Emojis in ios 15.4: apple brings over 100 new chat icons

Apple One of them comes from Germany: these new emojis will bring iOS 15.4 on your iPhone

With iOS 15.3 Apple published a very important update, which you should definitely install, but on the surface very little has changed. With iOS 15.4, so the upcoming major update, this will be different. Because more than 100 chat symbols, so-called Emoji, receive entrance into the already enormous selection. And again the question arises, how it was possible to communicate without these faces, hands and symbols.

Seven new faces join the team. One face melts, one hides its eyes behind its hands, one emoji salutes, another holds back tears, and there’s even a skeptical look. An emoji face makes it seem as if it is dissolving. The already available face, which holds its hand in front of its mouth in amazement, gets an alternative to better distinguish between amusement and shock.

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This is where smartphone manufacturers have been at odds so far. This led to misunderstandings when someone actually wanted to react in a shocked way, but an amused face was visible to users of other devices. Communication is everything.

Emoji with hand in front of mouth: two versions, two meanings

Hey you, yes I point to you!

Fresh hand gestures also exist: open hands to the left or right, up or down, as well as a finger pointing, cordial hands and a hand gesture that is known for asking for an amount of money for example, i.e. index finger and thumb crossed over.

For more equality in some symbols, a person with a crown, a pregnant gender-neutral person and a pregnant man are added. Hand gestures are also given additional skin colors; for example, 25 combinations are added when shaking hands.

Disco ball Made in Germany

Symbols in other categories also exist, for example a coral, a lotus, an empty or full bird’s nest, a slide, the hand of Fatima used as an Islamic blessing symbol, a life ring and a disco ball. The sphere is also interesting because the design comes from Gero Simone, a presenter at the radio station 1Live.

In the station’s blog, Simone describes how complicated it was to get the bullet on the smartphone. He worked on applications and drafts for more than three years until his chat symbol was finally accepted by the responsible consortium. The joy should be appropriately great that his emoji will soon be available on a majority of the 1.8 billion Apple devices currently in active use.

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