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Proposed solution:
The smoke column or. Molasses catcher together with stuck head adapter in or under hot water hold, for 1-2 min. Then try to pull off the adapter carefully.
Do not worry Ocean Hookah smoke columns or. Molasses catchers are made of borosilicate lab glass and can withstand the heat.
Exception : Ocean Hookah ONE crystal glass smoke columns with the sticker "Hand Made in Czech Rep." As well as all bowls do not tolerate hot water and are sensitive to rapid and violent temperature changes! If you are unsure whether your item is meant, write to us via the support contact form.

This scenario can be easily avoided. Before you put the head on the head adapter, take the head adapter with the charcoal plate off in your hand and put the head on the head adapter only then. So no pressure is exerted on the grindings.
It is also recommended to use 29/2 ground joint protectors resp. for metal columns 18/8 ground joint protector.

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The silicone hose adapter is stuck in the hose connection! What to do?

Suggested solution:
Unscrew the hose connection from the sleeve, try to push out the silicone hose adapter from the inside with a hard, thin object.
V2A stainless steel has a lot of good properties, it does not tarnish, insensitive to water, odors can be easily washed out and it is also tasteless when smoked. But unfortunately stainless steel can also misjudge.

Never insert the silicone tube adapters really tight, it is usually enough to drop the adapter into the port.

The threaded sleeve cannot be loosened from the base! Or the hose connection cannot be detached from the sleeve! What to do?

Suggested solution:
Put on rubber gloves and try to loosen the sleeve or adapter. Or if no gloves are handy, use a head gasket. Put the head gasket over the sleeve or adapter and then try to twist it off. If you still can’t get it off, wrap sleeve or. adapter in a cloth to protect it from scratches, tap the sleeve or. Adapter from each side lightly against table o. similar, then try to loosen it again.

Always make sure that there are rubber gaskets between the threads on your connections, just as you received them. The seals prevent tightening or loosening. unrecognized on the thread. greasing with petroleum jelly is also recommended to ensure the longevity of your thread.
If you have lost your rubber seals / valve balls or simply need new ones, use the support contact form in the footer and write to us at.

How do I clean my Ocean Hookah correctly?

It is IMPORTANT to know that the bowl does not tolerate hot water. Crystal glass or lead crystal are sensitive to rapid and violent temperature fluctuations resp. change, it can cause thermoshock, cracking or breakage. Therefore, you should clean the bowl only with lukewarm water (

30 ° C) clean and before that make sure that the bowl has room temperature or. is acclimatized.
We recommend to let the bowl stand overnight filled with bite cleaner or "sour cream away", according to experience this is the safest and best method to make the glass shine again.

Glass smoke column / molasses trap:

Glass smoke columns or molasses catchers we manufacture almost exclusively from borosilicate laboratory glass, which makes it easy to clean them, because laboratory glass is relatively insensitive to heat and temperature change.
Simply wash your glass smoke column or molasses trap with hot water, this not only removes the dirt but also the odors.

With lime or other contamination, also over night with Gebiss cleaner or "sour cream away" in a bath let lie and already it sparkles again.

Metal, base, smoke column, dip tube etc.
Smoke column is best cleaned with a brush from the inside. The metal is very easy to clean, wash out with hot water to get rid of odors and dirt. Possibly with a little dishwashing liquid, then rinse well and dry if necessary. grease all threads with vaseline. Wash carefully to avoid scratching the surface.

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