Bath bomb construction manual

Who hears the word bomb, generally thinks of an explosive device that causes damage through an explosion or implosion. Now, numerous building instructions can also be found on the Internet, explaining in detail how the hobbyist can build a bomb on their own. Some of the bombs, such as the widespread potato bomb, however, fall in Germany under the Weapons Act and the self-construction is not only dangerous, but also just prohibited. In addition, there are numerous instructions for building bombs using over-the-counter materials. These bombs seem harmless at first, but at a second glance it becomes clear that this is a fallacy. For example, there are building instructions for smoke bombs, in which table tennis balls are filled with typical household materials. These smoke bombs, however, not only spread great stench and toxic gases, but are usually ignited from the hand, which can lead to serious injuries.

However, there is also a kind of bomb, the actual . is completely safe . and besides really much fun and joy prepares. We are talking about a bath bomb, which is used as a bath additive and also makes a great little gift. The following instruction describes how to build such a bomb yourself.

Material list for the bath bomb

  • 150g baking soda
  • 75g vitamin C powder, also known as citric acid
  • 37.5g corn starch
  • 45g cocoa butter or 3.5 tablespoons of oil
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

These basic ingredients can then be extended as desired. To color the bath bomb, you can use, for example, food coloring in powder form. For a pleasant scent, a few drops of essential oils or perfume oils can be added, in addition, dried flower petals or bath confetti can provide variety.

Building instructions for the bath bomb

1.) The making of bath bombs is very simple. First all dry ingredients are mixed together. Then the liquid ingredients are added. If cocoa butter is used, it is melted in a water bath, but oil can also be used, for example sunflower, jojoba or almond oil. However, cocoa butter makes the bath bomb a little firmer after drying.

2.) The mass should have a somewhat sandy consistency have, roughly comparable to the mass of water and sand from which sand castles are built. If the mass is a little too solid, some oil is added, if the mass is too liquid, some cornstarch or even salt can be added. Now the mass is formed into balls with a diameter of about 5cm. If you do not want to form the bath bombs by hand, you can also mix the mass a little more liquid and then fill it into molds, for example in ice cube trays.

3.) The mass must now depending on the consistency to dry between 2 days and a week. To shorten the drying time, the bath bomb can also be dried in the oven at 50 degrees Celsius.

A video tutorial on how to make your own bath bombs is up here.

Subject: Bath bomb building instruction

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