Bavaria’s best teacher at work – “a school has to be a place to feel good”

He once had an "F" in math himself, but now he inspires his students to take up the subject. But that’s not the only reason Maximilian Gebhard won the German Teacher Award.

Weilheim – Math can also be fun? Unimaginable for many. But Maximilian Gebhard’s students confirm that. Since having him as a math teacher, many have improved their grades. But Gebhard, who teaches Protestant religion in addition to math, has even more successes to his credit.

Bavaria’s best teacher: "A school has to be a place where you feel good"

Gebhard describes his former self in a report published by the BR rather than reticent, as an outsider. It wasn’t until a confirmation camp that it all clicked off. There he learned to appreciate community and totally blossomed. Without this experience he would not be a teacher today. Now Gebhard also wants to strengthen the community among his students and give them security. „A school must be a place to feel good", he makes clear.

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Once a five in math – now he teaches the subject: Maximilian Gebhard doesn’t make anyone love math

No one has to love math for Maximilian Gebhard, he says in the BR-Contribution clear. It is much more the goal of the educator to push his students and bring them to new achievements. To take away their fear of the dreaded subject, he also revealed to them that he himself had once had a five in math. Maximilian Gebhard wants his students to have fond memories of their school days. Instead of bad grades, the young people should remember all the great things they experienced there and the sense of community. „Simply having fun together have and enjoy life", says Gebhard.

Gebhard has probably found his dream job, because he doesn’t feel his work is work. "It’s like free time for me," he says. And that despite the fact that he leads the school band in addition to his normal lessons or puts extra math courses on the Internet for his students.

Happiness activities for more motivation in times of Corona

Corona has made teaching difficult. Excursions and trips, which otherwise always provided variety in the school day, were non-existent. But in order to keep his students on the ball and motivated, Maximilian Gebhard has come up with an idea. With the "Break Happiness Radio," he and some of the students create a good mood in the playground. The teacher is convinced: "If you’re happy, you learn better"

Winner of the German Teacher Award: "You just have to like students"

His students entered him in last year’s best teacher award, and he won. Gebhard was awarded the German Teachers’ Prize in the "Excellent Teachers" category, presented by the Philologists’ Association and the Heraeus Education Foundation. And that is no coincidence. Because he knows that to be a teacher, you have to have real interest. "You just have to like students," says Gebhard.

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