Fallout 4 radioactive storm – what to do and how to protect

What is the radioactive storm in Fallout 4 and how can you recognize or avoid them?? One or the other player will certainly have spent a few hours in the wasteland and there are many dangers waiting there at every corner. This does not only mean the irradiated enemies and dangerous monsters, but also so-called radioactive storms can occur under certain circumstances. This can be recognized by quickly rising dark and green clouds. If you stay too long in the storm and don’t have a suitable protection or power armor with you, the RAD will increase in height. Since the effects of the storm and thunderstorm are really worth seeing, it is not so easy to disappear again directly.

What to do against a radioactive storm in Fallout 4 and how to protect yourself, you will learn in this guide.

Fallout 4 radioactive storm detect and avoid

Radioactive storm and thunderstorm in Fallout 4

You cannot recognize a radioactive storm mostly beforehand. Rather, you recognize it when a dark green cloud comes rolling towards you, but by then it’s usually already too late. Either try to find a shelter in a nearby bunker, or use the following tips.

Use power armor to protect yourself from the radiation

To protect yourself from the radiation you can slip into your power armor, provided you can reach it quickly, or just proactively take the suit with you on your adventures from the power armor station. Important, do not just leave the power armor, because it can be stolen.

Buy or find a radiation suit

Alternatively to the heavy and not very mobile power armor you can also buy a radiation suit in Fallout 4. This suit protects you from radiation with a factor of 1000 and a radioactive storm and acid rain can hardly harm you at all. You find the suit either with a little luck in the wasteland or you buy it at Fallons in Diamond City. Here you must put for the radiation suit currently 300 crown corks on the table.

Use fast travel system

Alternatively, you can use the quick travel system in a radioactive storm and return to the location later. Whether it is really worth it, each player must know for himself. Especially since you can use the RAD resp. Radiation damage can be healed later by RadAway or a visit to the doctor.

Most radioactive storms and Fallout 4 often last only a few minutes, so you are usually not threatened so much. Nevertheless, you take damage from the radiation, which you can prevent under certain circumstances. Do you know any other tips on how to better weather a radioactive storm? Can it be detected somehow, so that you can still escape in time?

Here you can find a guide to hack the terminal in Fallout 4 and we show you how to repair a power armor.

2 Comments on" Fallout 4 radioactive storm – what to do and how to protect?"

  1. Piet 1. January 2016 at 20:21

I have noticed so far that you can often hear a rumble in the distance, I also crawled into my house when the storm was in the sanctuary, and first slept for a few hours, then the storm was gone and radiation damage I have not suffered so far.

I hope I could help you with this&

Hello joyful Fallout 4 zocker&
I just noticed the following:
If you listen a little closer, you can hear the incoming storm.
Every time you hear the thunderstorm, which is every time there is a thunderstorm, you get some radiation. One can therefore anticipate it at least a little.
I hope that helps a little&

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