Definition: what is an expert opinion??

According to the German Social Code, the viability of the startup must be proven by a written expert opinion be proven and is primarily needed to apply for the start-up grant at the employment agency. This expert opinion will be conducted by a sog. The test is carried out by a competent body, which, on the one hand, has the Feasibility and on the other hand the sustainability of the start-up project analyzed at the beginning and end of the funding period. The founder can choose the appraiser himself.

Which organizations can be an expert body

The application for founder’s grantIf you are planning to start a business and would like to apply for a start-up grant from the employment agency (Agentur fur Arbeit), you must have a personal consultation with your contact person there. Afterwards you will receive a form from him for the sog. Viability check of your start-up project. However, in addition to this load-bearing certificate, you still need an expert opinion. This is an indispensable prerequisite for the granting of the business start-up subsidy.

An expert opinion has seven components

  1. Information about the founder of the business
  2. Information about the planned time of the business start-up
  3. Description of the business idea in short sentences
  4. Location of self-employment (own office or workshop, etc.).)
  5. Details of the assessor (expert body)
  6. Opinion on the viability based on the submitted documents (usually curriculum vitae, liquidity plan and capital requirement plan, sales forecast and profitability forecast) and the corresponding regular interview
  7. Justification for forwarding the expert opinion to the requesting institution, such as z. B. in the case of bridging allowance or start-up subsidy to the employment agency

What exactly does an expert position?

An expert body, such as a business incubator, will therefore first take a close look at your business plan. The business model is also comprehensively analyzed and evaluated. Questions such as "In which industry will be founded?", "How attractive and sustainable is the product or service portfolio" or "How can the unique selling proposition be defined?" are answered in the process. Furthermore, the intensity of competition, the market potential, the target groups for the product or service and the marketing and sales strategy to reach the target group are examined. The financial plan must clearly show that the self-employment will at least ensure that the founder is able to support himself or herself.

In addition, the curriculum vitae of the founder is highlighted. Of great advantage is relevant professional experience in the industry in which the founders want to start their own business, as well as basic knowledge in related areas of self-employment. If, for example, you have an education or a study background in the engineering or IT field and would like to start a business in the corresponding environment, you should have acquired at least basic know-how in the commercial field, for example, through a training course.

In the case of founding teams, the CVs of the co-founders can also be enclosed if they have complementary knowledge, so that the team complements each other well in terms of the experience brought in.

The expert opinion includes all these points, the addressee of the document is explained in this, to what extent the interaction of founder person and start-up project seems sustainable.

The expert opinion increases your chances

For founders, this means: the more detailed you plan and think through your start-up idea with regard to the above-mentioned contents, as well as in a written concept and/or. If you have already prepared a business plan, the easier it will be for an expert body to certify the viability of your business plan and start-up project by means of an expert opinion. Please note that there is no legal claim to the granting of the start-up subsidy. However, the expert opinion will maximize the probability of receiving the start-up grant. You then submit the positive expert opinion together with the certificate of viability and your business plan to the employment agency.

Would you like to become self-employed and apply for the start-up subsidy from the employment agency? We will be happy to check your start-up project and, in the case of a positive result, issue an expert opinion. If you would like to be coached in the run-up to the preparation of your business plan, you are also welcome to contact us.

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