Dschungelcamp 2022: monkey poop, car and anouschka – the best tweets to episode 7!

Annabell Kostler [28.01.2022, 08:50 h

Dschungelcamp 2022: Monkey comeback and cars in the jungle – The best tweets about episode 7!

In episode seven, the monkeys attack again, Tina Ruhland comes out of her shell and gives out a lot and Twitter’s favorite test is coming up. Of course, the viewers have a lot to tweet accordingly!

For two years, fans of the jungle camp had to be patient, now it’s time again for various celebrities: although it does not go to the Australian jungle, but at least in a South African camp with jungle atmosphere! On Twitter, viewers are in top form: Fans of "I am a star – get me out of here!" make the keys glow every night to bang out the best tweets about the show.

The love drama goes into the next round

Day 7 in the jungle and the "domestic blessing" hangs with the potential IBES couple 2022 crookedly. Tara Tabitha is still deeply affected by Filip Pavlovic’s request to take it slower. So there has to be another clarifying talk. "Dude Tara is also putting out there more than there is what?? Filip was in the relationship faster than he knew," writes one Twitter user sympathetically.

Unfortunately, fans now have to take Filip’s side: "If we already feel screwed, how must Filip feel?" wonders one user.

I hate that Tara puts me in the horrible position of having to agree with Filip #ibes pic.twitter.com/jvnSb59L7b

– natterlie ? (@natterliek) January 27, 2022

From teeth and Parship

Tara doesn’t seem to have understood yet that IBES is not a dating show. "Every 11 minutes Tara falls in love at #IBES. And always in Filip", a user takes up the Paarship advertisement. "If only it were every 11 minutes", someone else counters. There’s also mention of the tooth drama from episode six: "Filip should give Tara a good going over", a viewer complains.

Dschungelcamp 2022: Tooth alarm and earplug beef – The best tweets to episode 6!

Fortunately, in the dramatic conversation, Filip finally says what everyone is thinking: "You talk like we’ve been in a relationship for years." Twitter applauds. For Tara, however, the matter is now over, because Filip just does not understand her.

Anouschka continues to annoy

Again, no change from the day before: fans find Anouschka Renzi as unlikable as ever. At the blueberry drama she bitches that the blueberries should be shared, and renounces, but then takes one anyway. And of course grumbles incessantly, but not without claiming that everyone is needlessly bitching at her. Oh yes, the jungle camp as it lives and breathes.

New food creation at camp

For the three-star dinner, campers are treated to a crisp list of treats. Filip reads aloud. Among others on the list: Kohlrabi. For Filip apparently a foreign word, because somehow he puts in one syllable too much, and ends up with something that sounds like Kohlerabi. Or maybe it is more dangerous Cholerabi? But maybe also.

Who knows.

Unfortunately, the interruption by Anouschkas Genole does not last long. Already it goes on with Tara and Filip. The drama is going around in circles, and the viewers would even grant Tara a third luxury item, so that she would finally shut up. Who knows it.

Just give Tara an extra luxury item, then there’s peace in the box.

#IBES pic.twitter.com/Ga7PJWWbCZ

– Trashocalypse (@Trashocalypse) January 27, 2022

Dating show break thanks to Anouschka

One is almost grateful, when Anouschka makes again stress and finally, finally this strange love story is no longer in focus. This time the Renzi messes with Tina Ruhland again. Tina is the team leader on this day and gets to decide who takes which night shift. And seemingly on principle, she doesn’t give Renzi the shift she wants. She is of course on 180.

"’How much do you want to get on people’s sack?’ Anoushka: Yes!", describes a viewer the situation aptly. Another compares Anouschka a bit more harshly:

Thoughtful plan faces more headwinds

While many viewers admire Tina’s organizational skills ("Tina’s night-watch schedule is more mature than my bachelor’s thesis"), Harald Gloockler is also not at all happy that his girlfriend Anouschka doesn’t get her way and Tina doesn’t let herself be intimidated. Quite stupid idea to interfere, because with the fans this immediately provides for antipathy: "Harald very badly this episode", one user sums it up short and crispy.

Others are also not enthusiastic: "Anouschka is not backstabbing? Harald you’ve been friends with her for too long and you don’t really notice things anymore." Some believe it could even cost him the crown: "I thought Harald was normal… but this is proof that he’s just as dumb and Tina is the most normal one."

I can’t believe how unsympathetic Harald has become, being BFF with Anouschka. #IBES pic.twitter.com/wfMBqtebG0

– Fleur Marianna (@germexikan) January 27, 2022

Tina wins fans

Although Twitter is divided on whether Tina is super cool with her calm demeanor, or annoying as hell and lecturing, she is gaining some fans. "I have to say again how good I think #Tina is. How strong, calm and clear she sets and names boundaries. And how the two clowns, who behave like offended toddlers, thereby dismantle themselves more and more. Heaven", one user is happy. "I would like to see the people who portray Tina as the bad guy interact with Annoushka… I don’t think I could stay so calm", another user agrees.

Also otherwise the fans are quite happy with the selection of the candidates, even if permanently annoyed and confused.

must say, the composition of the camp is really top this year. everyone is bickering and there is beef every few seconds. i like #ibes pic.twitter.com/HVpWjBrwg2

– marie (@rieeeema) January 27, 2022

The drama continues

Even after the night shift drama Anouschka and Harald can’t hold on to themselves. At the beginning Anouschka refused to do the dishes, but suddenly she had to go when Harald left. Tina asks: "Anouschka, aren’t you going to do the dishes??", which is immediately interpreted as a frontal attack. "As annoying as Tina is, she simply doesn’t let anyone take the butter off her bread and always argues correctly. Yes she has a bossy way about her, but so far she has been in the right in every argument with Anouschka.", comments a fan.

Symbolically, the Twitter community depicts how Harald acts towards Tina in the dishwater drama.

Who gets to take the exam?

It’s a first: For the first time, all camp residents still present on day seven are admitted to the next jungle test! Twitter is out of its mind to finally be able to vote for Tina for once. "A jungle test with Tina and Anouschka would be "the hammer", a user is happy. The fact is that the viewers all hope that Tina can be there immediately.

Question: Who is Manuel anyway??

Occasionally names fall in the camp again, there the spectators ask themselves: Who? Manuel Flickinger is one of them. Rarely does he speak up; always rather stays in the background. Although he offers Tara his shoulder to cry on in the meantime and has also already tried to bring morning aerobics to the camp, but somehow the name does not stick. Twitter helps itself there with a very. interesting. Mnemonic:

Manuel looks a bit like the crack squirrel from Ab durch die Hecke #IBES pic.twitter.com/nYKjXDdolK

– Lea (@dealy9_) January 23, 2022

But a dating show?

It’s time: treasure hunt is on! Who does RTL choose? It just happens to be Tara and Filip. A rascal who thinks badly there. "Treasure hunt with overnight stay for Tara and Filip GENAU MEIN RTL" (EXACTLY MY RTL), a user is pleased. For Filip it is a just punishment: "Filip had criticized that you can’t date at #IBES", and RTL now wants to prove the opposite. His reaction at the announcement speaks volumes.

You were just happy to be rid of the old lady, you have to spend a night with her! #ibes pic.twitter.com/aqSGuMFIer

– Claudi_mag_Bionade (@claudiablank1) January 27, 2022

The morning after brings nasty surprises

The treasure hunt has succeeded, Tara and Filip are back in camp, and what must Filip see there? Feet! In HIS bed! Surprisingly calm he wakes up Anouschka, who has made herself comfortable instead of sleeping on the floor as announced before. "’Don’t be mad at me’ I would never say to someone who stole my bed #ibes I would have kicked her out so hard she would have flown at least all the way to the exit", a user wonders about Filip’s reaction.

"The horror of the morning Filip has just discovered in his bed: "Anouschka", someone else jokes. And after that successful night: "Tara has changed her relationship status from ‘complicated’ to ‘hopeful."

Monkey shit attack the second!

In episode 7 there is once again a guest of honor: the monkey that pooped on Filip! Based on observations of the past days, he has now looked for a new victim: Anouschka. Twitter is very enthusiastic! "Now even the monkeys are fed up with Anouschka", a user is happy. "The monkey who throws excrement at Anouschka is the Spirit Animal of every Twitter user", someone else sums up.

Let’s go to the jungle test!

Finally, it’s off to Twitter’s favorite test – but not without a dose of grumbling beforehand. This time by Linda Nobat, which was surprisingly restrained up to here. But now she starts again. The trigger: Her shoes are still dirty from the last exam. That is because no one has cleaned overnight for them. Surprisingly Anouschka helps out and washes the shoes for Linda. Twitter is stunned.

Did I miss something? Why is Anouschka suddenly so nice to Linda and voluntarily cleans her shoes? #IBES pic.twitter.com/Virh2IEelH

– angelina (@angelin20058706) January 27, 2022

Chaos and no happy end

As expected, the test will be a mess. Jasmin Herren sits at the wheel and sees nothing, Anouschka sits backwards and hears nothing, and Linda sits forward and is not allowed to talk, only to show. And so it goes. Already at the beginning one suspects: That becomes nothing. They are much too slow, there are immediate rule breaks and they don’t get the stars either. But Anouschka’s announcements are also difficult.

"Stop. Straight ahead. STOP! Straight ahead. Right. Stop. Straight ahead."

When I’m drunk and trying to get to the toilet.#ibes

– twittstorm (@tasteslikecyan) January 27, 2022

Scapegoat is found

For Linda it’s clear: Anouschka is to blame. She didn’t get her wild gestures and kept telling people off, and didn’t push Jasmin to rubber at the end either, because time was running out. And that’s where it fails: zero stars for the three graces. Twitter is happy, but Linda is probably planning the murder of Anouschka right now.

Linda throws Jasmin off the buggy after the test and runs over Anouschka herself after the test. #IBES pic.twitter.com/Kyihw8msLH

– Immortalfighter (@immortalfight) January 27, 2022

Who goes next?

Now the time has finally come: Who will be allowed to take part in the next jungle test in episode eight?? The viewers decide and the big wish comes true: Tina may directly to the test. At her side, of course, exam expert Linda and also Anouschka may believe in it again. An explosive trio. "Tina, Linda and Anoushka in the test the people want to see the camp burn", sums up one user.

Twitter, when Anouschka and Linda have to go to the exam again. #ibes pic.twitter.com/7q74DtjOL1

– Remo Zuberbuhler (@JupiterKallisto) January 27, 2022

Dschungelcamp 2022: broadcast times, livestream, full episodes

The 15. Season of "I’m a Star – Get me out of here!" still going on for a while. The eighth episode will be shown on Friday, 28. January at 21:30 clock broadcast on RTL.

As usual, the episodes of "Das Dschungelcamp" will be streamed live 2022 will also be available to stream. You can stream season 15 either live at airtime or watch it as a repeat on RTL plus, formerly TVNow.

If you are the funniest jungle exam ever. EVER missed, or just want to have fun again, watch the following video.

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