Better to clean out and sell: for which things you currently get really a lot of money

Whether graphics cards, routers or refrigerators – numerous technology items are currently only available in very limited quantities due to a worldwide chip shortage. This is annoying for many consumers, but of course benefits those who want to get rid of such a device right now. We betray, with which used objects you skim up-to-date correctly much money and on which you should pay attention with the sales.

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Chip shortages, the fuel crisis and various other reasons mean that shelves and online stores are currently empty – especially when it comes to hardware and electronics. Even the smartphone giant Apple recently felt the impact; apparently the company had to stop production of the iPhone 13 due to the chip shortage.

Ärgerly, this is for all those who just need a new device. Laptops are either at horrendous prices or will only be available in a few months, routers and household appliances are also in a bad way, not to mention graphics cards. However, you can take advantage of the situation if you still have used devices at home. Because they can now be sold for a hefty plus.

Graphic cards, laptops and more: These devices are currently hard to get

The global chip shortage has been going on for about a year now, ensuring that many technical devices are produced in much smaller numbers than needed. This applies to PCs and laptops, routers, printers, smartphones or even e-bikes and cars, among other things. Household appliances are also in the doldrums: delivery times for refrigerators and washing machines have multiplied in recent months.

Above all, if you want a new graphics card, you have to have staying power. The current generation is currently available in some places, but most retailers charge double the original MSRP.

Meanwhile, the price-salary models have exploded. An example from the editorial office: The MSI Radeon RX 580, a cheap graphics card that is now over 4 years old, cost under 200 Euros last year. Used you could currently sell it for about 400 to 500 euros, new it is

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Selling used equipment: What you need to know

Who on eBay classifieds& Co. wants to sell, there are a few things to keep in mind – especially when it comes to high-priced home appliances or technology. If you still have the official accessories, packaging and operating instructions, you can use them to charge more than for the product alone. In addition, equipment that is well maintained and as up to date as possible will bring more money.

If possible, to avoid falling for scammers, resort to the official payment function of the sales portals and avoid alternative ways such as PayPal. In addition, you should always check if there are real people behind the requests. You can usually spot fake profiles because they are only a few days old, plus fake requests often come seconds after an ad is posted.

If you’re selling laptops, hard drives, smartphones or even TVs, be sure to reset the device before handing it over to its new owners. But in some cases, especially with portable hard drives, data can be recovered with software. To make sure no one gets unauthorized access to your data, it’s best to delete the files permanently – you can do this with a tool like Eraser.

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