Erogenous zones of the man: his top hotspots

Erogenous zones of the man

With women they are very often thematized: erogenous zones. But the gentlemen of creation are also very receptive to delicate touches all over the body – because there are of course erogenous zones in men as well.

Is there really only one part of the body that comes to mind when you think of the topic erogenous zones with the man anschneidet? But no! What cartoons would have us believe is not true, of course. Pleasurable pampering doesn’t have to happen only in the loin area with men – there are definitely many more erogenous zones to discover. You have probably also noticed this one or the other time. From the earlobe to the little toe, there are several regions that are very receptive to pleasurable touches. Also with him! Enjoy exploring the erogenous zones of the man together and devote yourself to them intensively. But beware: High addiction factor!

Erogenous zones: Know where it’s good

"In my relationship Cuddle Not so popular for a long time. Since my affair with Anna, however, I enjoy caresses again immensely," says Ralf (47) enthusiastically. "I think she has a sense of what pleases me and what excites me. She really explores me. Once she has found a sensitive spot on me, she devotes herself to it extensively. It makes me feel insanely desired and cared for. She caresses, kisses and licks places unstoppable my Boost your desire. What can be more beautiful?"Men thoroughly enjoy being pampered. Erotic massage studios are booming. And that’s no wonder, because men still often play the active part in lovemaking – unless the woman takes care of his best part a little more intensively. But if a woman also knows his other "love points", she can give him many more unexpectedly pleasurable moments. And also profits from it: Because with security he will want to return for the special caresses. To experience him in addition so "prepared" then with the sex, opens under circumstances completely new passionate luck moments. And besides, in matters of sensuality anyway: the way is the goal.

Erogenous Zones: Its specific "love points"

Regions of the body where nerves end and which therefore react very sensitively to the slightest stimulation are called specific erogenous zones.

The mouth: Lips and tongue are true islands of pleasure and extremely erogenous zones in men as well. Kissing is definitely part of it. A nice side effect: Both partners stimulate each other with the most suitable tools that can be used to achieve a erogenous zone to caress.

Nipples: How sensitive men are there and how they react to tenderness in this place is very different. Feel your way slowly – in the truest sense of the word. If he enjoys your lips in the area of his nipples, then certainly also your tongue. Should he also like it when you gently start to nibble on it, he may also like it a little more demanding. Just pay attention to how he reacts. You can feel the pleasure.

The ears: Here there is almost goose bumps guarantee. Men are very sensitive there. The mere breath of your excited breath reaching his ear sends clear signals. Wonderfully supported by lips, teeth and tongue you can trigger true showers of pleasure there.

Penis, testicles, perineum and anus: Of course the best piece belongs to the primary erogenous zones of the man. But also what is in its immediate vicinity is worthy of caresses. A delicate place is the anus. Not all men like to be touched there. For others, however, this is one of the most erotic pleasure points of all. If your finger penetrates this region, it will probably ask itself the question: "Is everything clean there so far??" Freshly showered, these concerns are already dispelled once. This also lowers his inhibitions. Would you even like to penetrate him with a finger? Behind the anus is the "male G-spot", the prostate gland, which you can feel through the intestinal wall. If he has responded lustfully to your external caresses, leave it at that for the first time. Talk about it afterwards. If the man found it as exciting as you do, he can take clean precautions in the future if he wants to know how your finger feels inside him.

Erogenous Zones: Its non-specific "love points"

Non-specific sounds like "not all that important" in relation to specific. In terms of the "dramaturgy" of a pampering program, however, this is far from being the case. Secondary erogenous zones are not as sensitive as the primary ones, but caresses there create a lot of anticipation. Tip: Let him fidget a little bit. His desire will thank you!

The neck and the throat: What tender touches trigger there, probably everyone has already experienced. Almost every man likes that. The neck and throat are extremely receptive to gentle, delicate touches – whether with fingertips, tongue, a feather or other suitable Resources.

Shrugs: Fresh sweat can be a regular Aphrodisiac because this is where the body puts a lot of Pheromones, so sexual messengers free. Kissing and licking are quite allowed – and with many men also very welcome. Another tip for the gentlemen of creation: clean-shaven skin, whether in the chest, armpit or intimate area, goes down well with many women.

Back: Ideal to provide relaxation after a stressful day. Massage him and caress his backside with kisses. Men are especially receptive to erotic massages and touches in the lumbar region.

More non-specific "lovepoints": Hands (especially the inner surfaces) and fingers, belly and the flanks (especially the belly button), inner thighs and the back of the knees, feet and toes

Tools of pleasure: hands, lips& Co.

You don’t really need much for an extensive pampering program – you already have the most important utensils with you: your hands, fingers, lips, tongue or even your breasts and pubic area are enough to stimulate his pleasure spots most lustfully. Of course, if you’re looking for a change of pace, practical items such as a silk scarf, feather or ice cubes are also a good choice. Even feather dusters are said to have served well when it comes to gently stimulating erogenous zones! It gets sparkling with a drop of champagne, drizzled on a body part of your desire. Sweet it can become with Whipped cream or honey. Just experiment a little: There are hardly any limits to your imagination and erogenous zones are ultimately also a bit what you make of it – whether in a man or a woman.

Embark on an exciting journey to the lustful places of the male body. There is much to experience and explore there. And the better you know the body of a desired person, the more you can do for an unforgettable erotic experience care. We hope you enjoy exploring the erogenous zones!

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