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The bar, bar or tap counter is usually the central element of any catering establishment. The fewest bar acquaintances start at a table for two. The counter is both the social and the service center of an establishment. This is a highly functional component of the catering business. This and the fact that off-the-shelf bar counters are rather unusual makes the bar counter one of the most exciting fields of activity for the carpentry and interior design company. Unique design and aesthetic effect are as important here as functionality and robustness.

The modern counter design determines the interior design in the Ideenspinnerei in Ettlingen


The bar counter at Der Ludwig is optimally structured

Functional elements of a bar counter

Counters can be found in cocktail bars as well as in pubs, in gourmet restaurants as well as inns. This is where beer is tapped, drinks are prepared and orders are taken. And all of this usually in a confined space with minimal manpower. For the bar staff, a busy bar means working on a piecework basis. This places corresponding demands on the bar counter as furniture: everything must have its place, be close together and within reach. This is the only way to ensure a smooth workflow.

The basic equipment of a counter for the catering industry includes a tap, cooling systems, cabinets for glasses and dishes and sinks. Functionally almost as broadly positioned as the kitchen, but usually significantly less spacious, the counter places maximum demands on an efficient configuration of these features. And to the professional competence of your object extension partner, because here professional equipment must be procured and water and power lines must be installed.

The latter can of course be extended by various additional elements. Coffee machines, cash register systems or a dishwasher can further expand the potential of the bar counter for your food service business.

Counter design: creating atmosphere

Not only functional, but also in terms of room atmosphere, the bar counter has the potential to be the central element of the guest room. Its natural appeal is generally higher in catering concepts that focus on serving, from cocktail bars to pubs, than in restaurants. However, the attractiveness of a counter can also be significantly controlled by its design and positioning in the interior structure. Materials, finishes, lighting design and basic structure are just a few adjusting factors. Whether the counter is discreetly positioned at the edge of the guest room or, as in the Karlsruhe cocktail bar Guts& Glory, which we had the privilege of fitting out, is designed as an island in the middle of the room, is a difficult decision.

However, the position and design of bar counters are not only factors that affect the attractiveness of the bar as such, the ambience in the bar area or the relationship between the guest and the bartender. This decision usually affects the entire perception of the room. Less so in cases of subtle service stations, but more noticeable in cases of centrally installed bar counters.

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