#Dido_07 – pimp my video!

After the video session in #dido_06, #dido_07 is about roast pork from the lab, how silencers work and how you can create interactive videos.

Let’s start with some numbers. On YouTube 400 hours of video material are uploaded every hour. To watch just one day’s worth of new videos would take more than a year – not counting knock breaks. And it’s not just cat videos. In the Edu Channel of YouTube alone you can currently find more than 750 well-made explanatory films.

Targeting web videos

So there is enough video material. The question remains how we can best use it in the learning process. More and more frequently, video links are sent before and after the training, or used as material for group work directly on the smartphone "live". (see #dido_06).

Rarely do you need the full clip from start to finish though. Often a small excerpt would be enough, or a short comment to put the participants on the right track. To make this work, there are tools like EDpuzzle or PlayPosit. This allows web videos from YouTube and Co to be shortened, annotated or enhanced with quiz questions. And the good news is that you don’t need to download the video or edit it with a video editing program.

You can’t do that!

But you can. But let’s not dwell on long explanations. We have created three examples for you, which show what is possible. We have made these examples with the tool EDpuzzle, but it would be possible to use similar services, like e.g. B. PlayPosit or Thinglink.

1. Shortening videos

Roast pork al dente! In the following clip the Sience Buster Prof explains. Manfred Gruber, physically and chemically well-founded, the preparation of a successful pork roast. In the middle of the video he has another special tip: He shows how to get garlic smell from your fingers. Click on the image to start the video.

For all the culinarians among us, here’s the full-length Sience Pork Roast recipe: Sience Busters 17.11.2012 – Roast pork

2. Insert questions and comments

The program "Wissen vor acht" has the license to teach. This episode explains how the characteristic "pffffft" sound is made when James Bond shoots around with a silenced gun. We have added a commentary and two questions to the video.

3. Speaker made by yourself

This happens quite often: You find a video that fits your topic perfectly. Unfortunately it is only available in English, but you need it in German. In this case you can simply replace the audio track and speak in the desired language yourself.

What do you need?

You need an account on the website EDPuzzle. There you create an account with mail address and password. It is important that you register as a "Teacher. The basic version of EDpuzzle is free of charge and is enough to get started. EDpuzzle guides you step by step to the first video.
Tip: After the video is done, you have the option to send the link of the video. Always send the link with "share with anyone"! This way everyone who has the link can access the video without being logged in to EDpuzzle.

Have fun!
If you want to share your first works with us, just post the link in the comments!

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