Fcm knocks off duisburg, fcs climbs to 2nd place, btsv falls short

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With seven-league boots, the 1. FC Magdeburg heading for promotion. At relegation-threatened MSV Duisburg, the Blue and Whites won clearly 5-0 on Wednesday night, also benefiting from a red card against MSV goalkeeper Weinkauf. While the competition from Meppen (1:0 against Verl) and Saarbrucken (2:0 against Dortmund II) also celebrated victories, Braunschweig lost 0:1 at FSV Zwickau and thus slipped to fourth place. In addition, Wehen Wiesbaden won narrowly 1-0 at bottom side Havelse.

Duisburg 0:5 Magdeburg: FCM clearly defeats decimated Zebras

Thanks to the arrival of the match permit, the 1. Ito made his first appearance for Magdeburg on loan and proved to be a stroke of luck for coach Titz, who once helped the 24-year-old Japanese player make his professional debut for Hamburger SV. After Conde had slipped the ball through to Obermair on the right, the latter found Ito with a low pass at the penalty spot, who slotted home for the early 1-0 lead for the visitors (9.). The relegation-threatened MSV Duisburg, shortly thereafter with a good opportunity by Bouhaddouz (19.), ran thus again a Ruckstand behind and weakened to all the worse then still itself. Goalkeeper Weinkauf, previously still with a strong save against Ito (21.), lost the ball in front of his penalty area to Conteh, pulled the Magdeburger in the highest emergency to the ground and saw for this emergency stop consequently the red card (23.) Coppens came on the pitch for Ademi, took over the position between the posts, and soon had to reach behind himself. After beautiful Vorarbeit of Andreas Muller Tobias Muller remained ice-cold and pushed in to 2:0 for the guests (32.). Almost at the break, Krempicki scored (45.+4) and made with the 3:0 already at half time everything clear for the leader.

Both coaches made three changes to their teams at the break, but this did not change the general balance of power on the pitch. Atik took a long ball from Tobias Muller wonderfully, spun around his opponent and scored with a tight shot to make it 4:0 for the 1. FCM (50.). In the consequence Magdeburg throttled however a little the speed, so that Coppens had to prove only once against Ceka his ability and parried its conclusion also (63.). Brunker’s final goal left the Duisburg keeper without a chance. The Magdeburg player scored with an impressive heel from close range after a low cross from Obermair, making the final score 5:0 (85).). The 1. FCM extends its lead at the top of the table and is now eleven points ahead of the new runners-up from Saarbrucken. The Zebras, however, remain 18. and still can not free themselves from the relegation quagmire.

Zwickau 1:0 Braunschweig: Gomez with the golden goal

Almost the guests from Lower Saxony had a dream start, when Schluter after just one minute a Schlitzer brought on the Zwickauer goal, but Brinkies skillfully dived into the far corner and cleared for a corner (1.). His counterpart Fejzic, on the other hand, did not make a good first appearance in the game. At a high cross from Moker, the Braunschweig goalkeeper reacted too hesitantly and finally got the direct shot from Gomez played through between the legs – 0:1 from the point of view of the Lions (9.). Braunschweig had to react, pressed forward now more intensively and also came to good scoring opportunities. While a header by Strompf but whizzed just over the box (23.), Consbruch failed to finish from the best position and lost the ball at the last moment to the opposing defense (36.), so that it remained with the narrow arrears to the break.

With a high-caliber double chance for Braunschweig went into the second round. After a corner was saved by Brinkies, Muller got a shot on target and failed only to Baumann, who stood on the line for his already beaten keeper to keep the score (46).). However, the Lower Saxons remained the more active and dangerous team. After a touchdown from 20 meters by Lauberbach, Brinkies dropped the ball, but Marx missed a great chance to equalize from a few meters (67 ).). Brinkies also did not look safe with a shot from Kobylanski (82.), but again Braunschweig could not capitalize on it and so it remained a narrow victory for the Swans. Zwickau climbs to 12th place, while Braunschweig slips from the promotion places to fourth place.

Saarbrucken 2:0 Dortmund II: FCS jumps to rank 2

In the first home match of the year, the 1. FC Saarbrucken faced BVB’s second team, the second strongest away team in the league, but was still the clearly superior team in the first half. Grimaldi failed from an acute angle to goalkeeper Drljaca, before Kerber put the follow-up shot over the crossbar (8.). Grimaldi again (19.) and Gunther-Schmidt (21.) had the next good opportunities for the home side, before Drljaca made a strong save to scrape a Kratschmer free-kick out of the far corner (24.). The Dortmund keeper was not always so confident, however. After just under half an hour, Drljaca lost the ball on the dribble against Scheu and was lucky that the right-winger’s subsequent finish sailed across the box (31.), so that it remained with the zero number after the first 45 minutes.

However, this was to change after only a few minutes in the second half of the game. Dortmund’s Raschl lost the ball in his own penalty area against Janicke, the ball bounced at Grimaldi’s feet and he thanked him with an ice-cold finish for a deserved 1:0 for the 1. FCS (51.). Dortmund now had to offer more offensively and loosened their own defensive bar a bit, which should actually also lead to own chances. First Taz hit only the left post (63.) before Fink got caught in a one-on-one with FCS keeper Batz (73.). The FCS, on the other hand, shifted to counterattacking and did everything right. Gouras, who had come on for Grimaldi a minute earlier, ran away from the halay line and scored the decisive 2:0 for his team (79.). Saarbrucken had thus wrapped up the win and climbed to second place in the table (with one game more than their direct rivals), while Dortmund now occupy eighth place.

Verl 0:1 Meppen: Sukuta-Pasu lets SVM celebrate

With the support of 750 spectators, SC Verl wanted to cause a surprise against SV Meppen and grab important points in the relegation fight. In fact, the first action worth mentioning also belonged to the hosts, but Akono failed with a shot from half-left penalty area position to Domaschke (19.). Otherwise, a real battle developed on the difficult surface in Lotte, which offered at most once shots from the second row. Both Rabihic (42.), as well as Blacha (45.), but aimed too inaccurately and missed the opponent’s goal by a long way. Without goals it went for the two teams therefore finally into the cabins.

Even after the break, both teams were initially only concerned with themselves, before the previously inconspicuous Meppen suddenly caught in the lead. Fabbender left Stellwagen on the flank and his cross found Sukuta-Pasu, who only had to push the ball over the line (59 minutes).). With the 1-0 Meppen was now also better, and again it was Sukuta-Pasu, who created danger, but this time failed from an acute angle on goalkeeper Bruseke (69.). Verl tried to come back, but was unlucky and had to accept the bitter 0:1 defeat in the end. SV Meppen is now tied for fifth in the table with Braunschweig (with one game more), while Verl is 16th. barely, but with two games more above the line remains.

Havelse 0:1 Wiesbaden: SVWW wins at bottom club

TSV Havelse has only managed to pick up six points in its own stadium so far and was determined to do better against SV Wehen Wiesbaden. The team from Lower Saxony even had the chance to take the lead: Lakenmacher put the ball after a cross from Froese but just next to the post (11.). Lankford then showed on the other side how to do it better. A cross from Goppel slipped through to the second post, where Lankford easily slotted in for a 1-0 lead for the visitors (18.). Up to the break the Hessen could have made afterwards already everything clear, however failed Goppel (30.) and Nilsson (31.) in each case at the strong Havelser backstop Quindt.

The home side didn’t have much to play for in the second period either, although Lakenmacher had another chance to equalize after just under an hour and again shot just wide of the target (57).). On the other side, Lankford and Prokop should have provided the decision on the counterattack, but both missed Goppel’s clearance in the penalty area (59.). In addition, Hollerbach, who came on as a substitute, hit the far post just before the end of the game (86 minutes).). Even for the 1-0, the Wiesbadener now get awarded three points, through which the SVWW as ninth the top positions at least still in sight. Havelse, on the other hand, are now eight points behind the bottom of the league and have little hope of staying in the league.

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