Donald trump incites violence – voter approval drops

Trump incites violence again – voter approval drops

Trump nearly a year after leaving office: "We won the election"

Nearly a year after U.S. President Joe Biden took office, former President Donald Trump repeated his unsubstantiated claim that he won the election against Biden during an appearance before thousands of supporters.

Washington Donald Trump incites violence again. Calls for the ex-president’s arrest are growing louder and voter approval is falling.

Asa Hutchinson, Republican governor of the state of Arkansas, said a sentence over the weekend that carries weight and yet almost went down: "Donald Trump should no longer lead this country and the republican party." Clear case of insult to majesty from the point of view of the fans of 45. U.S. president, who declared en passant the other day while golfing that he would also become the 47th president of the United States. its.

From the point of view of the chairman of the quasi-presidential conference of the United States, on the other hand, the retirement of Trump is a political necessity to overcome the division of the country. The numbers seem to play into the hands of the staunchly conservative Hutchinson, who has active comrades-in-arms in fellow Republican governors like Larry Hogan (Maryland) and Doug Ducey (Arizona).

Donald Trump, while still consistently holding pole position in polls among potential Republican contenders for the 2024 election. But the approval rating drops, in some cases by more than 25 percentage points; for example at White Without a college degree. Among voters over 65. At Women.

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Donald Trump reaches a new level of escalation

Mitch McConnell, key Republican figure and intimate enemy of the ex-president, attributes it to Trump’s campaign against the 2020 election, which he claims was "stolen" from him. An accusation that has been proven by 60 court decisions up to the Supreme Court refuted is. Tick off, look ahead, says the senator from Kentucky. Trump but doesn’t think about it. All of his actions for the past year have been aimed at making the Presidential Election 2020 to appear illegitimate – and to punish any Republican who doesn’t join the chorus.

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A new level of escalation reached Trump at a rally in Texas on Saturday night. There, he promised the convicted violent offenders, who were sentenced on 6. The Donald Donald, who on January 1, 2021, tried to sabotage Joe Biden’s election victory in the deadly storming of the Capitol in Washington, which he helped to cause with a diatribe, is planning to run for reelection in the event that he is reinstated as president White House presidential pardons. They would be treated "unfairly".

For many in the Republican establishment, this is decidedly going too far. Trump’s politically change-warm companion Lindsey Graham, also a senator, fears a repeat after the attempted coup a year ago. For it has Donald Trump from the point of view of U.S. commentators and Democrats long ago set new incentives. In Texas, he called for the "largest protests this country has ever seen" if the judicial authorities in New York, Atlanta and Washington DC prosecute him soon.

Trump: hundreds call for ex-president’s arrest

called the prosecutors investigating him, his company and those close to him Trump literally "radical, vicious and racist". Among the charges against him are massive tax fraud and attempted manipulation of election results. In Georgia, urged Trump the then chief electoral officer Brad Raffensberger on the phone about it, after the election in November 2020 retrospectively about 12.To muster 000 votes to keep the southern state from losing to Joe Biden goes. Raffensberger, a Republican, opposed.

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Attempted influence peddling will soon be addressed by a jury in Atlanta. Trump’s efforts to undermine Biden’s election victory, meanwhile, are becoming increasingly clear. In a public statement Sunday, the 75-year-old professed de facto support for his vice presidential Mike Pence To have incited to overturn 2020 election.

Pence, Trump said truthfully, had had the legal means to be Biden to deny victory. "Unfortunately," however, Pence had not made use of this option – which, according to the law, does not exist at all. At Twitter yesterday, hundreds demanded the arrest of Trump, who had earlier called the media sweeping "enemies of the people" had called. "They will destroy our country if we do nothing about it."

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