Best external ssd for xbox series x and series s 2022: expand storage with these top hard drives and cards

Max Freeman-Mills, Contributing Editor

  • Updated 27 January 2022 –

– We put together the proven external SSDs for your Xbox. How to choose the right storage solution for your console

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(Pocket-lint) – Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles can take visual performance to the next level, but internal storage is likely to be an issue for many users over time.

As modern game installations have quickly started to take up more and more of our consoles’ storage space as well, it’s time you countered that with a top storage solution like an external SSD.

Despite the fact that the Xbox Series X comes with a 1TB SSD and the Series S comes with a 512GB drive, this actually results in much less usable storage space after each console itself occupies a portion for operation. For the Series X, this means there’s only about 802GB of storage left, while the Series S only has 364GB.

  • Memory expansion for Xbox Series X and S: everything you need to know about the memory expansion card from Seagate

That’s why we’ve rounded up some great external SSDs to make sure your game collection doesn’t need to be deleted in a pinch.

Since expandable storage for both Xbox consoles is an area that is still in its infancy, but with a lack of official options, we also recommend reading our advice on choosing the right expandable storage for your console.

What are the best hard drives for Xbox Series X and Series S? Our top recommendation is currently the Seagate 1TB Game Drive . Other great options we tested include the Samsung T7 Touch , the Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD , the Gtech G-Drive Mobile SSD and the WD_Black 1 TB P50 NVMe SSD .

Our top selection: Xbox hard drive

1 TB GameDrive from Seagate

  • Amazingly small
  • Lots of capacity
  • So easy to install


  • Really expensive

Seagate is the only one to offer official expandable storage for the Xbox Series X and S, not just external storage.

That means you can plug it into the devices expansion slots and play games directly on it. This 1TB drive is therefore perfect for most people’s needs.

It’s especially useful for the S series with its smaller storage space, and to be honest, the price is really reasonable compared to the high-end components that the drive contains.

However, that still makes it pretty expensive for the amount of extra storage space. So if you’re not interested in playing your games directly from your drive, you may not feel like the cost.

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