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They love big events? You’re interested in everything that happens behind the scenes at concerts? And you are also a planning talent? If you can answer all three questions with "yes", the Event range could be just right for you. Classic event content such as presentation, public relations, conception and budgeting are often combined with disciplines such as business studies and marketing. For this reason, probably the most common course of study in this industry is event management. During your distance learning course, prospective event managers learn what is important when choosing a suitable location, how to design the program for your event, but also how to negotiate offers with service providers. You will generally deal with contents such as project management and event law and have the possibility to determine your own focus before and during the course of study. For example, you can focus more on sporting events or employee events.

  • Bachelor Event Management 6 Courses
  • Continuing Education Event Management 6 Courses
  • Continuing Education Event Marketing 2 courses
  • Continuing education Hybrid& Digital Events 1 Course
  • Further education hygiene representative for events 1 Course
  • Continuing education trade fair project management 1 Course
  • Advanced training for sporting events 1 Course
  • Further training in event management 2 Courses
  • Further Training Event Economist 2 Courses
  • Continuing education Weddingplanner 2 Courses
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Your superpower is bringing people together? Become an event manager with a degree from IU!

If you like to organize events, bring creative ideas and have a good feeling for people, this is the place for you. After graduating as an event manager, an exciting and varied career awaits you. Apply now for a place at IU and study with maximum flexibility – according to your personal schedule!

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Important facts for the distance learning course resp. the in-service training events& Event Management

Which study contents do you expect?

In terms of content, the following areas may be part of the curriculum:

  • Business basics: calculation, budget planning, financial controlling, accounting
  • Event evaluation, event controlling, logistics, trade fair construction
  • Professional basics: Planning strategies, strategic orientation of events, conceptual design and organization of events, general project management, conference management
  • Sociology
  • Marketing: target group analysis, PR& Advertising materials, market research, consumer psychology
  • Team management: live communication, presentation and moderation, rhetoric
  • If necessary. a foreign language
  • Legal basics
  • Fiscal aspects
  • Safety aspects at large events

What tasks await you as an event manager are explained in this Video well explained:

Event management is, in short Planning, organization and implementation of public or private events. The size and scale of the event can vary greatly. Event managers often plan trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions and sporting events. In many cases, however, event management is also linked to the tourism industry.

You are best suited, if you already have first commercial knowledge have. Everything is included, from the creation of an event budget to the evaluation and final cost overview. As an event manager, you are the central contact person for the planning of the event. You work out the Project, supervise the staff, book caterers, craftsmen and other parties involved and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

It is clear that they will not manage all this alone. Therefore you will also be expected to have a high level of Teamwork and leadership skills requires. You need to be able to hand over and delegate tasks. Therefore, you need a certain amount of openness, resilience and flexibility. Rhetorical skills, language skills and a healthy creativity are also an advantage.


For the IHK degree in most cases you only need a high school diploma. Optimal would be a completed training in the field or a (Fach-)hochschulreife. Commercial knowledge is not necessary, but would be an advantage. In many cases you are also qualified by several years of professional experience.

For a Bachelor’s degree you should have at least the (technical) high school diploma. But here, too, providers have created more and more opportunities in recent years to enter with appropriate work experience.

For the exact admission requirements, it is best to ask the respective provider. Because in many cases a university degree is not necessary. Where it is required, demonstrable job skills often suffice as well.

Since in many areas there is also international work, you should at least English and spoken and written master safely.

Of course there are no character requirements. Nevertheless, it is an advantage if you have the following skills, resp. the following characteristics belong to your nature:


As is often the case in distance learning, you will receive the learning material in most cases online. D.h. You get an access to the online campus or another possibility to download the material. Of course, this does not mean that you have to completely do without printed study letters or manuals. As a distance learner you have to learn the material independently acquire. However, you can use a variety of media-based teaching formats for this purpose. These include Podcasts, webinars, video recordings, online lectures and much more.

Even though you will have to study alone in most cases, this does not mean that you cannot seek contact with other students or course participants. In most cases, a Forum or chat, to get to know other participants.

The tasks are either completed in the self-test checked or sent to a tutor. They serve to test your own knowledge and in many cases are not included in the final grade. The individual semesters or modules conclude with a Exam from. Either you have to pass a test, write a written exam, submit a term paper or take an oral exam. For exam dates usually Attendance dates agreed.


You can usually start the distance learning program flexible start. You will receive learning materials from the school, often study books, either by mail or online. In some cases, you can work on the learning material directly on the online campus. You will often also receive help from a tutor assigned to you personally.

Whether or not you want to study during a Classroom seminar must attend depends on the provider. In most cases, a one-day or multi-day seminar is offered, in which you are required to participate. The seminar is not only for the practical experience but also for the exchange among each other.

If you are not pursuing a university degree, the continuing education usually ends with a take an examination before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). After that you have also acquired a state-recognized degree.


A bachelor’s or master’s degree in event management is usually linked to a degree in business administration or other business or management studies. D.h. You can specialize in event management and thus have the opportunity to set a focus in terms of content. Event Management as a degree is currently only available at IST University as Event Management

Target group

At best, you already have professional experience in this area. However, this is not absolutely necessary. You can also complete event management as a distance learning course as part of a career change.

What are the career prospects or. Career opportunities in the field of events& Event Management?

After a distance learning course in event management, many new career paths can open up for you. Depending on your qualifications, you can expand your range of tasks in your current job to include an interesting field of activity expand or become a self-employed event manager.

Upon graduation, you will work primarily in the following areas:

  • Event, PR or marketing agencies
  • Trade fair or congress companies
  • Catering
  • Hotel chains
  • Organizer
  • Public organizations / administration
  • City marketing
  • Tourism or. tour operator
  • Professional independence

Job description

In many respects the correspondence course Event Management is similar to the training "Event Management". You should have a certain Flexibility, creativity and organizational skills have. Since you work a lot in a team Communication skills also important. Since you may work with different people from different cultures, you should not be shy in this respect either. Especially when it comes to evaluating successes, you should work with Criticism to be able to deal constructively with problems and to be able to address them adequately.

Pros and cons distance learning event management

The industry is in the last years strongly grown. At the same time Requirements to modern events increased. If you think about the increasing popularity of festivals, for example, you know how professional work has to be done to satisfy customers and visitors. In a distance learning program you can flexible further education according to your ideas.

You need extensive Practical knowledge, which you can only obtain indirectly in a distance learning program. Therefore pay attention to sufficient Attendance phases. You should also have a certain Motivation and self-discipline be able to perform your tasks adequately even after many months.

What are the costs in the field of events& Event management?

For distance learning events& Event management fall costs of 150 € (certificate) to 19.650 € (Bachelor) to.

For the following offers exclusive FSD discount And a booking request can be made directly:

    from the provider Laudius Akademie fur Fernstudien from the provider Laudius Akademie fur Fernstudien

What length of study should you expect?

The duration of the correspondence course varies between 2 and 48 months.

Helpful reviews and experiences for the category Events& Event Management

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of the distance learning and distance study courses in the category events& Event management

Interesting experiences of participants

The Veranstaltungsfachwirt is demanding with a full-time job and distance learning, but doable. It is up to each student to follow the "ideal plan" to arrange events or to organize your own time. IST is super organized, helps with questions quickly and competently, and you feel well looked after at the seminars. The lecturers, especially Ms. Dannenberg and Mr. Reuschel, are very competent and respond to each student individually. The study material is extensive, but the industry gives a lot, so I find it suitable. The online campus is clearly laid out and well structured. IST also gives you the feeling that you are not alone. He who asks leads – not only at IST but also at the seminars. One must not forget that one makes the further training for oneself SELF! The WBQ exam is not to be underestimated.

I am very enthusiastic about the IUBH and have already successfully recommended. I have the freedom I need and I can arrange my daily schedule as it suits me best. The organization is great, as soon as a problem arose I contacted the responsible person and was helped very quickly and competently. I am very convinced of the IUBH concept!. In addition, course content is explained in a very practical manner and presented in detail, so you have the best reference from theory to practice.

Interesting course of study, the modules are well coordinated, the teaching materials are extensive and complete, and the material is well presented. The skirpte are supplemented by online lectures and tutorials. Lecturers and tutors mostly very practice-oriented, since even in the economic enterprises active. Examinations usually low level of difficulty. Great support both online and at seminars. Well-supported study for people who want to remain flexible, work part-time and exhibit a high degree of self-organization and discipline.

I participated in the course "Eventmanagement IST/IHK and I am very satisfied. I can only recommend the participation in a course at the IST-Studieninstitut to others. As a beginner, all contents were explained to me in the best possible way. I am very satisfied with the support. The instructors gave great lectures and made the courses very enjoyable. The content of the study booklets was very coherent for me and I was able to work with them very well! Many thanks to the IST for this great experience!

From registration to the exam you are always super cared for. The contact is always friendly. Both with the Laudius team and with the lecturer. Questions are answered very quickly and homework is corrected within a few hours. The content of the course is impeccable. In addition to basic knowledge, he encourages students to deepen their understanding of the subject matter on their own. In my opinion, this course is especially suitable for all those who want to arrange their wedding themselves.

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