Cracked corners of the mouth: what really helps

Mouth corner rhagades How to get rid of torn mouth corners and what helps preventively

Discomfort when speaking and chewing, a burning sensation on the lips and cracked and reddened areas that sometimes even flake – everyone knows about torn corners of the mouth. Although the injuries to the skin are very small, they often hurt like hell and cause long suffering to those affected. The mouth is constantly in motion, the healing is lengthy.

The causes for torn corners of the mouth are manifold. Especially the cold air outside in winter and dry heating air inside can lead to these skin problems. The sensitive and thin-skinned lips do not have their own sebaceous or sweat glands like the rest of the skin and also no natural greasy film. If they are not properly moisturized, they can tear.

Causes for torn corners of the mouth are varied

But reasons for cracked corners of the mouth can also be others. Among the most common are:

  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Mineral deficiency
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Skin diseases
  • Infections, for example herpes
  • Severe wrinkling due to loss of teeth
  • Liver cirrhosis

Bacteria lead to inflammation

Mouth rhagades, This is the medical term for the usually painful tears in the corners of the mouth, can affect anyone and everyone. The sensitive lips are quickly strained, without a supporting care the skin becomes dry and cracks.

Once the corners of the mouth are torn, it is advisable to look for the specific cause, so that treatment can be carried out as quickly and effectively as possible. If the corners of the mouth are injured for a long time, bacteria can settle here and cause inflammation provide.

Poor immune system causes torn corners of the mouth

If the immune system is not intact, for example, due to a lack of nutrition, a zinc deficiency may be present, which becomes unpleasantly noticeable through mouth corner rhagades. A vitamin C deficiency can also lead to skin cracks at the corners of the mouth after a longer period of time.

The herpes virus in particular takes advantage of a weakness in the immune system. If the virus is present in the body, it is reactivated and likes to nest in the mouth or on the lips.

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Cracked corners of the mouth can also occur if the supply of vitamin B2 is not sufficient. Pregnant women and alcoholics are particularly affected. Also neurodermatitis patients suffer increasingly from torn mouth corners.

The cause of painful symptoms at the corners of the mouth should be checked by a doctor, especially if the discomfort is prolonged. With conventional methods, the torn corners of the mouth should be healed after a few days.

Iron deficiency and diseases such as diabetes as causes

In addition, more serious illnesses can also be a cause of mouth rhagades. Beside the nourish-conditioned iron deficiency also a present iron deficiency anemia as blood illness comes for it into question or a developing diabetes in the early stage.

Especially for women, long-term torn corners of the mouth can be a sign of the Sjogren’s syndrome Its – an autoimmune disease. Typical symptoms of this are a dry mouth and dry lips. A cure is not possible in the case. The possible diagnosis is made, as in the case of the possible iron deficiency anemia, by a blood test in the doctor’s office.

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Even those who have a disease with Antibiotics treated, could get torn corners of the mouth. The reason for this may be the increased spread of fungi be in the mouth and saliva. Here, too, a medical examination helps and the smear test shows whether the oral flora is in order.

Apart from nutritional deficiencies and diseases Allergies the reason for torn corners of the mouth can be – for example in women as a reaction to lipsticks. Also Tooth or jaw misalignments come into question for mouth rhagades. If the internal pressure of the teeth against the oral tissue is not correct, hollows form on the left and right sides of the corners of the mouth, causing skin irritation. A dentist can help here.

Treatment: What helps with torn corners of the mouth??

Once the cause has been identified Various long or short term means and methods insert. In addition to building up the immune system or compensating for an iron deficiency by changing the diet accordingly, one of the things that helps is the following:

  • Ointment containing zinc in case of lip herpes as a trigger of the torn corners of the mouth.
  • Relief from a mixture of Honey and olive oil. The honey has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Apply the paste to the corners of the mouth in the morning and evening.
  • Sage tea – two teaspoons of sage leaves pour a cup of boiling water over it and let the infusion steep for ten minutes. Dab the cold tea on the cracked areas several times a day with a cotton pad
  • Cut open Garlic cloves – dab the affected corners of the mouth with the interface. Garlic contains allicin, which soothes inflammation and infection.
  • Aloe Vera Gel The ingredients are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and also moisturize the house.
  • Tea tree oil Is highly antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing. One or two drops spread on the affected areas can help with cracked corners of the mouth. Depending on the skin type, however, reactions to the intense plant oil and the essential oils it contains can. Therefore use with caution!

Prevent iron deficiency and other deficiency symptoms with a balanced diet

Just as malnutrition can lead to a weakening of the immune system, vegetarians and vegans in particular should make sure that they take in enough vitamin B12. This vitamin is mostly present only in animal foods.

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A deficiency can lead to cracked corners of the mouth. In consultation with the doctor, an appropriate vitamin preparation can be taken. Plant sources of vitamin B12 include algae species such as spirulina or shitake mushrooms.

Lips need fat from the outside

Regardless of the particular cause of torn corners of the mouth, something can generally be responsible for the suppleness, health and healing of the sensitive skin area can be done:

  1. Drink enough water.
  2. Applying fatty ointments and pastes.
  3. Use lip moisturizing products, especially in winter.
  4. Don’t open your mouth too wide – like when you yawn. Skin that is dry anyway will then continue to crack.
  5. If cracked corners of the mouth are already healing and itchy: Do not scratch or rub them.

However, the biggest favor you will do to the corners of your mouth is to not let moisture get there. This prevents the healing process. Therefore – even if it is a reflex should be You do not do one thing at all: Moisten dry lips with the tongue.

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