Fish: this is what happens to your body when you eat it regularly

You rely on fish in your diet several times a week? We have dealt with the effects that salmon, plaice and co. on our bodies and tell you what came out..

Many people eat fish several times a week and it is a healthier substitute to some meat products. Many types of fish not only contain important omega-3 fatty acids, but also valuable protein, vitamins and trace elements

But is fish really so healthy, or can it also have disadvantages if we eat salmon, tuna, cod and other fish several times a week?. Set? We have researched in detail and clarify the effects on our body in the article

While vegans or vegetarians do without it completely, others rely on it in their diet every now and then or even several times a week: we’re talking about Fish, which provides all kinds of important nutrients and minerals for our body, because in addition to large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, most types of fish provide high-quality and easily digestible protein. Naturally there are nevertheless reasons to do without fish, like environmental protection or the suffering of the animals. But how does the regular consumption of fish actually affect our bodies?? You’ll get the answer now…

1. You live longer

The best news right at the beginning: A study of the Californian Linda University found out that the consumption of fish should have an influence on our life expectancy and pescetarians (people who eat fish, but no meat), should even live the longest and with it still better than the vegetarians or vegans. The main reason: omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish and are particularly important for our bodies.

2. You lose weight

For all, which want to decrease to the beginning of the year the one or other kilo, which the holidays on the conscience have, we have good news: Because people who regularly consume fish not only live longer, they also lose weight more easily. This is also due to the valuable omega 3, because fat is not always bad. Omega-3 acids have an anti-inflammatory effect, regulate blood sugar levels and thus prevent us from annoying food cravings. Low-fat lean fish such as cod, plaice or pike-perch are also ideal for losing weight because their fat content is less than two percent.

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3. You strengthen your muscles

In addition to omega 3, however, fish contain another important nutrient: proteins! And not just any, because fish contains particularly high-quality protein, which is better digestible than the protein contained in meat. The protein contained in fish also has a better bioavailability than from dairy products and is therefore extra healthy. So if you want to build muscle or maintain it with a healthy diet, you can get your protein from dolphinfish, trout or salmon.

4. Risk of strokes, colon cancer and cardiovascular disease decreases

Not only can we benefit from fish for a lean, muscular figure, however, regular consumption can also reduce the risk of developing strokes, colon cancer and cardiovascular problems. Especially fatty sea fish can save us from a heart attack, lipometabolic disorders and also from strokes. The unsaturated, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids also have an anti-inflammatory effect and are good for the immune system, brain development, vision and nerve cells.

5. Your vitamin D stores are replenished

Those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency and want to replenish their stores in winter, when we hardly get natural vitamin D due to the lack of sun, can do so by eating fish, because it is the ideal source. Salmon and herring are particularly suitable, with 16 to 25 micrograms per 100 grams they already cover a large part of our daily needs. Vitamin D is not only important for health, but also for beautiful, shiny hair, bones and the mind.

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