Build a strawberry pyramid by himself

A person who has little space in the garden can build a strawberry pyramid. This requires some time and craftsmanship. But the result is a practical and almost snail-proof strawberry bed.

A strawberry pyramid in the garden is not only an eye-catcher, but also has many advantages: There is room for up to 90 plants in a small footprint, depending on size. Harvesting is more convenient, the fruit hangs dry and slugs do not get to the strawberries so easily.

Existing old wood is suitable for building. It is important that it is untreated. Those who need to buy new wood can use Douglas fir or larch, both are very durable.

Strawberry pyramid consists of basic structure and frame

The pyramid consists of a base frame and several wooden frames that form the floors. At a height of about 1.60 meters, there is room for up to eight frames. The frames should be spaced no more than 20 centimeters apart to prevent the soil from trickling out.

It is important that the basic structure is stable, because a good cubic meter of earth goes into the pyramid. If the ground on which the pyramid is to stand is somewhat soft, small boards under the legs can provide more stability.

First cut the basic frame

The basic framework is formed by four sturdy boards that converge pointedly in the middle. They are about 1.65 meters long. At the top they are cut to 30 degrees, at the bottom to 60 degrees. The cutting is best done with a capsaw. In principle, you can freely choose the angle of the boards of the base frame and thus determine the footprint of the pyramid.

Frames serve as planters for the strawberries

Once the basic framework is in place, it’s time to take the measurements for the frames: To do this, make marks on the slanted boards at intervals of 20 centimeters. At the markings take the inside dimension for the respective wooden frames. The most difficult thing is to cut the miters, that is, to saw the boards at an angle so that the wooden edges of the frames fit together. Screw the boards at the corners: this will create a beautiful picture frame shape.

Building a test frame for the pyramid

For sawing the corner joint, the miter, it is important that the board is exactly in the capsaw. This takes a little practice, so it is best to build a small test frame first. If you understand the principle, you can work from the bottom to the top: shorten the boards and use them for the next higher level.

Simply place the finished frames on the rack. The lowest is at the bottom.

Fill a pyramid with a mixture of compost and soil

In principle, normal garden soil is sufficient to fill the strawberry pyramid. Strawberries grow just as well in the garden as in the pyramid. Ideally you mix grown garden soil with a little compost and organic potting soil. This provides a really nice structure. Mix everything well so that the nutrients are evenly distributed in the pyramid.

Instructions for building a strawberry pyramid

Plant strawberry pyramid with different varieties

When inserting the strawberry plants, the motto is: much does not help much. They need enough distance from each other. This means: do not plant more densely than 15 centimeters in the ground, because they grow big. Also, make sure to stagger the plants to those of the tiers below so that the saplings have room to grow.

When choosing varieties of strawberries, there are no rules. A pyramid is also good for different varieties. The most famous strawberry varieties are "Senga Sengana", "Corona", "Elvira", "Furore and "Elsanta". The red-flowered "Tuscany Brings a little color to the pyramid. "Ostera" is bearing twice. Especially tasty is the variety "Mieze Schindler". Wild strawberries are also suitable for planting in the pyramid.

Tip: For the sweet fruits to grow really well, the plants need enough water. This works best with an automatic drip irrigation system.

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