Construction of the shisha

Over the years, shisha has changed more and more. In the year 2021 the name Shisha is hardly known and everyone knows the bubbling from his circle of friends or a Shisha bar, which there are in our country for years more and more in every city.

Construction of the first Shisha models in Germany

The construction of the first Shisha models in Germany was relatively simple and straightforward, based on the essential components of a Shisha. The scope of supply of such models included the following items:

  1. Bottle / Glass
  2. Smoke column put on the glass with a rubber seal
  3. Tube with mouthpiece and rubber seal
  4. Coal plate
  5. simple tobacco head with rubber seal
  6. as an accessory if necessary. mak a pair of tongs or a simple windbreak

First, fill the bowl of the hookah with enough water so that the smoke column is 1-2cm in water as soon as the smoke column is put into the hookah glass. On the smoke column itself you will find the hose adapter, the connecting piece between the shisha and the hose. Here, in the past, the hose adapter was provided with a seal and then the hose could usually be inserted into the hose connector with a wooden end. The seal made sure that the hose connects tightly with the smoke column. Now the coal plate was put on, which is later a tray for the hookah coal as well as a tray for the coal tongs is. The tobacco head is also placed on the top of the smoke column with a seal. With the thin materials of the heads at the time, this had to be done with great care, otherwise they would break easily. Rubber seals ensure that all connecting parts are well sealed. The valve opposite the hose connection is used to regulate excess or hot smoke. Now the construction of the shisha was complete. Now the head of the Shisha could be built.

The tobacco in the tobacco head must be heated by placing glowing charcoal on it. So that the tobacco does not burn immediately, one should use aluminum foil. This is pulled over the tobacco head and the protruding ends around the container pressed tightly. Afterwards the foil is provided with holes.

Errors in the construction of the shisha

The tobacco was often filled too full in the head and after the coal is always slightly burned and this also did not bring the desired smoking result of the Shisha. The coal was simply always much too close to the tobacco and this could not evaporate but is very quickly simply banished.

Finally it can start !

Now that the shisha is assembled, the head is filled with tobacco and the charcoal is heated in a charcoal container, everything is ready for the shisha session. Sucking on the mouthpiece now creates a negative pressure above the water in the vessel. This leads to the fact that air is sucked through the other smoke column. This air passes through the heated tobacco and reaches the space above the water, from where it can be sucked in by the smoker.

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