know more about the most important ingredients, the use for your health and the latest findings from research? In your new turmeric book from GU, you get all the facts at a glance in a clear, practical guidebook format!

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