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-Childbirth preparation class-My husband and I were taught for two days and two evenings by the truly loving and . Alex and her incredibly competent team through an emotional journey.Although it all took place digitally, there was a great tangible closeness! And although we already did a course for the birth of our big daughter, we got so many important and useful tips here. In addition, it is a great emotional support for everything that is currently on your mind – even for men. Fears, joys, insecurities as well as the very practical everyday information, medical advice and wide-ranging education in all areas! The course is highly recommended! All the love to all multiple pregnant women and a huge thank you to Alex for using her full passion to prepare us all so positively for a wonderful journey. more

I am completely fulfilled by the course! :)I really liked how much time was taken for every question that was asked . personal experiences, quite a lot of knowledge and never a judgmental reaction.In addition, a lot of closeness, honesty and emotion was brought across. You managed to make us really want to have this wonderful time with the triplets and to prepare us well for it!It was great to see so many parents in the same situation, with the same questions and thoughts.If I wasn’t looking down at myself and seeing my baby bump, I would swear our three little ones were already here with us – that’s how close and tangible you brought the upcoming time to us!Thank you very much!! more

Dear Alexandra,Thank you for the super birth preparation course! The course has once again increased the anticipation for our little ones . reinforced ☺️We found it really great how personal the course was designed by you and yet was mega informative. You really felt picked up.Thanks for that!All the best, Lydia& Max more

Dear Alexandra, we would also like to thank you for the wonderful birth preparation course. The course was so exciting and . informative and especially super warm! We were able to ask our questions and got an answer for everything. We have been able to leave some worries behind us in the course and are now even more looking forward to our two miracles. Thank you so much for your openness, mega preparation and lots of information& Very best regards Kim and Jessi more

We booked the childbirth class as a couple and were surprised how well it worked out in the online format. . The course is a great mixture of information provided by various experts (midwife, senior physician of the gynecological clinic, lactation consultant), personal experiences of Alexandra as a mother of twins and emotional attunement. There is also a lot of room for your own questions and the exchange with other expectant parents of twins. We also liked the little ‘homework’ and practical handouts (e.g. for the first equipment or clinic bag). We feel well prepared and strengthened in our anticipation of life with twins! Many thanks to all involved for their competent and dedicated work! We can wholeheartedly recommend the course for expectant parents of multiples.Carola& Dominik more

Dear Fabienne,thank you very much for the great postpartum course.The course was very effective and really taught us a lot . It was fun.The time out for me and my body was great.You have a very friendly and motivating way. more

We would like to thank you again for the unbelievably great and informative birth preparation course last weekend . &Both the technical content and the emotions and the attunement to the future everyday life were incredibly helpful and perfectly worked out by all speakers.It’s just nice to work on such topics with a small group of "like-minded people", you feel in great hands. Thank you Alexandra for your personal insights and your unbelievably warm manner! &Many greetings Micha& Chris more

Christine Liebetrau

Dear Alexandra, thank you again for this wonderful birth preparation course for multiples.Apart from . the very well prepared information on various topics and by various specialists such as z.B. Mrs. Dr. Kuschel, Christine as a midwife and Hille as a nurse and lactation consultant, a good portion of emotion was added. Through your personal experience as a mother of twins, you put us in the right mood for the adventure of twins – we can hardly wait!For us the format was ideal, as we were able to exchange ideas with a great group of soon-to-be twin parents without leaving our living room at home. Especially for me in the 33. week it would not have been pleasant to sit on a hard floor with a yoga mat anymore.We can recommend the course without exception and I am already looking forward to the regression – I will definitely use your course again.Thanks also to Christine, Mrs. Dr. Kuschel and Hille – it was a pleasure for us!Christine& Toni more

A birth preparation course that expectant parents of twins and multiples should not miss! We were able to learn so many . We took away important information and useful tips for everyday life and feel very well prepared for the exciting time with our twins. Alexandra and her team do this course with so much heart and passion! more

Both the "babies are here"-course as well as the one on breastfeeding twins and now also the great Doppeltfit course are . simply super and I can only warmly recommend it to you! Just Doppeltfit is the first of 4 other postnatal sports courses that are really useful. Here they really work on the strength for the body center and the pelvic floor and also give super valuable everyday tips. The trainer Kaddy is mega nice and top qualified and has – I think this is also very important – a super technical equipment, so that you can hear both her instructions and the music clearly. I wish my single mom friends could join in too, because this course really brings you a lot of! more

Dear Alexandra, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this great birth preparation course. We are totally grateful for the . we took part and you more than exceeded our expectations. With a lot of love you took away our worries and prepared us for the time with the two miracles (at least we feel like we are prepared&). Perfectly tailored for parents of twins and triplets we will recommend your course to others. Love from Christian and Silvia + 2& more

Dear Alex, we thank you for the super exciting birth preparation course last weekend. We are . incredibly grateful for this offer. The experience you and your team of midwife, doctor and lactation consultant shared with us is worth its weight in gold. It is also wonderful to know that you will continue to listen to our questions and concerns. Thanks for this passion. more

Super birth preparation course, definitely recommendable . Have very much taken away and great other parents the . Expecting multiples got to know. Thank you again to all&&&&&&& more

The course was recommended to me by another twin mom and we were not disappointed! Totally relaxed and . nice atmosphere, very much helpful information and tips! And v.a. Gained a realistic insight into life with multiples, which was especially helpful for me personally with all that you always hear from outsiders! I feel much more relaxed, confident and well prepared and can hardly wait until the two are there ☺️ more

I am totally enthusiastic and can recommend the course 100%. It is specifically tailored to the individual needs . of multiples received. Own experiences and tips in dealing with multiples are described, lectures from a lactation consultant, a certified midwife and doctors round off the course and make it perfect. A great and open atmosphere is created and I am very happy to have taken this course. I have also talked to friends who attended "normal" singleton courses and they said that their courses did not provide as much input.Thanks again to Alex& Nina for the great hours in December ☺️ more

Also we can only recommend Extrakind. In this crazy Corona time the online course was a very great one . Opportunity to prepare as a couple for what is to come. The course was not only very informative but also very emotional for us and has strengthened us very much. The whole team is on fire for their work and we felt very well taken care of at all times. Especially Alex’s own experiences are very helpful and worth their weight in gold. The atmosphere in the course was also very pleasant. The "Birth Preparation Course Is not comparable to the course for singleton parents and is so much more than "just" a birth preparation course. We can highly recommend this course to all parents of twins or triplets. Thank you for everything. ❤️❤️❤️ more

We can highly recommend Extrakind to all expectant parents of multiples! Have taken the online course in . December and even though we are already parents and have also taken a childbirth class before, we learned and took away an incredible amount! The team is very cordial and you can tell that they are all passionate about the subject. You get great tips and even after the end of the course you are not alone with any problem…& Thanks for everything ❤️ more

We were also present at the last course at the beginning of December and were also EXCITED. The atmosphere during the whole . The course was so positive! The mix of theory and practice plus the reports from everyday life was super. We now feel well prepared.The online format allowed us to attend from the comfort of our own home and with a partner.Definitely recommended for all twins and triplets parentsv!Thank you Alex and Nina for the great course& more

I can recommend this course to all expectant multiple moms! Just yesterday was the last evening of the course and we were . really enthusiastic. I thought first the Einlingskurs my midwife offers enough – but I was constantly told there how different with me but everything will run. That’s when I decided to do this one additionally. Of course you hear a lot of things twice – which is not a bad thing – but it takes away a lot of worries and fears about the twins. Good advice, tips and expert opinions from midwives, lactation consultants, doctors and "concerned persons". We felt very comfortable, we were also really lucky with our fellow participants. No one was ashamed to ask questions, everyone was honest and open. There are enough breaks – which is really important – especially in the 33SSW. I’m really really glad to have come across this course and to have taken it. Thanks again to Alex and Nina, great job! And Nina – the offer is still valid – Garmisch is really worth a visit! Especially at the beginning of January! :p more

For all expectant parents of twins and triplets it is an absolute MUST to attend the Extrakind preparation course. . It was just great. Alexandra organized it with so much love and is herself a mom of twins. Your tips are super. The course was just perfect for us. more

Extrakind is great. When you find out that you’re having twins (or more), it’s really upside down. And . a lot of prejudices come up about not breastfeeding, definitely caesarean section, you can’t carry together etc etc.BUT: it goes to breastfeeding, spontaneous delivery, carrying together and so much more. Extrakind passes on the know-how in the courses. Before and after the birth and even during the regression (another hammer course!). We are so happy to have taken the childbirth preparation course at Extrakind. So we could start our twin adventure full of confidence. So, full marks. Dear Extrakind team: You are super!&& more

1 year ago I took part in the Extra Childbirth Preparation Course with my husband and I can only say: it was a great experience . has been worthwhile! I knew (actually) a birth preparation course, from our first child 4years ago! But somehow needed an "update . so with twins in the belly& And this course was just right, not just like the "usual" courses with a nice midwife . NO!! Even with doctors, lactation consultants, midwives and twins-experienced moms all answering the questions and reporting very honestly, professionally and also from personal experience.And because the course was already great, I also signed up for the regression course right afterwards&& in the meantime I am no longer only in the basic course BUT already in the pro course! The pants fit again, the posture comes back and the time for sports, without kids can be found perfectly in the evening – in case of need you can also make up the sports session or compensate with more sports homework ! more

I currently attend the Sportkus Doppelfit and am more than satisfied! It is super much gesportelt and in addition still . explained in detail! A must for every twin mom& more

Who still doubts to visit the sports course. I am now in the third course (affectionately called PRO by Esther). . This course is the absolute best and highest quality thing I have done in sports after my pregnancy. Everything is just right: mindful conditioning and strength training, as well as the right amount of theory and everyday tips uuuand of course not to forget the homework. Alexandra and Esther are great and the trainer Kaddy exceeded my expectations by far. This course gave me a motivational kick that I desperately needed. Before pregnancy I was very sporty, since the babies are there&, you know what I’m talking about. more

I can absolutely recommend the sports course! The fact of doing sports at home in the evening when the kids are asleep is . simply very practical and makes in this course mega fun and it feels incredibly good to do something for you! And it doesn’t matter if you are late, have to go to the kids during sports, are breastfeeding or have one or two kids in your arms& Unfortunately, I only found out about the childbirth preparation course after my pregnancy, otherwise I would have attended it in any case. I am already looking forward to the third sports course& more

This is a great childbirth preparation course that especially addresses the concerns and questions of parents of twins and triplets . goes in. I can also highly recommend the online course, as you can make yourself comfortable on your sofa at home and still have the feeling that you are in the middle of it all. No questions are left unanswered and by the end, you feel very well prepared and informed. Thank you for the relaxed, entertaining and informative hours& more

Both the birth preparation course and the sports course are absolutely recommendable. Both are exactly on . Needs of the multiple moms tuned and the team is always with full heart&&&. I am really glad to have found you& more

A really super great course that is not about breathing or hechel exercises.Fears are overcome thanks to midwife, chief physicians . and the twin mom alexander taken. Time does not matter here and every question is answered and everything is explained in a great and understandable way& Despite this corona time, it was possible to do the online course with your partner and to exchange ideas with other expectant twin parents. Everything went cordially and was not like a course but rather familiar.We would always recommend the course and were or are still positively surprised. Now we expect without concerns and big question marks in the head the birth of our twins and can hardly wait to share our family happiness with you&&Best regards Jessika and Robin more

Too bad I did not know before the birth of my twins, that there is such a great network& The team is . super friendly and helpful, I did the DoppelFit backbirth course after the normal backbirth course failed all along the line and am absolutely thrilled! & with so much heart blood led and organized by mega great trainers and the team and really tailored to all "problems" that comes with being a mother of multiples. Absolutely recommendable&&&& 5 stars are not enough& Maybe you expand to Frankfurt am Main, also physically, then I become a regular customer& more

A very friendly team that is always approachable and with heart and soul. To the birth preparation courses can . I do not say anything, but I am sad that I did not read about it when I was pregnant. This course would have been certainly more effective than the course I attended. The sports course is aufjedenfall class& more

The course is a perfect mix of medical info and practical tips. The team of midwives, a doctor . and of course Alexandra as an experienced mother of twins give a comprehensive and realistic overview of what awaits us with the birth of the double happiness. Alexandra and her team are very knowledgeable about the course and they answer all our questions very well. Alexandra manages to round off the course in a very successful way with her many personal anecdotes and her lively way of speaking. I am very glad to have participated in this course! more

We already have three children and therefore have some experience with births and life with a baby. . Therefore, of course, the question arose: Does such a birth preparation course for twins really have to be now??Short answer: Yes, must be. &And better than Alexandra and her team of midwives, lactation consultants and chief physicians you can not do it.Although I had read up on the subject of twin births and life with twins, I was able to take away a lot for myself, especially through the personal insights of the lecturers!Especially when Alexandra reported about her experiences, I was more than just enthusiastic about the course.Last but not least, the fact that the course was online was absolutely unproblematic. For me even very practical and convenient, because I had neither to leave the house, nor a babysitter for the "big" Children needed. And also online it can be very personal, as was proven by this course.The network of twin moms, which was formed as a WhatsApp group, I would not want to miss today in any case.Many thanks to Alexandra and her team for the great evenings and the heart and soul that is put into it. ❤️ more

My husband and I were looking for a childbirth preparation course that would suit us as future twin parents and . already parents of a 3-year-old daughter, offers more than the "normal birth preparation course" which we knew firstly already from the first pregnancy and which had brought us secondly already at that time not really new knowledge&I came across when googling on Extrakind and have discovered there the special preparation courses for multiple parents. I was first disappointed that there was no course in southern Germany, but then decided to simply ask if we could participate in the course in Hanover, although we live in Wurzburg. This was possible in consultation without any problems and -thanks to Corona- we did not even spend a weekend in Hanover but comfortably on the couch, because the course took place over Zoom&We are still completely enthusiastic about the contents of the course, the cordial way of the organizers and we live on the new knowledge that we could acquire in the course of the lessons. In addition, the group and Alex are still excellent contacts when I have unanswered questions.So from us a clear recommendation to attend a course of Extrakind&&&&&&& more

My twin pregnancy is coming to an end and I am more than grateful that we decided to take the course at . Extrakind have decided. Since it is my 2. SS is and we had already done 2 course before, we were a little unsure whether it really "must be and necessary" is. What to say? A very clear YES. I would never have thought that a course could provide so much input, know how and security. Nothing with panting and trying out birth positions. But the best expert knowledge about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and the first time with two babies from a super midwife, a very experienced senior physician, a great lactation consultant (where is that already?). ) and of course by Alexandra. She is so authentic and you can tell immediately that all her heart and soul goes into these courses. I must admit that my husband was a bit skeptical, but after the first evening he was more than enthusiastic. Above all that it is also so human online. I miss the common evening and am so, so grateful for the contacts and the exchange in our WhatsApp group. This is exactly what you need in such an exciting time. Do not miss all this. more

The team around Alex is excellent. This is how affectionate and encouraging the entire childbirth preparation course became . Designs. A lot of knowledge was imparted in a super exciting way. Absolute recommendation! more

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