Baby cradle test& comparison 2022

If you want to look at a detailed baby cradle test, the major consumer magazines are a good place to start. To make your search easier, we have researched and visited the websites of four major consumer magazines. First, however, we show our own product comparison that we have created. Following you will find information about existing test reports and frequently asked questions.

  • Good and recent customer reviews
  • Safe and high quality workmanship
  • Comfortable mattress and cushion
  • Safety system on the rollers
  • Sufficient space from the length and width
  • Integrated assembly instructions, so that no mistakes can happen during assembly
  • Removable and washable mattress and padding

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Baby cradle comparison: KOKO, Tiggo and others

We now come to our baby cradle comparison which we made based on publicly available product information and existing customer reviews. The products have not been tested by us in practice. Decisive for our baby cradle comparison were the criteria which you see directly to the right of the product image and customer reviews.

In our baby cradle comparison, we first looked at the price and dimensions of the products. In addition, we were interested in the mattress and supplied equipment material. Furthermore, we researched whether there is a certification for the cradles.

Buy recommendation: KOKO – Skid Cradle "KARLA

Baby cradle test

buy tip test winner

Dimensions: LxWxH: 88 x 55 x 70 cm (with canopy ca. 148 cm)
Material mattress: cold foam mattress (80% cotton and 20% polyester)
Equipment: pillow with cover, blanket with cover, padded nest, canopy with bow, canopy rod
Rollable: no

Skid cradle Karla by KOKO is the most expensive product in our baby cradle comparison. It is slightly smaller than the other two cradles and convinces with its beautiful appearance of white wood including white canopy. The lacquered beech wood is coated with a saliva and water resistant varnish for children. The covers of mattress and pillow are removable and washable at 40 °C. The product is free of toxins and certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Rating : High quality product in a beautiful design. The canopy is available in many colors. Our purchase recommendation!

Tiggo – Complete cradle set for girls

Complete baby cradle baby crib bassinet rocking cradle baby crib pink 51365-03

Dimensions: LxWxH: 100 x 54 x 83 cm
Mattress material: Foam
Features: crib sheet, pillow, comforter, curtain and curtain rod
Rollable: yes

The pink baby cradle set from Tiggo is the most affordable option in our baby cradle comparison. This model has wheels with a locking function. The manufacturer promises uncomplicated assembly. The cradle can be used up to a maximum of 12 kilos body weight of the baby. Unfortunately there is no detailed information about the absence of harmful substances or a certification in the article description.
Rating : Inexpensive alternative, but without tested safety! Our price tip!

Roba – rocking cradle Adam and Owl

A little cheaper parents acquire the complete cradle set Adam and owl of the brand Roba. It has the advantage of being rollable and can be quickly moved to another room. The cradle function of the lying surface can be deactivated by a locking button. The cradle is lovingly designed and decorated with the famous owl motif. It is certified by TuV Thuringia (GS – tested safety).
Rating : Magic couch with many extras! A real alternative to our recommended purchase!

Serina – baby cradle

Baby cradle crib bassinet extra bed + 9 pcs. accessories

The baby cradle from Serina is very appealing from the price, the design and also the quality. The white frame looks classy, fits into any nursery and is "popular" with girls and boys alike. The high-quality mattress provides an ideal and restful sleep, and the other equipment such as pillows, canopy, blanket and pillow provide sufficient warmth and comfort. The castors are equipped with a special safety function, so that the cradle remains firmly on the ground. Rating: Great cradle with many appealing details!

VitaliSpa – rocking cradle

No products found.

VitaliSpa’s modern rocking cradle is particularly popular with customers and receives good reviews on many portals. The gray and white design is suitable for boys or girls alike. What is special about this model is that the cradle has an integrated rocking function, where you can easily "rock" the child to sleep. The canopy at the top darkens the head area a bit and the included blankets and pillows help with a comfortable, long and restful sleep for the baby. Rating: Modern design meets old tradition – absolutely recommendable!

Baby cradle test: All information at a glance

OrganizationPasses a baby cradle test?Test from the year:
Product test foundation No
okoTest No No No

In the overview table you can see if there is a baby cradle test from major consumer magazines. In our research, we searched the websites of the publishers. We cannot name the respective test winners for legal reasons, so please visit the respective website for the test results.

Stiftung Warentest

Frequently asked questions about baby cradle product comparison

Before the birth of a child, his parents have to make many purchases. This raises the question of where the baby can sleep during the day. Proven here baby cradles. They are smaller than a conventional baby crib and give the baby a feeling of security. In addition, they are easier to move and can be quickly moved to another room.

Can you build a baby cradle yourself?

Yes, there is of course the possibility to build a baby cradle yourself, but with the wide selection and low prices on the market, you should give enough thought to whether the effort is worth it. It all depends on what material you want to build a baby cradle, but if the model should be made entirely of wood, the construction is a little more complicated and time-consuming. For example, a baby cradle made of wicker material is easier to make, but here too there are great and inexpensive models from various manufacturers who deliver the cradle quite unproblematically directly to your doorstep.

Are baby cradles made of wood recommendable?

Absolutely, because most models are made of 99% wood. The use of wood is very popular for children’s furniture or toys, because you can also use untreated wood, completely without chemicals and paint. High quality wood also lasts longer and also provides the necessary comfort in combination with a good mattress, pillow and canopy curtain. Other materials such as wicker or cloth have their advantages, of course, but for most parents, young or old, the old-fashioned wooden baby cradle is most popular.

Where can you buy a high-quality baby cradle everywhere?

Real: Real is usually known for its numerous food and drugstore items in its assortment, but there are also children’s toys or various pieces of furniture to buy from time to time. Baby cradles are usually also represented. At Real, the selection is not particularly large, but the quality is good and the price is very appealing.

Ikea: Ikea, probably known worldwide for its variations of furniture, has of course also some baby cradles in its assortment. Whether made of wood, basket or cloth material, here is the right item for every taste at a reasonable price. Ikea also offers an appealing warranty with every piece of furniture.

Amazon: Amazon, the popular online retailer, has all kinds of products to offer. Especially the initial baby equipment is particularly cheap and easy to buy on Amazon, because there are thousands of models from different brands and made of different materials. Particularly popular on Amazon arethe in-housestar ratingsas well as verified customer feedbacks.

Ebay: Ebay convinces with used and new items. The variety is incredibly large and so there is also something suitable for every budget. The used articles are very popular especially with young parents, because here usually the money is not quite as loose. But also new products can be bought cheap at Ebay and so this website offers an ideal combination.

Baby-Walz: Baby-Walz is a well-known and at the same time popular brand, which has an incredible number of baby products in its assortment. Clothing, toys or furniture can be found in every store as well as in the online store in different sizes, colors and shapes. Baby-Walz attaches great importance to good quality at a reasonable price.

What are the different models of baby cradles?

Wood:The wooden baby cradle is probably the most popular model, because for many decades, the very young get so a pleasant, comfortable and safe sleep. Sturdy and untreated wood is best, completely without chemicals.

Basket: Also wicker material is popular with baby cradles of the, this can be implemented very well in a combination with wood. The basket is very comfortable and can be perfectly complemented with a high-quality mattress. Here there is the possibility to paint the wicker material additionally, or to leave it in its original brown tone.

Rattan: A rattan baby cradle looks similar to a cradle made of wicker material, but the processing is slightly different and the design ends up being much more modern. The color is usually brown, but you can also experiment with colors and varnishes as you like. Rattan is especially popular with younger parents because of the modern design.

Hanging: A hanging baby cradle, often made of cloth material, is particularly flexible and can thus be taken anywhere. Whether at friends, at the grandparents or on vacation, the child has through this type of baby cradle always the possibility of everywhere in the same, familiar "bed" to spend the night. Especially for screaming children this option is highly recommended.

How much does a high quality baby cradle cost?

A high-quality baby cradle is available from ca. 70 euros to buy, here it depends of course on the material used and the brand. There are very cheap models on the one hand, but also very expensive models on the other hand. Here you should be aware beforehand, on which criteria you attach particular importance and also which materials are preferred. A comparison of different suppliers is worthwhile in any case as well, so that you can buy the baby cradle suitable for you and the child at a reasonable price.

Is there a baby cradle from IKEA?

IKEA currently carries only numerous baby cribs in its assortment. There is no need to buy a baby cradle. Since the assortment of Ikea changes however constantly this does not have to remain in such a way. Search directly at IKEA

Where can you buy a baby cradle used?

Many used baby cradles can be found on Ebay or. Ebay classifieds or to acquire. Items in good condition are advertised there. If the seller lives in the vicinity, it is worthwhile to inspect the cradle before purchase. Baby cradles are also often offered at baby bazaars which are often held in local gyms.

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