Demand must pass through “sieve of reason”

Demand must pass through 'sieve of reason'

The Archbishop of Bamberg Ludwig Schick © Nicolas Armer

Archbishop Ludwig Schick of Bamberg does not think much of the CSU’s demand that preference be given to immigrants from the Christian occidental cultural sphere. He spoke generally of a very emotional discussion on the subject.

In his view, the CSU proposal must once again "go through the sieve of reason," Schick told Bayerischer Rundfunk radio on Friday. Addressing the growing shift to the right in Germany and other EU countries, Schick said the church’s task is to instill values such as tolerance, understanding and compassion in society. Doing so through preaching, youth work and religious education. This succeeded her sometimes better and sometimes less well.

Reflecting on Christian tradition

It is important for society, however, the archbishop said, "that we remember our Christian-based tradition". According to this, human dignity is valid for every human being, regardless of origin, race, nation and religion. That grew out of the foundation of the Christian tradition and "that must remain our hallmark".

Schick, who is also chairman of the Commission for the Universal Church of the German Bishops’ Conference, also spoke out in favor of doing more for those refugees who have been housed in camps in Iraq, Syria or Jordan, for example. These would not want to leave, but were waiting for peace to finally return to their homeland.

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