Babywearing after cesarean section: how it works!

We are often asked by mothers when they are allowed to carry their baby after a caesarean section and which carrier or sling they should use. Which carrying method is most suitable.

First: There is nothing wrong with carrying your child. The weight distribution is definitely better in a sling or a carrier than when you carry your baby in your arms. Apart from that, picking up and putting down the baby frequently is more strenuous than having the baby in a suitable carrier or sling.

It is clear that a cesarean section, even if it is very common, is and remains a serious abdominal operation in which several layers of tissue are cut through. If rest is generally the order of the day after childbirth, this is even more true for moms who have had a cesarean section.

Babywearing after cesarean section: listen to your gut feeling

The most important thing is to listen to your gut feeling. In our western world we have forgotten this a little and often let ourselves take on too much too quickly. The postpartum period does not bear its name for nothing. Give your body time to recover.

Wearing a baby after a C-section is about the scar, but it’s also about how fit you feel.

Many ways of carrying do not stress the scar and abdomen – often it is rather pants that press on the scar and are uncomfortable.

Midwives recommend

The recommendation of midwives and doctors is "no heavy lifting for 6 weeks". But you have to carry your baby: for cuddling, for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, for dressing, for diapering. There is widespread agreement that moms should be allowed to lift their baby’s weight after a cesarean section. Still: Get as much help as you can get.

When carrying, it’s best to go with your gut and listen to your body. It tells you when it is enough.

Suitable carrying methods after cesarean section

The kangaroo sling is the best choice, because the knot in this sling is above the scar and the baby’s weight is distributed over the shoulders on the fabric cross in the back. This protects the scar and the abdomen.

In general, however, you can also use baby carriers that are suitable for newborns and small babies, such as the Wrapidil or the Buzzidil Babysize, carry. With both carrying aids the Huftgurt is made with small babies relatively far above firmly. In this way you can also get your baby into the right carrying height: A good guideline for a good carrying height is when you can comfortably kiss your baby on its head while carrying it.

The waist belt is attached further up for small babies and therefore does not lie on a cesarean scar. So the hip belt of Buzzidil or Wrapidil is more of a waist belt for small babies, which is therefore quite a bit above the scar.

As always: Tighten the shoulder straps so that your baby is positioned close to you – a weight that is carried close to you is easier to carry than one that hangs further away. For this reason: always tighten the shoulder straps as long as they run easily through the clasps.


Finally, carrying is not only a convenient way to transport your baby, it is much more than that. The bond we build with our child strengthens it for a lifetime, and babywearing is a valuable piece of the puzzle for successful bonding. Especially for dads babywearing is a possibility to experience an especially intimate bonding with their baby. And when dad is wearing, mom can relax and unwind.

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