Construction financing without own capital funds: the 100, 110 or 130% – full financing

You have low or no equity at all but still do not want to pay rent for the rest of your life? Then use the Options for full financing and move into your own domicile. Read here what options you have, how full financing works and calculate whether you too could become a property owner this way.

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  • We compare offers from more than 400 banks for you
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  • Offer 0,26%* give. Debit interest rate p.a., eff. annual interest 0,31% p. a., Debit interest rate fixed for 5 years, net loan amount 190.000 Euro

The conditions on which the calculation is based only reflect the daily top interest rate with 5 Years Debit Rate Commitment reflected and were determined using the following assumptions:

Effective annual interest rate p.a.:

Fixed debit interest p.a.:

Purchase price of the property:

Initial repayment p.a.:

Number of installments:

Term until full repayment:

45 years and 7 mon.

Total amount to be paid:

Number of installments until full repayment:

The property is purchased, owner-occupied and serves as collateral for the financing with a first-ranking land charge. The borrowers are permanent employees with impeccable income and financial circumstances.

What does full financing mean?

If the purchase of a thing is financed exclusively with a credit or loan, then one speaks of a Full financing.

What is 100 percent financing?

Do you need for the purchase or construction of a property a Loan over the entire purchase or construction amount, then one speaks of a 100% financing. This means that you have to pay the Costs for the real estate agent, the Real estate transfer tax, the Notary fees and the entry in the land register be able to raise it yourself, i.e. have equity capital for it.

These costs are also known as ancillary purchase costs and are not part of the 100% financing.

What is 110-percent financing, the actual full financing?

Do you need Purchase or construction amount also borrow the money for incidental purchase costs, then one speaks of a Full financing or 110% financing.

With a full financing you borrow from the bank thus the purchase or building sum and the sum for the notary costs as well as the costs of the broker, the land acquisition tax and the land register registration. You do not have any equity capital that you can or want to use for financing purposes.

What does 130 percent financing mean?

In addition to the purchase or construction sum and the ancillary costs, you may incur further expenses. Namely, if you still need to renovate an existing property, if you want to install a kitchen, or if the equipment of your property is of higher value. If you also want to finance these costs, construction financiers speak of a 130% financing.

So you borrow the money for the purchase of the property, the incidental costs and other expenses incurred. Again, no equity is used for financing.

What are the requirements for full financing?

Many years ago, an equity ratio of approx. 20% as a basis for real estate financing as inevitable.

Today it goes without equity to counteract the expensive rising rents with a tailored financing and to build assets without losing valuable time.

As with any financing, the income should be secure in the long term and offer reserves. Therefore, some professions are more preferred by banks than others. Civil servants, Soldiers and Police officers benefit from the practical permanence of employment relationships. Doctors and Freelancers Are exciting candidates for full financing due to the increased salary, because it is often ensured that the income significantly exceeds the loan installment. If this also applies to employees (ideally with unlimited employment contracts) applies, these are also welcome by banks.

As with all other types of financing, a Creditworthiness When obtaining credit offers the basis for the conclusion of a full financing. To assess your creditworthiness, a Schufa report is requested and also considered what other collateral you can offer. Collateral here can be life insurance and investments.

Your age also plays a role. If you are relatively young, you simply have more working years ahead of you until you can retire debt-free.

If you are not a professional, however, this should not stop you. You may not be able to bring any equity capital, but you can bring high repayment rates afford. The age and the number of years up to the retirement are only some factors under many calculation points. From our many years of experience as construction financiers, we know the calculation points of almost 400 credit institutes and can therefore advise you optimally.

You want to buy a property, but your money is in other investments? We will be happy to advise you on your custom-fit construction financing – also in your area!

What are the opportunities of full financing?

Roughly speaking, full financing eliminates the savings phase. This is advantageous because banks no longer pay interest on credit balances and building up assets by simply saving is hardly possible. Investing instead of saving is the model here.

Instead of paying rent every month, you repay the loan when you buy the property. In the figurative sense you have a fixed "rent" as long as the fixed interest rate runs. This also gives you planning security. Calculate how much rent you would pay in 15 years, a period that corresponds to a standard fixed-interest period. Then you can see how much money you could use to build up assets during that time.

If you have decided on a repayment rate, then this is tailored to your current income situation. However, your income will increase in the coming years as you gain more work experience, while your repayment rate will remain unchanged, at least within the fixed interest period. This means that you can also build up assets once again here.

If you live in a metropolitan area, you can also compensate for a career change because you don’t have to move away. The family always stays in one place, even though the working environment may have changed and the main wage earner commutes

This scenario has the further advantage that you can expect an increase in the value of your property. At the end of the fixed-interest period, have you repaid a part or. paid off, the value of the property has increased significantly compared to the original purchase price. If you want to either take out a follow-up loan or buy a larger property after the fixed interest period has expired, you are in a good negotiating position because your equity ratio has increased significantly. With the repayment of your loan over the period of, for example, 15 years, you have continued to build up equity.

Invest instead of saving – use the possibilities of full financing and let Marco Bruse Baufinanzierung advise you. Arrange an appointment with us!

What is financed?

Since there is usually no collateral other than the property to be purchased in a full financing, most banks insist that the chosen property has value. Basically, this only means that the bank wants to make sure that the value of the building does not decrease during the loan period. This could happen if the property is already located in an economically weak location or if the development for this region or location indicates this. The current purchase price is also checked for its sustainability and the long-term use of the property.

When does a full financing work?

In short: Whenever you calculate well, realistically assess your financial resilience and intensively compare the various offers for the construction of the financing, then it also works out with full financing.

Marco Bruse Construction Financing can look back on the experience of more than 20 years of construction financing and Set up a down-to-earth financing without equity capital. It is important to us that you conclude a financing that suits you and with which you also reach your goal: Happily into your own home. Please use the following inquiry form to contact us. We are happy to advise you!

Construction financing?

Fulfill your dream of owning your own home

  • We compare offers from more than 400 banks for you
  • You get personal advice from the contact person – even beyond the loan conclusion
  • Free property valuation at the beginning of the investment
  • Offer 0.26%* geb. Debit interest rate p.a., eff. Annual interest rate 0.31% p. a., Debit interest rate fixed for 5 years, net loan amount 190.000 Euro

The conditions on which the calculation is based only reflect the daily top interest rate with 5 The interest rates for the first two years of the fixed-interest period are calculated on the basis of the following assumptions:

Effective annual interest rate p.a.:

Fixed debit interest p.a.:

Purchase price of the property:

Initial repayment p.a.:

Number of installments:

term until full repayment:

45 years and 7 mon.

Total amount to be paid:

Number of installments until full repayment:

The property is purchased, owner-occupied and serves as collateral for the financing with a first-ranking land charge. The borrowers are permanent employees with impeccable income and financial circumstances.

What do you plan to do?

You do not know whether full financing is suitable in your situation? We will be happy to calculate this for you and give you a reliable analysis of the advantages and disadvantages.

For whom is the full financing not suitable?

For most people, real estate financing is the largest monetary expenditure in your life and therefore are not used to juggling such large amounts of money. Therefore, most of us tend to have a large security cushion when it comes to a real estate loan.

So if you are not comfortable with the idea that you can use your Financing property without equity, then the full financing model may not be suitable for you.

If you cannot estimate your earnings development or your job chances are not secure for a long time, then you should also refrain from this financing model. But a good construction financier would also explain this to you in a consultation meeting.

Even if you’re not sure you always want to live in one area, you may want to think about a different model with your construction lender.

Please contact us if you are interested in the full financing model. We calculate together with you whether this financing plan fits to you. Click here for advice

Does full financing go anywhere?

You will definitely have an easier time if you want to buy a property in a good location with good infrastructure. We also realize that this is what most people want, however, and is a factor in driving up prices. The bank as a financing partner only has the property as collateral and it should still have the same or a higher value in 20 years. In this case, the bank speaks of a property with stable value. Full financing goes therefore always there, where the value is accepted.

Do you also need an analysis of the situation of the selected real estate? We provide expert opinions on the location of the property and advise you on which financing model is suitable for you.

Can I use K subsidies for full financing??

Yes, the subsidy does not depend on how you finance your property. However, we can only advise you to take advantage of as many subsidies as possible and as much as makes sense for you. The more you can finance with favorable K loans, the less capital you have to borrow from another bank. Through K subsidy programs, you can also secure subsidies for your property, which can make the loan amount melt away once again.

The first Recently introduced building subsidy can be used, for example, to build up reserves or to save for an unscheduled repayment.

Inform yourself with Marco Bruse construction financing about the funding opportunities that are open to you. Our experts guide you through the thicket of K subsidies. Just make an appointment with us.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of full financing??

Advantages full financing

Disadvantages full financing

Low interest rates can be used now

Interest surcharges for lacking equity capital, the so-called risk surcharge

Real estate acquisition as a retirement plan

Not so large property possible

Start at a young age, so that there is enough time for repayment

Repayment rate is higher

Pay off the loan instead of paying rent

The right financing model is important

Savings phase is omitted

Only with value-stable real estate possible

Career starters have the chance of salary increases, follow-up financing no problem

Shortly before retirement too little time to pay off therefore unlikely

Follow-up financing Can Be secured by a forward loan

Without equity, only a smaller loan amount is approved

What do you need to take into account when you take out a full financing?

The full financing has many opportunities, but also some risks. However, do not be scared off. Many things can be kept under control with wise consideration and a trustworthy construction financier.


Due to the interest surcharges, a construction financing without equity is more expensive than if you had your own funds. The credit institutions do this because they would be left with the additional costs such as notary and land registry registration in the event of a foreclosure sale.

You as an applicant without equity have even less money to give away than anyone else and must compare all the better. In addition, not every credit institution offers full financing. We can only advise everyone to turn to an experienced construction financier.

Marco Bruse Baufinanzierung has been successfully brokering construction loans for more than 20 years and is a proven expert in the field of loan brokering. From this long experience, we also know which banks offer full financing and can thus obtain and compare very specific offers. The experts of Marco Bruse select the financing offers from the offers, which fit to your possibilities. You will get a financial construction that is tailor-made for you.

Good planning and solid analysis

Some things are worth thinking about well and for a long time. Your construction financing is part of it. A good and above all safe planning includes an in-depth analysis of your financial resilience. Think about how your life planning looks like and what things should happen in your life. Do you want to get married and have children? Do you always want to live and work in one area?

In which region do you want to buy or build a house or condominium?? An analysis of the situation of the property plays a decisive role for the credit institutions that offer full financing. The credit institutions pay a lot of attention to the fact that the value of the property is given. Because the banks bear an increased risk by financing not only the property, but on top of that the ancillary costs, which they will not get back through a possible foreclosure auction. If possible, the value of the property should increase over time, or at least remain constant, but not fall.

Can you estimate how your salary will develop? When do you want to be done with the repayment of the loan? The answers to all these questions are included in the analysis and subsequent planning.

Many people find it helpful to create a budget plan for themselves. Calculate once what income you have per month and how much money you spend on which items again each month. Are there things that you can easily cross off the spending list? With an income and expenditure statement, you get a more accurate sense of your financial resilience.

Do you need help in creating a reliable plan? Make an appointment with us – we are the financing experts who enjoy planning!


Despite all the good planning, the question remains: Is it worth the risk or should I continue to rent?? Because financing your own property is always fraught with risk – whether you have equity or not. In both cases, the borrower, you, is making a commitment and giving up some of their flexibility. Therefore we recommend all our customers to be as honest as possible with themselves and to think about their own needs.


Even if it is unpleasant, but about blows of fate in life should be thought about. Is there term life insurance for the main earner and is the rest of the family covered in the worst case scenario?? Does occupational disability insurance cover you if you are no longer able to work due to illness?? Incidentally, these and other considerations should be made not only if you plan to fully finance. We all bear these risks, no matter which type of financing we choose.

Over 20 years of experience in 100% financing: That’s why construction financing with Marco Bruse

For over 20 years we have been assisting our clients in financing their real estate and have done so very successfully so far. Our customers are so satisfied with their first financing that they also plan their follow-up financing with us again.

We are very pleased and honored that so many people have such great confidence in Marco Bruse Baufinanzierung. This shows us that our effort to find individual and customized financing for our customers is worthwhile and appreciated. And our success confirms that we are doing a lot right in our work.

Full financing is a type of financing that requires very accurate and careful preparation, because our customers take a little more risk. In return, many of our customers have the unique opportunity to buy a property and move into their own home. That’s why we want to take advantage of the low interest rates and guide you to your goal as safely, solidly and with a good feeling as possible.

Rest assured: We advise you so honestly that we would also tell you if in our opinion it does not work out. Just make an appointment for a consultation with us.

Here is another exemplary review from Proven Expert, representative of many satisfied customers:

Mr. Bruse has advised us very well in 2011. Only through his very good support we were able to get a loan and build a house (practically) without own capital. 8 years later, Mr. Bruse contacted us on his own and offered his services for follow-up financing. Once again, Mr. Bruse has advised us very well and provided us with a very good offer which perfectly fits our needs and possibilities. We can only rate Mr. Bruse’s services as perfect and would recommend his company to others at any time!

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