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If you consider an abortion, you should inform yourself well about it beforehand. Abortions in Switzerland are permitted up to 12. It is possible in the first week of pregnancy and it is covered by the health insurance. You can read more facts here.

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The most important facts in brief:

  • An abortion in Switzerland is up to 12. week of pregnancy possible.
  • Depending on the method and the week of pregnancy, abortion costs between 500 and several thousand francs.
  • The costs of the abortion are covered by the basic insurance.
  • Up to the 8. week of pregnancy, a medication abortion can be performed. Between the 9. and 12. week, a surgical procedure is usually performed.

Table of contents:

Until when is it allowed to have an abortion in Switzerland??

An abortion is possible and permissible in Switzerland for. Since 2002, Switzerland has had what is known as the "frozen abortion solution": according to Swiss law, an abortion is permitted in Switzerland if it takes place within the first twelve weeks after the start of the last menstrual period and at the written request of the pregnant woman.

Is it possible to have an abortion after the twelfth week??

In exceptional cases, abortion in Switzerland is also possible from the 13th week of pregnancy. Week allowed. However, Swiss law requires that the fetus has a serious, irreparable illness or disability, or that the abortion is necessary, in the opinion of a doctor, to prevent the pregnant woman from suffering serious physical harm or emotional distress. The more advanced the pregnancy, the greater the danger must be.

Where can pregnant women get help and advice?

Anyone seeking assistance with an unwanted pregnancy and possible abortion can get free counseling at a sexual and reproductive health counseling center.

Trained staff provide information about the options and the performance of an abortion, refer to expert doctors, help with the decision and discuss all questions related to pregnancy, abortion and parenthood.

If the woman decides against the abortion, the staff will inform her about possible assistance with childbirth and parenthood that Swiss women can take advantage of and will be there to help her.

Is an expert opinion or a waiting period necessary for an abortion in Switzerland?

No, in principle neither a psychological expert opinion nor the observance of a time limit between consultation and abortion is necessary. The abortion is performed by a licensed physician. Before the abortion, the doctor is obliged to talk to the pregnant woman in detail, to inform her and to give her information about the help available.

If the patient decides to have an abortion, she must confirm in writing that this consultation has taken place and that she has decided to have the abortion. The individual cantons determine which medical practices and hospitals meet the requirements for abortions and the associated counseling.

How should I proceed if I want to have an abortion??

How the abortion is performed depends on how far the pregnancy has progressed.

It is counted from the first day of the last period. Medicinal abortion can be performed up to the eighth week of pregnancy. A drug is administered which prevents the action and production of the body’s own pregnancy hormone and thus interrupts the supply of the embryo – the embryo is then rejected by the body.

Between the ninth and twelfth week, the abortion is usually performed by a surgical procedure in which the doctor inserts a medical suction device into the uterus and sucks out the embryo. Abortions after the twelfth week in Switzerland are caused by the induction of a miscarriage.

After an abortion, one should also allow oneself a few days of rest.

What are the costs of an abortion in Switzerland??

The cost varies from 500 to several thousand francs; depending on the method, duration of pregnancy as well as the place of performance.

Do health insurance companies cover the costs of abortion??

The costs of an abortion are covered by the basic insurance in Switzerland. The usual deductible and the annual deductible must be paid by the patient.

Abortion for minors: What applies in Switzerland?

Even those under 18 years of age can have an abortion without penalty and without parental consent. The prerequisite for this is that the consulting doctor determines the pregnant woman’s ability to make a decision. If the doctor does not certify that the patient is competent, the consent of the legal representatives is necessary.

A pregnant woman under the age of 16 must seek counseling from a sexual health counseling center that specializes in adolescents to make a non-punitive abortion possible.

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