Diamond burial vienna

The diamond has always been considered a symbol of eternal love and memory. ALGORDANZA commemorative diamonds allow you to solidify the memory of a loved one into a very personal symbol of love.

The death of a person often hits us hard, just as it seems almost impossible for us to say goodbye. In a hectic, rapidly changing world like today, it is often no longer possible for relatives to visit a burial site. That is why we would like to support you in making your wish for remembrance and the expression of your love tangible and to honor it in a very special way with a diamond burial.

The philosophy of ALGORDANZA commemorative diamonds explicitly stands for the preservation and revival of a culture of remembrance for the benefit of our deceased. ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds have already become a place of remembrance for many people in our mobile society and give relatives the possibility of conscious and self-determined "letting go" by passing them on to the next generation!

Each diamond made from ashes is unique

Just as flowing water turns into ice under natural conditions – in a similar way we recreate the process of formation inside the earth and transform ashes into unique diamonds.

Every person is unique, not least because of different living habits and environmental influences. These measurably influence the chemical composition of the ashes for diamond burial. ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds are created exclusively from the cremation ashes handed over, therefore the memorial diamond shines once in white, the other time in bluish color – there are no two identical stones. Just as a person was unique in his life.

An ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond™ is .

a beautiful and timeless connection to the loved one.

Your personal place of mourning, remembrance and joy.

an everlasting heirloom for generations.

unique and individual.

Diamond burial: costs and prices

Rough diamond with 0.4 ct: 4.520 Euro
Brilliant with 0,3 ct: 4.800 Euro

Guaranteed without additives and admixtures

ALGORDANZA memorial diamonds are created from human carbons, prior to each transformation the ashes are analyzed for chemical composition. A "chemical fingerprint" is taken, which provides highly precise information about the individual composition of the ashes. By means of the enclosed certificate, ALGORDANZA guarantees the origin of the remembrance diamond from the urn ashes handed over.

Purity and brilliance



The transformation of ashes is done with the utmost care and reverence – the dignity of the deceased is very important to us. ALGORDANZA voluntarily commits itself to the professional rules of the German, Austrian and Swiss morticians. ALGORDANZA treats all data with the proverbial Swiss discretion and does not pass on any personal or confidential data to third parties. ALGORDANZA is a member of the Swiss Association of Funeral Services. Each order is coded, allowing you and us to track the production process from receipt of the urn ash to final inspection and delivery. We will be happy to provide you with information on the status of the transformation of your diamond from ashes upon request.

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