Find out your own cell phone number: here’s how!

Find out your own cell phone number.

There are moments when you somehow have to Find out your own cell phone number. For example, if you forgot your number and the little yellow notepad somehow disappeared. No problem: There are a number of ways to help find out your own phone number and display it directly on your smartphone.

However, there are differences depending on the network (Telekom, Vodafone, O2, E-Plus) and smartphone. Operating system (Apple iOs on iPhone, Android on Samsung Galaxy or Sony Xperia). All important tips and information at a glance.

Find out your own cell phone number: O2, E-Plus, Telekom, Vodafone

Other networks, other service codes.

Usually it is enough to type in a short code to find out the mobile phone number.

Generally it is possible with many providers to display the phone number with the code *#62#. However, this only works if call forwarding is enabled. Because with the help of this speed dial, the number of the call forwarding is determined – who has deactivated his mailbox, most likely will not get anywhere with this trick.

If it works, you only need to delete the pair of numbers between the area code and the number – usually 33, 55 or 99. Is a bit cumbersome, but works in many cases.

Tip: If you don’t know which mobile network you are using, you can find out using the free network query for cell phone numbers.

And here are the (simpler) procedures for the different mobile networks.

Telekom network (D1)


In the T-Mobile mobile network of the Telekom (D1), the personal phone number can be found out via the code "*135#":

  1. The keypad or. Open the number field on the smartphone.
  2. Enter the code *135# and press the call button.
  3. Wait. A short time later your own number will appear on the screen.

Vodafone network (D2)

Vodafone .

Who has a cell phone contract in the Vodafone mobile network (D2) does the following:

  1. Open number field.
  2. Enter code *#62#.
  3. Wait. As a rule, the number is then displayed.

More service codes from Vodafone can be found here.

O2 mobile network


In the O2 network, entering such a code does not always work. There is another quick way to do that:

  1. Call the number 0800-9377546 for free.
  2. Announce your own number.

E-Plus mobile network

alt="E-Plus" width="150" height="70" />E-Plus.

If you have a tariff in the E-Plus network and want to know what your phone number is, proceed as follows:

  1. Keyboard resp. Open the number field on the smartphone.
  2. Enter the short code *100#, press the call key.
  3. Wait briefly. Then you should see your phone number on the display.

What is my phone number again? Ask smartphone!

What is my number again?

Often it is not necessary to request the phone number by code: Usually it is also stored in some corner of the phone. Where exactly, that differs from device to device.

Android phones (z.B. Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, Sony XPeria, HTC One u.a.)

On smartphones running the Android operating system, you can usually find out your own cell phone number this way:

  1. Select "Settings" in the cell phone menu.
  2. There tap on "About the phone,
  3. then tap on "Status.
  4. "Select "SIM card status.
  5. At the top you can find your own phone number.

Note: depending on the version of the Android operating system this procedure may vary a bit. If you don’t know what to do, consult Google with the search query cell phone model +"show own number" or something like this.

The smartphone spits out there a completely different phone number and not the own one? This happens. For example, if you have ever changed the SIM card. In this case, one of the methods mentioned above will help you best.

Apple iPhone: iOS (for example 5, 5s, 6, 6s)

Apple’s iPhone runs with the iOS operating system – your own cell phone number is usually stored there:

  1. Call up "Settings".
  2. Dial "Phone" – the number should be there.

Alternatively, on the iPhone, your phone number is usually stored at the top of the contact list – under the "My iPhone" entry.

Call someone? Help with suppressed phone number.

Calling& Display the number.

Of course, it is also possible to call another phone with your cell phone – then the number will be shown on the display there.

But what if your own phone number is suppressed? Then it helps to deactivate the number suppression temporarily. This works with the string *31# in front of the phone number. So for example *31#040123456789.

Tip: The free service number 0800-9377546 can be called from many different cell phone providers. So if you are still not sure which number you have, you can try calling it. A voice then announces your own mobile number.

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