Bitcoin course current& today: fed decision made

 Bitcoin course current& today: Fed decision made

In 2009, bitcoin was only worth the price of electricity needed to mine it.

 Bitcoin course current& today: Fed decision made

Bitcoin rate current Bitcoin rate quoted at 36.700 dollars, Fed decision made

 Bitcoin course current& today: Fed decision made

 Bitcoin course current& today: Fed decision made

 Bitcoin course current& today: Fed decision made

Dusseldorf The bitcoin price is highly volatile. Has the world’s most important cyberdevise on 10. November one Record of 68.789 dollars per bitcoin reached, the price quickly collapses again depending on the news situation. Currently, analysts expect the stock to rise over the course of the year. However, investing is considered risky among investors.

Its beginning took the idea of the independent digital currency in 2008. A person or a group published a white paper under the Japanese name "Satoshi Nakamoto. It said: There should be a decentralized managed currency. States and banks cannot access.

"What is needed is an electronic payment system that relies on cryptographic proof instead of trust, and allows two parties to transact directly with each other without an intermediary they trust," the unknown named Nakamoto wrote at the time. Whether the inventor is really a Japanese is doubtful to this day.

Programmers and other enthusiasts picked up the vision, in 2009 bitcoin became a reality. Soon, the first trading venue was launched where digital coin could be traded. At that time, however, there was no exchange rate to a currency. Due to the lack of demand, the value was based on mining costs alone.

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The lay 2010 at 0.08 cents. The blockchain, which was relatively short at the time, ensured that new coins could be mined without much effort.

Only from February 2011 a Bitcoin was also described in mainstream media. The price at the time was 1 dollar and rose slowly. Most recently, the value peaked at times at more than 68.700 dollars.

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Below are the most important events as well as the development of the cryptocurrency – starting with the current status.

How expensive was a bitcoin in the beginning? – Bitcoin price in chronology starting with the current level

27. January 2022 – Bitcoin price quoted at 36.700 dollars, Fed decision made

Concerns about rapidly rising interest rates are keeping the markets on tenterhooks and have been causing prices to fall for several weeks now. Now, the U.S. Federal Reserve Fed has made a first decision: For the time being, it leaves the key interest rate unchanged near zero. Already in mid-March, however, the Fed is expected to raise the key interest rate – yet investors reacted unimpressed. Meanwhile, according to analyst firm Coinmarketcap, the oldest cryptocurrency is trading at around 36.700 dollars (as of 2:30 p.m.).

24. January 2022 – bitcoin price falls below 35.000 dollars -Investors look to Fed meeting

Meanwhile, bitcoin, the main cyber currency, is trading at 34.962 dollars (as of 9:12 a.m.), data from analytics platform Coinmarketcap shows. The background to the sell-off is the upcoming monetary policy turnaround by the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed).

Several Federal Reserve officials have recently hinted at faster rate hikes and a rapid reduction in the balance sheet. This form of monetary policy feeds inflation and interest rate concerns and tends to have a detrimental effect on equity and crypto markets. The next meeting of the U.S. Federal Reserve is scheduled for Wednesday.

21. January 2022 – Bitcoin price falls below 39.000 dollars

On Friday, bitcoin fell to its lowest level in five months. According to the data of the analysis company Coinmarketcap, bitcoin is currently trading at 38.600 dollars (as of 13:27) – a minus of about eight percent in a 24-hour comparison.

Analysts justify the loss in value of the cyberdevise, which has continued for days, with the expected interest rate increases in the U.S. In addition, the Russian central bank recently underpinned its anti-crypto stance. According to a report, it plans to ban the use and creation of cryptocurrencies in the future.

Experts therefore warn of further losses.

12. January 2022 – bitcoin rises due to high U.S. inflation rate

U.S. inflation rate continues to pick up in December and now stands at seven percent, a new high since 1982. This is noticeable in the bitcoin price, which is now approaching 44.000 dollar mark. Thus, the cryptocurrency is recovering since the fall to 39.800 dollars from Monday .

Currently, the bitcoin is quoted at around 43 according to the analysis house Coinmarketcap.855 dollars (as of 4:15 p.m.). In a 24-hour comparison, bitcoin is up just under five percent.

23. December 2021 – Bitcoin is quoted at 48.300 dollars, Laos wants to become a center for cryptomining

Since the record high of mid-November at just under 69.000 dollars, the bitcoin has lost almost 40 percent of its value at its peak. On Thursday morning, according to data from analyst firm Coinmarketcap, the cyber currency was trading at 48.300 dollars.

Risk assets like bitcoin come under increased pressure from Corona variant Omikron. Still, the government of Laos wants to make the country a new center for so-called cryptomining – the mining of digital coins.

Cryptomining is expected to bring in around $180 million, seven percent of the country’s total budget, according to the report.

15. December 2021 – Savings banks want to enable trading in cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin quoted at 48.000 dollars

Earlier this week, Finance Forward, Finanz-Szene and Capital reported that savings banks will offer their customers as early as next year the Trade with cryptocurrencies want to enable. According to the report, customers should be able to access digital currencies like bitcoin directly through their checking account. The use of a special crypto exchange such as Coinbase would then no longer be necessary.

"The interest in crypto assets is enormous, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe also sees this," the German Giro and Savings Banks Association (DSGV) said in response to a query. Currently, according to the website Coinmarketcap, the cyberdevise is trading at 48.270 dollars, In mid-November, bitcoin hit an all-time high of just over $68.000 dollars.

6. December 2021 – Bitcoin falls to 42 on Saturday.000 dollars and is only slowly recovering

Over the weekend, bitcoin took a precipitous tumble, dropping to 42% according to Coinmarketcap.874 dollars fallen. Overall, the market capitalization of the entire crypto market fell from $2.6 trillion to $2.1 trillion in 24 hours, a drop of nearly 19 percent. By Sunday, however, that figure had narrowed to a loss of just under 11 percent as the market recovered.

On Monday, the price rose a little and is currently at 47.600 dollars.

Many market participants attributed the slump to profit-taking and macroeconomic concerns. The new virus variant Omikron had caused significant fluctuations in financial markets around the world last week. Fear of inflation also drives the markets. Currently, it looks like bitcoin is increasingly subject to the forces of the conventional financial market. Read also: Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin: "Crypto is on its way to the mainstream"

29. November 2021 – Bitcoin recovers and rises to 57.000 dollars

Cryptocurrency prices are recovering again. Bitcoin and Ethereum are both up about seven percent to 57.000 and 4300 dollars respectively. (As of 10:22 a.m)

26. November 2021 – Corona Mutante Omikron causes uncertainty – Bitcoin falls below 54.000 dollars

News of a new corona muntante in South Africa hits both exchanges and the crypto market: bitcoin, the oldest and most important digital currency, falls to 53.500 dollars, its lowest level since mid-October.

One possible explanation: the virus variant surprised many short-term investors and caused bets on rising prices in other markets to burst. Now the gamblers need money and realize their profits on the crypto market. The smaller coins in particular have risen sharply in recent weeks.

17. November 2021 – Mastercard wants to enable payment with Bicoin

Mastercard announced a few weeks ago a cooperation with Bakkt, a U.S. provider of bitcoin wallets ("wallet" called). According to the companies, the partnership makes it easier for banks, financial technology companies and merchants to offer and accept cryptocurrency payments. Banks could issue Mastercard credit cards in the future that can be used to pay in bitcoin.

Bakkt automatically converts the coins into a classic currency, also called fiat currency, like euros and dollars, when you pay for them. That’s because supermarkets and restaurants, for example, don’t have hardware devices to receive Bitcoins. So traders are paid with analog currencies, as before. Whether other digital currencies will be accepted in addition to Bitcoin is still unclear. Visa and Paypal also want to participate in the crypto market. Whe exact, you can read here: Mastercard, Visa and Paypal want to open up to digital currencies. Bitcoin is currently at 60.300 dollars. (Status: 15:36)

16. November 2021 – Bitcoin sells off – price falls below 60.000 dollars

The bitcoin falls in the morning compared to the previous evening by about 9000 dollars below 60.000 dollars. Most recently, the oldest and most important cryptocurrency was down ten percent on a 24-hour basis, according to data from analyst firm Coinmarketcap.

Other cryptocurrencies also drop significantly. The entire crypto market had risen sharply in recent weeks. What triggered the sell-off is unclear. But there are a few hints. Read the full analysis: Healthy setback or the big sellout? These two reasons are currently being discussed.

10. November 2021 – Bitcoin reaches almost 69.000 dollar mark

Bitcoin has once again climbed to a record high on Wednesday. With 68.789 dollars, the oldest, best-known and largest digital currency by market value reached its highest level to date on the trading platform Coinmarketcap. Ether also marked a record high with a price of 4859 dollars. The round mark of 5000 dollars is thus getting closer and closer.

9. November 2021 – New record: bitcoin rises to 68.530 dollars

On Tuesday, bitcoin, the oldest and most important cryptocurrency, rose to more than 68 for the first time, according to data from analyst firm Coinmarketcap.000 dollars. The second largest cyber currency, Ether, also hit a new high of $4838. Second-tier digital currencies also rose, with Cardano gaining seven percent and fun currency Shiba Inu up more than six percent.

19. October 2021 – First bitcoin ETF to launch in the U.S

Wall Street is currently preparing for the approval of the first bitcoin futures ETF. The exchange-traded fund from provider ProShares will launch this Tuesday under the ticker Bito, CEO Michael Sapir confirmed Monday.

Bito is suitable for investors who trade stocks and ETFs but don’t want to bother with "opening an account at a crypto exchange or learning how to store your cryptocurrencies yourself," Sapir said. Four more providers of similar futures ETFs are waiting in the wings. Media reports suggest Invesco could also launch this week. Read the full article: Crypto products now on traditional exchange – First bitcoin futures ETF launches

The bitcoin price continues to hold at 62.200 dollars (9:55 am) and could even break its previous record.

18. October 2021 – bitcoin continues to hold above 60.000 dollars – Bitcoin ETF drives up the price

Bitcoin managed to hold its price with a few fluctuations and is currently at 61, according to Coinmarketcap.600 dollars. The crypto community and financial industry are looking ahead to the expected approval of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the U.S. A filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows that the ETF will be launched on Monday. The application is for futures-based ETFs, unlike previous attempts.

Bitcoin could follow that up with its record high of 64.863 dollars break. Experts warn, however, that with the launch of the ETF it also some sell their Coins. After that, the price could plummet. A similar thing happened last time El Salvador introduced cryptocurrency as a form of payment: The price rose in the run-up, but with the launch, short-term investors cashed out.

15. October 2021 – Bitcoin rises above 60.000 dollars

Bitcoin cracks, as measured on crypto platform, the mark of 60.000 dollars. In the meantime, it rose up to 62.626 dollars. This means that the all-time high of 64.863 not far off. But experts warn: before it comes to the new record high, the price could sink again for the time being. Read the full article: Bitcoin cracks 60.000 dollar mark – these factors are behind the rise

14. October 2021 – Bitcoin holds course to hit 60.000 dollars

While the markets are quite turbulent, bitcoin continues to hold its own above. Experts suggest that inflation fears are driving the bitcoin and it will soon return to its all-time high of 65.000 dollars can reach. Many investors would now use the cryptocurrency as a shield against the devaluation of money in so-called fiat currencies euro, dollar& Co. See. Currently, energy prices in particular, but also corona-related catch-up effects, are causing ongoing inflationary pressure.

In addition, there is an all-clear from the US: although the government wants to regulate cryptocurrencies more, but not ban them, said Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Bitcoin currently stands at 57, according to trading platform Coinmarketcap.600 dollars (10:42).

7. October 2021 – Bitcoin rises to more than 55.000 dollars

After the slump in September, the bitcoin price is rising again. As of Thursday, it stands at 55.000 dollars. Institutional investors in particular are responsible for the upward trend. Among them, the family office of billionaire George Soros. The rumor was confirmed yesterday, Wednesday.

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The price is also completely decoupling from the global stock market. While prices here tended to fall in October, bitcoin rose by around 25 percent. Currently, according to Coinmarketcap, bitcoin stands at 54.500 dollars (11 am).

28. September 2021 – Bitcoin price will fluctuate even more in the future

China and the U.S. are trying to gain control of the two-trillion-dollar crypto market. Just on Friday, for example, China had again announced sharp restrictions on the trading of digital currencies. The so-called mining, which is necessary for the operation of blockchains, was also banned. The U.S. also wants to introduce new regulations that could threaten the existence of a large part of the industry.

With that out of the way, Bitcoin and co. Can grow without much resistance. The sector has grown so large that it can no longer be ignored by overseers, central bankers and politicians.

Who will win the power struggle is open. Proponents of decentralized finance like to point to the core qualities of the blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based. It is deliberately designed to be difficult to limit and shut down from a central location.

For the bitcoin price, it means that in the future it will fluctuate even more than before following announcements about new rules and regulations. Currently, the price has stabilized after the slump and is at 42 on Tuesday morning.300 dollars (8:30 am). Read the full article here: After new bans from China: crypto industry gears up for showdown with regulators

24. September 2021 – China bans transactions with cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin came under significant pressure on Friday. The reason was a notice from the Chinese central bank, which is now against Bitcoin and Co. Takes action and declares all transactions related to cryptocurrencies illegal. That’s according to a statement from the People’s Bank of China. Foreign online services that allowed Chinese to access digital currencies were also not allowed, it said.

The bitcoin price fell from about 45.000 dollars to just under 42.000 dollars. The second-largest digital currency after Bitcoin, Ether, was hit harder, plummeting by about seven percent to just under 2900 dollars. The market volume of all good 12.000 cryptocurrencies fell from about $2.0 trillion to $1.9 trillion. Read the full article here: China declares crypto trading illegal – digital currencies under pressure

22. September 2021 – All-clear at Evergrande – Bitcoin recovers slightly

Bitcoin is recovering. The price is currently at 42.200 U.S. dollars (as of 3:12 p.m.). This was also due to a positive news from Evergrande. The real estate unit of the group announced that it had reached an agreement on part of its interest payments due this week. Read the full article here: Evergrande announces partial agreement on interest payments – Chinese stock market quake remains absent

21. September 2021 – Possible insolvency of Evergrande affects the crypto world – Bitcoin below 40.000 dollars

A possible bankruptcy of the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande is also making itself felt in the Bitcoin price. On Tuesday night, according to data from crypto platform Coinmarketcap, the price of bitcoin was down to around 40.500 US dollars fallen.

By morning, a slight easing followed, and by midday Tuesday, the most important of the now roughly 12.000 cryptocurrencies then at 43.264 dollars. With that said, bitcoin is still down 5.8 percent from the previous week, and within 24 hours the loss is about 3.8 percent. Other digital values also remained under pressure. Read the full article here: Concerns about Chinese real estate group Evergrande lead to uncertainty in the crypto market. Many digital currencies lose double-digit value in just one week.

13. September 2021 – Walmart clears up Litecoin rumors – not an accepted payment method

U.S. company Walmart on Monday denied rumors that the retailer could accept the cryptocurrency Litecoin as payment in the future. Shortly after, major cryptocurrencies posted losses.

Earlier, a press release had caused a stir on the Internet announcing a partnership between the corporation and the Litecoin network. The Litecoin price then rose 32 percent from $175 to $231 in less than 30 minutes. When a Walmart spokesperson said shortly after that the statement about Litecoin was "inauthentic," the cryptocurrency’s price dropped again to around $180.

Bitcoin was also down 3.8 percent in a 24-hour comparison in the afternoon. If the oldest cryptocurrency was still at over 46 at the time of the news.000 dollars rose, it fell to 43 shortly after Walmart’s denial.770 dollars.

8. September 2021 – The reason for bitcoin’s collapse was technical problems and bets by big investors

There were technical problems in El Salvador on Tuesday. Chivo, the digital wallet intended for transactions, has not worked, President Nayip Bukele admitted. In the capital San Salvador, many people also showed little interest in the innovation.

Simon Peters, an analyst at online broker Etoro, also suspects big investors, so-called bitcoin whales, were behind the sell-off. Small investors would have greeted with great enthusiasm the fact that bitcoin was introduced as a means of payment in El Salvador, thus pushing the price upwards. Bitcoin whales would have seen this move coming and taken the opportunity to take profits. Read the full article: Technical problems and bounced bets: The reasons for the correction in the crypto market

7. September 2021 – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plunge

After El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal tender, the crypto sector went downhill significantly: led by bitcoin, many digital currencies dropped significantly. The market capitalization had plummeted by ten percent, according to data from the analysis firm Coinmarketcap.

Bitcoin, for example, fell at times by more than 15 percent to 43.285 dollars – the lowest level in four weeks. Ether, the second most valuable currency, fell in the meantime more than a fifth back under 3100 dollars.

25. August 2021 – Bitcoin falls back to 47.000 dollar

The mark of 50.000 dollars, the bitcoin was able to hold only briefly. At around 12 p.m. on Wednesday, the exchange rate is back at 47.200 dollars, down 4.7 percent from 24 hours ago.

23. August 2021 – Bitcoin cracks 50.000 dollar mark

The price of the digital currency bitcoin on Monday rose above the 50.000 US dollar increased. The last time a bitcoin cost 50 on the Bitstamp trading exchange.299 dollars, up a good two percent on the previous day. Since the interim low in mid-July, gains in the very volatile cryptocurrency now add up to nearly three quarters.

In the past few days, the decision of the U.S. trading platform Coinbase to increase its own holdings of cryptocurrencies had provided additional momentum. Up to the record high of the Bitcoin of almost 64.900 dollars from April, however, is still missing a good bit.

19. August 2021 – Hackers capture five million bitcoin on Japanese crypto exchange

In a hacker attack on the Japanese crypto exchange, according to initial estimates, more than 94 million dollars were stolen. This is according to information from blockchain analytics firm Elliptic.

According to the report, the thief got his hands on more than $94 million in digital coins – including about 31 million in Ethereum, five million in Bitcoin and 13 million in XRP. Elliptic said it would help Liquid track the stolen goods.

The company has already confirmed the hacking attack, but could not be reached for further comment. Just last week, hackers captured hundreds of millions of dollars in an attack on decentralized crypto platform Poly Network. Bitcoin price drops to 44.400 dollars.

18. August 2021 – Bitcoin gets new competition

The market capitalization of all digital currencies is trading above the two trillion dollar mark for the first time since the sell-off in May, according to data from analytics firm Coinmarketcap.

The key driver of this is Bitcoin, the oldest and most important cyber currency, which alone accounts for just under half of the crypto market. The price was just over 47 on Monday.000 dollars and thus above the 200-day line, which signals further rising prices from a technical perspective.

This means that bitcoin has gained about 50 percent since it hit the market on 19. May to 30.000 dollars had crashed. Since then, the second largest cryptocurrency, Ether, has performed even slightly better, gaining 67 percent. The price benefited from the so-called "London upgrade", which is designed to speed up the processing of transactions.

But in the shadow of Bitcoin and Ether, a smaller cryptocurrency has become an investor favorite: Ada, the coin on the Cardano blockchain, has risen in value by 110 percent since mid-May. This means that Cardano, with a market capitalization of just under $70 billion, is on the verge of replacing Binance Coin as the third largest digital currency. Read the full article on Cardano (ADA) here.

14. August 2021 – Bitcoin price reaches 48.000 dollar mark

The crypto market continues to rise. The price reaches a peak of 48.098 dollars, but closes again at 47.000 dollars.

11. August 2021 – Crypto exchange Coinbase reports 1500 percent higher trading volume than in 2020

Crypto exchange Coinbase reports that its trading volume has increased 1500 percent year-on-year. On the exchange, small investors can use their smartphones to trade Bitcoin and Co. Trade.

In the quarter to 30. June volume was $462 billion, the San Francisco-based company said after the U.S. stock market closed. That’s up 38 percent from the previous quarter. The number of monthly users who make a transaction (MTU) had increased by 44 percent to 8.8 million in the process.

More than 9000 financial institutions now use Coinbase’s services, it said more. The company reported net profit at $1.6 billion. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin can be traded via Coinbase. The company went public in mid-April. The bitcoin exchange rate is at 46.700 dollars.

10. August 2021 – Bitcoin price rises to 46.000 dollars

Bitcoin on Tuesday surpassed the mark of 46.000 dollars cracked. Most recently, the cryptocurrency was trading at 46, according to data from analyst firm Coinmarketcap.010 dollars.

Meanwhile, a push by crypto lobbyists in the U.S. Senate to prevent stricter regulations on cryptocurrencies failed. The U.S. government wants to tax cryptocurrency transactions more heavily. It’s expected to raise $28 billion over the next decade.

9. August 2021 – Bitcoin price briefly breaks through 45.000 dollar mark

The oldest and most important cryptocurrency was trading at around 44 on Monday afternoon, according to data from analyst firm Coinmarketcap.500 dollars. On Sunday, the bitcoin price had risen to its highest level since mid-May and in the meantime broke through the psychologically important mark of 45.000 US dollars.

Short-term investors in particular have been in a buying mood lately. For a positive mood on the market may have provided not least Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who about two weeks ago a possible comeback of the cryptocurrency at Tesla had again in prospect. Risks remained, however: The regulation issue in the market remains a perennial issue.

6. August 2021 – Bitcoin rises to 41.800 dollars

Bitcoin rises to as high as 41 on Friday.864 dollars – up eight percent on a 24-hour basis. Trading volume has also multiplied in that time; by nearly a quarter, according to data from the website Coinmarketcap.
Ethereum, the second most valuable currency, is holding steady above the $2800 level. It has gained a fifth in value week-over-week.

5. August 2021 – French fund house Melanion Capital launches special Bitcoin fund

French fund house apparently launches first fund to track bitcoin price while meeting European regulatory standards. Melanion Capital has already received the green light from the French authorities, writes the Financial Times.

The Paris-based company thus serves investors who also want to invest in the crypto market, but attach importance to certain regulatory standards. These are formulated in the EU in the UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) directives (English term: "Ucits") and guarantee investors a high level of protection. The fund includes stakes in up to 30 companies in the crypto and blockchain segments, according to the statement.

Bitcoin price is at 38.000 dollars.

3. August 2021 – U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to better regulate cryptocurrencies

The head of the world’s most powerful stock market regulator, Gary Gensler, reveals his stance on Bitcoin and Co in a Bloomberg interview. "While I’m neutral about the technology, or even fascinated by it – I spent three years teaching it and getting into it, after all – I’m not neutral about investor protection," Gensler says. "If someone wants to speculate, that’s their choice, but as a state, we have a responsibility to protect those investors from scams."A robust oversight system, Gensler said, will focus on creating protections for the millions of investors who have added digital tokens to their portfolios.

The SEC chief has called on Congress to pass legislation that could give the agency legal authority to oversee crypto exchanges. However, the SEC’s powers are already broad, it said. Here you can find the interview in German summary. The bitcoin price is at 39.200 dollars.

29. July 2021 – savings bank plans bitcoin portfolio

Savings bank customers will be able to invest indirectly in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology through S Broker. There are around 40 certificates, ETFs and individual stocks to choose from on the trading platform of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, which can be used to profit from the developments surrounding blockchain technology, S Broker announced on Thursday.

Bitcoin and similar currencies are subject to wide fluctuations in value, but are increasingly reaching broader investor groups. On Thursday morning, the main crypto currency Bitcoin is trading slightly higher at 40.031 dollars.

27. July 2021 – Amazon: Bitcoin as a payment method is just a rumor

The reason for the rise in the bitcoin price were rumors that Amazon will accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in the future. This was denied by a company spokesman, after which the bitcoin price returned to 37.255 dollars dropped.

Despite the company’s interest in the crypto world, "the speculation that has arisen around our specific plans for cryptocurrencies is not true," the spokesperson said. It said it remains focused on "exploring what this might look like for customers who shop at Amazon".

According to Vijay Ayyar, head of Asia-Pacific operations at crypto exchange Luno, the current volatility in the price is part of a broader, multi-wave correction since April’s record high of nearly 65.000 dollars.

24. July 2021 – Rumor of Amazon’s plans to accept bitcoin as a form of payment send price higher

The bitcoin price was up about twelve percent as of early Monday morning and currently stands at 38.000 dollars. Briefly, it rose above 39.000 dollars and thus broke through the 50-day line – an important signal and an indication of further tailwinds.

The reason for the surprising rally was apparently a report in the free London newspaper "City A.M.". Report reveals details of Amazon’s crypto strategy. According to the report, the group plans to initially accept Bitcoin, but later also other cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment. However, it refers only to an anonymous "insider".

According to her, Amazon has a sophisticated crypto strategy and also plans to issue its own digital currency. This is matched by a job posting from the group seeking a "head of digital currencies and blockchain products".

21. July 2021 – EU wants to control cryptocurrencies more tightly – price at 31.000 dollars

Bitcoin is back above the psychologically important 30.000 mark. The price is back at 31, according to Coinmarketcap.530 dollars, after falling to its lowest level in a month on Tuesday.

However, the nervousness in the crypto markets is likely to remain. The reason for this is news that points to more regulation. For example, the EU Commission announced that a new watchdog agency will better monitor cryptocurrencies and fight money laundering and terrorist financing.

Specifically, bills are to be paid in principle only up to 10.000 euros may be paid in cash. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are also to be more tightly regulated. "Today’s changes will ensure that transfers of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin can be fully tracked," it said. Anonymous digital wallets – so-called wallets – are to be banned.

The EU Commission describes the new Alma (Anti-Money Laundering Authority) as the centerpiece of the proposed legislative package. Among other things, it should be able to supervise certain financial companies if there is an increased risk of money laundering or terrorist financing.

20. July 2021 – After losses on the stock exchanges, bitcoin also falls below 30.000 dollars

Cryptocurrencies also hit by market selloff. The market’s stock value is dropping significantly. Bitcoin falls below the mark of 30.000 dollars and was trading at around 29 on Tuesday morning.700 dollars – and thus almost 2000 dollars lower in a 24-hour comparison. The last time the bitcoin had been on 22. June 2021 at this level.

Also with the other cryptocurrencies it went down partly clearly. Total market capitalization lost more than seven percent, data from analyst firm Coinmarketcap shows.

9. July 2021 – bitcoin price at 32.900 dollars

The digital currency Bitcoin is currently at 32.900 dollars. On 19. May 2021 the rate of 43.000 to 31.000 dollars plunged after the Chinese financial industry banned trading in the cryptocurrency. Since then, however, the exchange rate has improved a bit and is holding relatively stable.

6. July 2021 – Extortionist hackers demand $70 million in bitcoin

Hackers who attacked hundreds of companies with extortion software over the weekend are getting their hopes up for a fat haul. The group REvil is demanding $70 million in the digital currency Bitcoin for a master key to all affected computers. Hackers claim their software has infected more than a million computers. If true, this would be the largest ransomware attack to date, Mikko Hypponen of IT security firm F-Secure pointed out Monday.

The hacker group exploited a vulnerability at U.S. IT services provider Kaseya to attack its customers with a program that encrypts data and demands a ransom. The particularly perfidious thing about this attack path is that Kaseya software on the computers is classified as trustworthy – this also cleared the way for the version prepared by the hackers.

It has been difficult to assess the extent of the damage from an independent perspective. IT security firm Huntress spoke of more than 1000 companies where systems had been encrypted. Kaseya itself reported that fewer than 40 customers had been affected. However, this again included service providers, which in turn have multiple customers. The result was a domino effect.

In Germany, according to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), an IT service provider and several of its customers were affected. Several thousand computers at several companies are involved, a spokesman said Sunday. Federal agencies and critical infrastructure facilities "of a reportable size" were not affected to the government’s knowledge, a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry said Monday. More on the topic: Cyber attack in USA hits hundreds of companies

5. July 2021 – Brokerage house TP Icap plans crypto trading platform; bitcoin at 34.000 dollars

UK brokerage TP Icap, along with Fidelity and Standard Chartered, plans to bring a trading platform for cryptocurrencies online in the second half of the year. The reason is the increasing interest of investors. That has " exploded" in recent months, said co-head of digital assets at ICAP, Duncan Trenholme.

Politicians, on the other hand, are worried about the Bitcoin boom. In recent months, bans in Turkey and Iran in particular have made headlines. A global survey shows some states would prefer to ban cryptocurrencies immediately and become "bitcoin no-go areas".

For the industry, this means that relocations around the globe are becoming more likely. But goals are few and far between, with only a handful of countries – quite surprisingly – looking to make their mark as the crypto hub of the future. More on the topic: Campaign against Bitcoin: Which countries want to crack down – and which want to profit

Bitcoin’s price continues to hold above the psychologically important 30.000 US dollars. At times, the oldest cryptocurrency rose to 35.900 U.S. dollars, the 36 could.000 dollar mark but failed to break through it and subsequently fell back to around 34.000 US dollars. In recent days, the bitcoin price oscillated between the two marks.

29. June 2021 – Bitcoin stabilizes above 30.000 dollar mark

Bitcoin was briefly below the 30 level last week.000 dollars fell. Experts expected that this would cause the price to slide further, as many sell orders were below this psychologically important mark. Investors used the price drop as an entry point, however, so bitcoin quickly climbed back above 30.000 U.S. dollars and can hold in this range. Currently, according to Coinmarketcap, the bitcoin price is back above 35.000 dollars.

28. June 2021 – Bafin grants Coinbase permission for the first time to hold cyber currency in custody

Financial regulator Bafin gives Coinbase Germany GmbH permission to hold cyber currency for the first time. Coinbase thus becomes the first company to receive this permission – Coinbase stock subsequently rises more than seven percent on Wall Street. On Coinbase, users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin.

Bafin stresses, however, that it will continue not to supervise individual forex. She will only supervise service providers who work with cryptocurrencies.

22. June 2021 – Bitcoin is under 30.000 dollar mark slipped

Bitcoin on Tuesday fell below the important mark of 30.000 dollars fallen. Most recently, the cryptocurrency was trading down a good nine percent at around 29, according to data from analyst firm Coinmarketcap.800 dollars.

For the bitcoin, the mark of 30.000 dollars not only psychologically important. Many stop loss marks are located at this level, a slide below this mark now could accelerate the downward trend. All info in the crypto blog of the Handelsblatt.

20. June 2021 – Bitcoin falls below the 31 mark.000 dollars

China tightens its course against cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Domestic banks and giant fintech company Ant Group have been asked to stop providing crypto trading services, the Chinese central bank said in Beijing. This is tantamount to a ban. To the full article: China increases pressure on cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin falls toward 30.000 dollar

The bitcoin price and other digital assets reacted to the news with significant declines in price. The bitcoin price slipped six percent below the 31.000 dollars.

Earlier in the week, bitcoin had been trading at more than $40.000 dollars. Nvidia and AMD share prices were also impacted, dropping 1.1 and 2.4 percent, respectively, on Monday. Both companies manufacture processors for graphics cards that are used not only for gaming but also for cryptocurrency mining.

This once again shows how fast-moving the bitcoin price is. Since mid-May 2021, the digital currency has oscillated between 30.000 dollars and 40.000 dollars, after rising in April to nearly 65.000 dollars had risen. But despite the recent correction, bitcoin is still well above its mid-2020 level, when the price was around 10.000 dollars was.

16. June 2021 – Federal government wants to make crypto transactions traceable

The federal government is planning a new regulation that would govern disclosure requirements for transactions involving cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ether. The goal is to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing via cryptocurrencies. Under the planned cryptocurrency transfer regulation, all transactions involving cryptocurrencies in Germany will become traceable.

The Federal Ministry of Finance plans to require "parties involved in the transfer of crypto assets to submit information on the principal and beneficiary".

Crypto industry expresses concern over proposed federal government regulation. Bitcoin price loses slightly in 24-hour comparison and is currently at 39, according to Coinmarketcap.200 U.S. dollars.

14. June 2021 – Tesla to accept bitcoin as payment again under conditions

Tesla will accept cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method again under conditions, according to its chief executive Elon Musk. If it turns out that a reasonable share of about 50 percent of renewable energy is used in bitcoin manufacturing, and there is also a positive trend in this direction, Tesla will also allow bitcoin transactions again, the Tesla CEO tweeted the night before. The news bolstered the price of the oldest cryptocurrency, which consequently surged about 12 percent to 39, according to Coinmarketcap.535 US dollars rose.

Musk had announced on 14. May criticized bitcoin for its high energy consumption, triggering a tremor in crypto markets.

8. June 2021 – Colonial Pipeline paid 75 bitcoin ransom to hackers

Investigators have recovered most of a ransom payment in the digital currency bitcoin after the hacking attack on the largest gasoline pipeline in the U.S. The U.S. Department of Justice announced on Monday that 63.7 Bitcoin, currently worth about 2.3 million U.S. dollars, had been seized.

The FBI has managed to identify a digital wallet that hackers allegedly used to collect a payment from the targeted company, said the agency’s deputy director, Paul Abbate. Read the message here: Ransomware recovered after hacking attack on U.S. pipeline.

According to Coinmarketcap, the bitcoin price on Tuesday is at 33.170 dollars and has thus fallen again.

7. June 2021 – Anonymous criticizes Tesla chief Elon Musk

A video posted on YouTube on Friday, apparently from the group "Anonymous," criticizes Tesla CEO Elon Musk for his social media comments on Bitcoin, among other things. The anonymous speaker in the video, which was shared via the Twitter account @YourAnonCentral and others, laments to Musk that "the games you’ve played with the crypto markets have destroyed lives".

It goes on to say, "Millions of retail investors really relied on their crypto profits to improve their lives (. ) Their tweets this week show a clear disregard for the average worker."

Musk, on the other hand, continued to actively tweet about cryptocurrencies and other topics over the weekend without addressing the video. The Tesla CEO has long been considered a proponent of cryptocurrencies, cheering on the hype via Twitter.

3. June 2021 – Bitcoin recovers and is at 39.000 dollars

Bitcoin price gains on Thursday and continues to recover from the heavy losses of the past weeks. Most recently, the digital currency cost just under 39.000 US dollars. Bitcoin had come under heavy pressure in May, falling at times to 30.000 dollars.

31. May 2021 – big investors take advantage of low bitcoin price

Over the weekend, bitcoin once again showed that the investment is only something for investors with strong nerves. In the past 24 hours, the price plunged to 33.520 dollars off. This was the lowest level in five days. Subsequently, however, the price climbed again to over 36.000 dollars and is also holding in this range on Monday. This is what the data from the website Coinmarketcap shows.

That price used three billion dollars worth of bitcoin bought by large bitcoin investors, known in the trade as "whales," reports blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis. According to the report, hedge funds and asset managers are said to be mainly in the price range of 30.000 dollars on the lower and 35.000 dollars on top in bitcoin have accessed. Read the full article here: Bitcoin remains extremely volatile – Investment pros used the price slide to make billions on their way in

28. May 2021 – Bitcoin price stable: investor Carl Icahn wants to invest

Activist investor Carl Icahn, 85, wants to enter the crypto sector in "a big way," he said in an interview with Bloomberg TV. He could ultimately invest more than a billion dollars (820 million euros) in an alternative currency. Looking for opportunities, he studies Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the field as a whole. However, the major investor had not yet bought.

He says the increasing popularity of alternative currencies is a natural consequence of inflation. It was also based on the fact that price levels in parts of the stock market were "absurd".

The bitcoin price is holding steady. On Thursday, according to Coinmarketcap, the price is at 36.800 dollars. But the bitcoin price is very sensitive. Only in mid-April, the record high was close to 64.895 dollars, a few days ago the bitcoin plummeted to around 31.000 dollars as of.

25. May 2021 – Bitcoin price stabilizes at 38.000 dollar mark

After the crash last week, the bitcoin price stabilizes at the mark of 38.000 US dollars. Statements by Elon Musk supported the cryptocurrency. Tesla CEO continues to work on making Bitcoin network operations more energy-efficient, he said. Most recently, he met with leading bitcoin prospectors ("miners") from North America, as Musk shared via Twitter. This was immediately noticeable on the crypto market – the prices of Bitcoin and Co. stabilized as a result. Before the price plunge, however, the largest digital currency was already at 56.000 dollars.

24. May 2021 – Chinese companies stop mining for cryptocurrencies

China’s massive crackdown on cryptocurrencies is having an impact, with several companies in the industry announcing on Monday that they would cease doing business in the People’s Republic. These are companies that make their money from the energy-intensive process known as prospecting, or mining, of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. They provide computer capacities and are paid in the respective currency.

The reason is that China wants to regulate cryptocurrencies even more closely. The State Council under Vice-Governor Liu He had communicated a series of measures to this end on Friday. Huobi Mall, part of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, now announced it would suspend its crypto mining offering for Chinese customers and focus on business in other countries. Similar comments were made by prospecting service providers Hashcow and BTC.TOP.

19. May 2021 – Bitcoin price slips to 31.000 dollar mark

In a joint statement, Chinese financial industry associations ban their members from doing business with bitcoin& Co.. The reason for this was that prices fluctuated strongly. This would endanger economic and financial order, according to the National Internet Finance Association of China, the China Banking Association and the Payment and Clearing Association of China.

The new restrictions caused bitcoin to sell off. The share price first rushed to 40.000 dollars, later to as high as 31.000 dollars. Compared to the annual high of 64 reached in mid-April.895 dollars, it was a loss of more than half.

Online sparked a discussion about the possible end of the bitcoin hype. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also chimed in, signaling that he would hold his shares to the bitter end.

Markets interpreted this as Musk’s attempt to calm the situation down. Finally, Tesla invested more than a billion dollars of its cash reserves in Bitcoin in February. In fact, the cryptocurrency subsequently stabilized and rose again to nearly 40 by late evening.000 dollars.

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18. May 2021 – Politicians want to tighten controls on electricity consumption for Bitcoin manufacturing

Sven Giegold, the spokesman for the Green Party’s European group and a member of the European Parliament, is calling for a legal cap on the resource consumption of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The ecological damage to the cryptocurrency has become too great due to the growth of the cyberdevise, he said.

Economist Luder Gerken, director of the Center for European Policy, is also critical of the cryptocurrency’s greenhouse gas emissions. There needs to be a worldwide alignment of CO2 pricing, for example, through global emissions trading; it is currently seen that electricity-intensive processes such as bitcoin mining are being shifted to countries with more lax climate protection requirements.

To create the digital currency, users need to provide computing capacity to encrypt and validate transactions. They will be paid in Bitcoin for doing so. According to a study by the University of Cambridge and the International Energy Agency IEA, this "prospecting" or "mining" consumes as much electricity annually as the Netherlands.

According to crypto platform Coinmarketcap, the bitcoin price on Tuesday is 43.820 dollars.

17. May 2021 – Bitcoin falls to 42 after tweet from Elon Musk.285 dollars

Tesla’s CEO hinted on Twitter on Sunday that the electric carmaker could sell, or may have already sold, its bitcoin holdings. A user with the names @CryptoWhale wrote on Twitter, mutatis mutandis, that bitcoin investors will be angry when they find out in the next quarter that Tesla has sold the rest of its bitcoin shares. Given the hatred Elon Musk is receiving, it’s no wonder, he said. Elon Musk responded to this post with an "Indeed," meaning "indeed," indicating his agreement.

That one word was enough to send bitcoin price plummeting again. The dollar value of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency subsequently fell by several thousand dollars by Monday morning (CET) to 42.285 dollars, its lowest level in almost three months – a slump of more than ten percent.

Later, Musk clarified that Tesla has not sold any Bitcoins yet, however. The bitcoin price subsequently recovered some of its losses. Monday, the bitcoin price was slightly higher again at 44.997 dollars.

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14. May 2021 – Tesla criticizes Bitcoin and triggers price crash

On Wednesday, Tesla chief Elon Musk criticized bitcoin for its high energy use. This triggered a tremor in the crypto markets.

With the move, Musk apparently wants to encourage developers to speed up the search for more energy-efficient technologies to run the underlying blockchain technology. And he wants to work on a solution himself. Then on Thursday, the Tesla CEO let slip that this was focusing on the fun currency Dogecoin. Musk has been promoting the digital currency for months, but it has recently seen several price drops.

Criticism of bitcoin has unsettled investors. The digital currency rushes from 56.000 dollars to 46.980 dollars. It was last this low for a short time in April 2021. But on Friday, the bitcoin price bounced back and is currently at 50, according to Coinmarketcap.379 dollars.

7. May 2021 – Bitcoin first means of payment at Sotheby’s auction in New York

For its gala auction in New York, auction house Sotheby’s announces an innovation that is likely to go down in the history books. For the first time, a physical canvas painting by Banksy titled "Love is in the Air" can now be auctioned not only with dollars, but also with Bitcoin or with Ether. That was still different at the beginning of March.

At Christie’s auction house, the giant crypto artwork based on blockchain technology Non Fungible Token (NTF) still had to be paid for in dollars. The artwork "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" by Beeple reached a record price of 69.3 million dollars. It was bought by Singapore-based Indian crypto entrepreneur Vignesh Sundaresan. The latter has recently become wealthy with the purchase and trading of digital currencies, including through Bitcoin ATMs.

Bitcoin was unimpressed by the news. The price has risen slightly and is currently at 56 according to Coinmarketcap.200 dollars.

5. May 2021 – Ebay considers introducing bitcoin as a means of payment

Internet trading platform Ebay could soon operate with digital money like bitcoin. "We continue to look at other opportunities like cryptocurrencies," chief executive Jamie Iannone told financial broadcaster CNBC. Ebay has already expanded its payment spectrum and now accepts Apple or Google Pay, for example, and the company is always open to further alternatives. Ebay’s stock reacted with significant gains.

Ebay had already announced something similar in 2013. Then-Ebay chief executive John Donahoe told the Financial Times "digital currencies are going to become a very powerful thing" and he was open to bitcoin as a payment method. However, the plans fizzled out and barely two years later Donahoe left Ebay. At the time, however, the group also included Paypal – at the online payment service, which was spun off in 2015, cryptocurrencies are now recognized.

3. May 2021 – Warren Buffet’s colleague Munger criticizes Bitcoin – price rises unimpeded to 58.000 dollars

Charlie Munger, the number two U.S. star investor Warren Buffett, took another shot at bitcoin over the weekend. ‘Of course I hate bitcoin success’. I cannot welcome a currency that is so useful for kidnappers and extortionists. The whole development is abhorrent," Munger said at the virtual shareholder meeting of Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway.

The 97-year-old Munger has long been considered a critic of bitcoin. He criticized the extreme volatility and lack of regulation of the cryptocurrency. However, the Bitcoin price was not affected by the criticism: The oldest and most important cyber currency was trading at 57 on Sunday afternoon.825 dollars at the highest level in two weeks. At Monday the share price continued to rise to 58.500 dollars.

27. April 2021 – Bitcoin rises again towards 55.000 dollars

Bitcoin is recovering after last week’s price plunge. On Tuesday, the cryptocurrency was trading at 54, according to Coinmarketcap data.693 dollars. That’s a gain of four percent in 24 hours.

One reason is a report by news site Coindesk. Accordingly wants the US bank JP Morgan its own actively managed Bitcoin fund for private wealth management clients to offer. The bitcoin fund could launch this summer, according to the report. The official confirmation is still missing. However, the decision towards a bitcoin fund would be a significant turnaround, had JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon in 2017 still called Bitcoin a fraud. He later retracted this accusation.

In Turkey, on the other hand, a crypto shock is happening: first, the Turkish Central Bank banned cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in the country in mid-April. A short time later, Faruk ozer, founder of a Turkish trading platform Thodex, fled with presumably hundreds of millions of dollars. And now a local competitor unexpectedly files for bankruptcy. Read the full story here: Bitcoin investors in Turkey fear for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Tesla sells $272 million worth of bitcoins

In addition to announcing its quarterly results, Tesla also announced that it sold $272 million worth of Bitcoins in the first quarter of 2021. This gives Tesla a profit of 101 million dollars. The corporation had announced in February 2021 that it had invested $1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency. The bitcoin price had risen by almost 18 percent after the news was announced and as a result marked a price high of more than 46 in February.000 dollars.

23. April 2021 – Bitcoin falls below 50 for the first time since March.000 dollars – the reason is a decision by U.S. President Biden

According to US media, President Joe Biden wants to finance important investments in the future through higher taxes on capital gains. For example, capital gains tax for citizens with an annual income of more than one million dollars is to be almost doubled to 39.6 percent. The Bitcoin price then fell below the mark of 49.000 dollars. The market capitalization also fell by 12 percent within 24 hours. This means that investors are pulling out of the market. Stock markets in the U.S. also reacted with significant losses. According to Coinmarketcap, the price on Friday morning is even only 47.963 dollars. The price was last this low at the beginning of March.

21. April 2021 – Bitcoin price is still below 56.000 dollars

This Wednesday, the bitcoin price has continued to remain below the mark of 56.000 dollars held and is according to at noon at 55.288 dollars.

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18. April 2021 – Bitcoin crashes by 15 percent

The bitcoin crashes. The price loses about 15 percent of its value. On Sunday, bitcoin managed to limit its losses and was last trading at around 56.000 dollars. This is the lowest value in seven weeks. Just last week, bitcoin hit a record high of 64.869 dollars.

16. April 2021 – Bitcoin price falls again to 61.000 dollars – Coinbase IPO goes brilliantly

It was a historic moment for the crypto world. Coinbase started trading on the Nasdaq on Wednesday and excited investors: the shares of the largest American crypto exchange started at 381 dollars, a good 55 percent above the reference price of 250 dollars, which had been set the previous evening. Within two minutes, Coinbase shares shot up to more than $400. Five minutes later, the stock was trading at $422 in volatile trading. That equated to a company valuation of more than $100 billion. But the price share lost momentum in the course of trading and closed at 328 dollars significantly below the starting value. Read the full report on the Coinbase IPO.

Bitcoin is also taking a small break from its record chase. The price settled on Friday at 61.019 dollars a.

14. April 2021 – Bitcoin price soars above 64.000 dollars – crypto trading platform Coinbase goes public in the U.S

Wall Street prepares for the next mega IPO. This Wednesday, crypto exchange Coinbase will start trading via direct placement. It is the largest U.S. trading venue for Bitcoin and Co. and is one of the big winners of the ongoing crypto boom. This also continues to drive the bitcoin price. In the afternoon German time, the cryptocurrency is at a new record of, according to Coinmarketcap 64.365 dollars.

Market watchers expect Coinbase IPO to have a best-case valuation of $100 billion. This would make the crypto platform worth more than the established securities trading venues New York Stock Exchange (Nyse) and Nasdaq combined.

Here the most important questions and answers they find under: Five things you should know about Coinbase’s IPO.

13. April 2021 – Bitcoin price at new record high: 63.000 dollar mark cracked

The price of bitcoin surpasses the marks of 63 for the first time.137 U.S. dollars – another record high within a few weeks. Shortly after, however, the price fell back slightly, but rose this afternoon. Currently, according to coinmarketcap, the currency stands at 63.091 dollars. At the same time the cyber currency he reached a new record high a month ago. At that time, the bitcoin price was at 61.700 dollars had risen and as a result had settled at 57.500 dollars leveled.

22. March 2021 – Crypto platform Coinbase must pay penalty and postpone IPO

Coinbase should actually go public in the coming days. But now the cryptocurrency trading platform must pay a $6.5 million fine to the U.S. derivatives regulator CFTC.

The reason was false, misleading and inaccurate reports on transactions in digital assets, including bitcoin, between January 2015 and September 2018, the authority said.

In addition, a Coinbase employee is suspected of illegally trading Litecoin to pretend high trading volumes and high demand for the cryptocurrency.

The bitcoin price is behaving inconspicuously. The cyber currency was quoted on Monday afternoon between 57.500 and 58.000 dollars. This is about the same level as in the past few days.

15. March 2021 – Digital currency Bitcoin reaches with course of 61.700 dollars new record

The bitcoin has again reached a new record. On the trading platform Bitstamp, the Bitcoin cost almost 61 on Saturday evening.700 dollars. On Sunday, the price was about $ 1800 below, but still well above the level of Friday evening. On Monday, the bitcoin price on Coinmarketcap settled in the afternoon at 56.495 dollars in.

With the weekend’s gains, bitcoin continued its winning streak of the past few days, ending a weaker period from late February and early March.

Meanwhile, bitcoin brings its market capitalization to $1.1 trillion, according to Coinmarketcap data. This means that the oldest cryptocurrency is also by far the largest. Here’s how all cyber currencies bring the total value to around $1.8 trillion. Behind bitcoin, the digital currency ether ranks second with a current market capitalization of $217 billion.

3. March 2021 – Bitcoin recovers from short fall and gains again

Bitcoin was at 49 on Wednesday.262.75 dollars. Thus, the cyber currency once again approaches the psychological mark of 50.000 dollars. Thus, the cryptocurrency once again shows that investing is not for investors with weak nerves. Double-digit percentage price swings are not uncommon. Only at the weekend, the price fell to 44.417 dollars.

You can read about how much the digital currency is dividing the financial world in our big crypto report.

28. February 2021 – Bitcoin falls to lowest level in 20 days

Bitcoin continues its slide and has fallen to its lowest level in 20 days. The cyber currency was at 44 on Sunday.417 dollars, trading about 3.7 percent below Friday’s level. A week ago, the cryptocurrency had reached a record high of 58.354 dollars reached, but recently lost significantly. One exchange trader had said on Friday that the series of profit-taking appeared to be ongoing.

24. February 2021 – Bitcoin settles at 50.000 dollars a

After Tuesday’s drop, bitcoin is again hovering around the 50.000 dollars. The most important cyber currency was at times on Tuesday to almost 45.000 dollars slipped, after previously hitting a record high of 58.445 dollars had reached.

22. February 2021 – Bitcoin price falls below 49.000 dollars

Bitcoin is running out of steam for now on its record chase. The price falls by two percent to 56.260 dollars. The oldest and most important cyber currency had hit a record high of 58 on the Bitstamp trading platform on Sunday, hitting the.354 dollars marked. Elon Musk, who himself pushed the price, now tweets that it "seems too high" to him.

By the afternoon, the price of the most valuable cyber currency fell to as low as 49.000 dollars. Particularly around the opening of Wall Street, price losses widened almost by the minute before bitcoin quickly recovered some of its losses. In the evening, it is quoted at just under 53.000 dollars.

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21. February 2021 – Bitcoin rises to record high of 58.354 dollars

The oldest and most important cyber currency rose on Sunday on the Bitstamp trading platform to a record high of 58.354 dollars. On a weekly basis, the digital currency gained about 20 percent. Since the beginning of the year, the gain is about 100 percent. According to data provider CoinMarketCap, all bitcoin in circulation are worth more than a trillion dollars combined for the first time ever.

19. February 2021 – Bitcoin holds record high and boosts Ethereum

Bitcoin remains at 51.565 dollars at its recent best after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced via Twitter that in times of negative real interest rates, the cryptocurrency is the better choice compared to the euro, dollar or other currencies.

The bitcoin rally is having an impact on other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, the second most valuable currency after Bitcoin, rose on Friday. According to the Bitstamp exchange, the Ethereum price was up 0.7 percent at a record high of $1951.93.

18. February 2021 – Bitcoin price is close to 52.000 dollars – analysts see no end

The bitcoin price continues to be in the plus at 51.898 dollars. Market capitalization also continues to rise and currently stands at $961 billion, according to analytics firm Coinmarketcap. This means that the stock market value is approaching the trillion dollar mark.

Profit taking on a larger scale is not seen at the moment. "But at the end of the day, however, too euphoric investors may be brought back down to earth," predicts analyst Timo Emden of the eponymous analysis firm.

Even a correction of 20 to 25 percent is unlikely to bring the rally to an abrupt end, in his opinion, and would be considered "healthy".

Simon Peters, an analyst at investment platform eToro, says bitcoin may even soon hit 70.000 dollars could stand. Small investors in particular would try to hedge against inflation and the weak dollar with the investment.

16. February 2021 – Bitcoin cracks 50.000 dollar mark

Bitcoin reaches another milestone: the oldest and most important cyber currency on Tuesday for the first time overcame the 50.000 dollar mark and rose as much as five percent to a record high of 50.602.31 dollars.

However, the onset of profit-taking wiped out some of the gains. In the early afternoon, the Internet currency was trading up 2.5 percent at 49.478 dollars. "A lot of investors have been buying at the 50.000 dollar mark obviously set a personal limit," says analyst Timo Emden of Emden Research.

Just a week ago, bitcoin was trading at below 38.100 dollars quoted to subsequently regain value. That represents an increase of about 30 percent. Just two months ago, bitcoin had surpassed its 2017 best, breaking the sound barrier of 20.000 dollars breached. Shortly after, the cyber currency crossed the hurdles at 30.000 and 40.000 dollars.

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11. February 2021 – Bitcoin price falls slightly – Mastercard wants to recognize cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

According to analyst firm Coinmarketcap, bitcoin is at 45 at midday.504 dollars. The market capitalization is now $846 billion. The price is thus down slightly compared to the peak on 9. February 2021.

Credit card provider Mastercard plans to support cryptocurrencies this year by opening up its global network. The move "will open up a lot more opportunities for buyers and merchants as they can pay in a whole new way," the payment processor said Wednesday.

Traders could tap new customers already betting on the digital asset. However, not all cryptocurrencies would be supported by Mastercard, as many of the virtual payment methods have yet to tighten their compliance measures.

9. February 2021 – Bitcoin hits new record and cracks 48.000 dollar mark

The world’s most important cyberdevise increased in price by more than 20 percent in the past 24 hours, according to data from the analysis firm Coinmarketcap, up to 48.004 dollars. At last count, one bitcoin cost around 46.400 dollars. Market capitalization now stands at $875 billion. Bitcoin is still benefiting from Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s billion-dollar investment. The electric carmaker has invested more than $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Tesla also wants to accept bitcoin as payment for its products.

The momentum triggered by Musk keeps creating new price fantasies. Bitcoin futures reflect the expectation that the digital currency will pass the hurdle of 50.000 dollars happens. In parallel, short-sellers are increasingly unwinding their bets on falling prices, show data from financial services company Bloomberg.

8. February 2021 – Tesla invests 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin

Tesla is investing more than $1.5 billion in Bitcoin – and plans to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for its products in the future, subject to certain conditions. Tesla bought Bitcoin to have "more flexibility to further diversify and maximize the return on our cash," according to the e-car maker’s filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The news pushes the price of the oldest and most important digital currency to a new record high: the price of one bitcoin rises by about 20 percent.

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