Cult check: danish beer against lions sheikh

Munich "Our club is cult!", shouts the lions fan. "Our club is cult!", also exclaims every St. Pauli fan. On Sunday, the lions are guests at the Kiezklub – the tz makes the club check with a wink of the eye.

Cult factor:

TSV 1860: Infinitely high! You still feel like the reigning German champion, the owner of your own stadium, is Munich’s great love and could always, if you only wanted to. For example, have the highest spectator average in all of Germany. In addition the lion of course the most grandiose emblem in German professional football.

St. Pauli and cult please, what? Where the lawyer in the pinstripe suit has to take a seat next to the punk and squatter, there must have been something wrong with the ticketing. And what is this skull supposed to do? Possibly a more than tender hint that the club will soon come to an end.


Allianz Arena: It is in a pleasantly quiet location. Is always kept clean and in tip-top shape by the landlord. Attractive hostesses also serve VIPs delicacies and fine drinks for a whopping 3000 euros a year.

Millerntor: In the middle of the wickedest area of Hamburg. Still not finished, probably the money is missing. No sheik and all, you know. French fries and bratwurst are u. a. transported to the customer by model railroad..?!

Gambler factor:

TSV 1860: Full score! The presidency pokerte several times soas of cool with the banks, the Bavarians and the DFL up to the last second around the license. And every time won the pot. It really doesn’t get any more rip-off than this.

FC St. Pauli: Expandable. There let a player pays himself for postponing games in which he did not participate at all and which were not lost then. In the end, this amateur was threatened to tie him to a pile in the North Sea at low tide and wait out the tide. The guy is too stupid to play Mau Mau.

Foreign investors:

Hasan Ismaik paid off the Lowen’s debts with a paltry transfer of 18 million euros, and further eight-figure sums are to flow from Abu Dhabi to Grunwalder Strabe in the next few years. Can be left like this. Astra Brewery: It belongs to the Danish Carlsberg Brewery AG, transfers a few hundred thousand euros annually, sums that TSV 1860 doesn’t even dignify with a glance anymore.

Ottfried Fischer: Advertising giant, cult actor and a man of clear words. Well, until a few years ago anyway.

Reinhold Beckmann: „Ääähhh- more i ned.“ Fischer again.


TSV 1860: Halfar, Volland, Aigner, etc. etc. Where do you start, where do you stop?

St. Pauli: The last talent from the Millerntor was Franz Gerber. The goal scorer moved to TSV 1860 in 1978.

Other sports in the club:

TSV 1860: In Munich, that’s mainly skiing. Then there’s boxing, tennis, athletics and golf. Blessed with many international successes and Olympic gold medals.

FC St. Pauli: The only thing known here is throwing beer cups at linesmen. Was a costly affair for the club. Will also never become Olympic.

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